Lower Lash Hack Promises Volume With Just Eyeliner

Folks without naturally thick lashes or lashes light in color are all too familiar with the struggle of trying to achieve ever-elusive lower lashes. Fortunately, an easy DIY hack for fluffing up lower lashes brings volume immediately. Now, the time has officially arrived for your lower lids to have their moment.

No matter the natural volume or organic appearance of your lower eyelashes, this hack is truly for everyone. It can produce results that will leave you stunned at how full your lashes become with nothing more than the use of eyeliner. In particular, the product you'll need for this makeup magic is a liquid eyeliner in a darker shade to fully enhance the tips of your lower lashes. Traditionally incorporated into beauty routines to emphasize the lash line, liquid eyeliner is now more versatile thanks to inspiration from Chinese beauty, colloquially called C-beauty, among a treasure trove of other DIY makeup tips unbeknownst to most Westerners, but this lower lash tip might be our favorite.

Liquid eyeliner can luminously lift your lower lashes

The secret to voluminous lower lashes without eyelash extensions or falsies is more straightforward than any DIY hack could seem. Inspired by the lash aesthetic of anime characters with long, noticeable lashes, using liquid eyeliner to add color and definition to the area is as easy as brushing the tip of the eyeliner's brush gently across the outer edges of each of your lower lashes. TikTok user @yunjiia shows the C-beauty hack through a tutorial in which the creator draws a small wing on her upper lash line before turning to her lower eyelid.

Yunjiia then smudges a line of liquid liner under the lower lash line to create the natural shadow of lower lashes. From there, the creator draws on lash lines on the eyelid, creating the effect of fuller lashes. The touch of the eyeliner to each line is so consciously conducted that it almost appears effortless. This perfectly captures the makeup hack in its ability to provide volume to lower lashes and produce the curated look of an anime appearance. 

Given the tiny hairs on most lower eyelids, it may take a little bit of practice to perfect this hack. That said, beginners can still enjoy its benefits by painting lower lashes with liquid eyeliner, then allowing ample time for the liquid solution to dry before moving to another step of their makeup routine. Once the eyeliner's dry, you can enjoy your fuller-looking lashes. 

Fusing trends for full lower lashes

Another hack for illuminating lower lashes that is similar to the C-beauty liquid eyeliner trick is the use of a cosmetic fan brush to apply tinted mascara to the bottom lashes gently. By first applying mascara to the tips of a fan brush, lower lashes can be carefully coated in a darker hue for a fuller appearance. Since the ingredients in mascara solutions tend to be thicker, using liquid eyeliner, as in this hack, could be the perfect DIY makeup magic you've been waiting for if you have particularly fine or sparse lower lashes.

Some are even using tweezers coated with mascara for easier application to the lower lashes. It may be more difficult to adhere the liquid liner to a pair of tweezers and then to the lower lashes. Still, if you're up for a creative challenge, then this fusion of hacks is worth a try. Always be deliberate and gentle when placing cosmetics or other products near your eye to protect the area from potential infection or injury. And remember, being able to bring out the brilliance of your lower lashes is an eyelluminating feat worth celebrating!