Gold Linen Shirts Are Giving Stealth Wealth This Summer

Linen is timeless. It has always been the go-to choice material for summer attire, and for good reason. Its breezy, lightweight composition and understated elegance wins over any other fabric when it comes to hot weather. It's unbeatable, the way it allows one to look good and only minimally sweat in the summer. Just imagine yourself, sitting in your backyard, a refreshing drink in hand, and a good book while you soak up the sun in your freshest golden linen set. You might as well be in a commercial for linen — that's how well you're selling it.


As true as this is, linen outfits can be unpredictable, which is why you need to know the material well if you want to make good fashion choices during the summer months. For instance, natural and undyed linen is great for everyday casual wear, but if you're opting to make an extra good impression while wearing the fabric, it better have some color to it. Gold shirts, for example, are always a winner.

Button it down

The most popular linen shirts are undeniably button downs. Modestly buttoned up, or only a quarter of the way, or completely unbuttoned over a bathing suit or skimpy top — wear it a million ways, a button down linen shirt is a closet staple for every style. 


This versatility always comes in handy during the warmest season of the year. Simply choose your favorite summer bottoms and throw on your linen top. Golden, of course, because a boring summery outfit is never an option. Play around with it, button it up and down, and you're sure to find your best fit.

With shorts

Gold linen possesses an inherent elegance that can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. Shorts, for instance, are a great pairing for a gold linen shirt if you want to appear stylish but also maintain an air of casual streetwear. Think of it as touristy chic. 


Replace your usual jean shorts for linen ones of any color and throw on a golden linen vest. The result is a breathable and refreshingly stylish take on the typical traveler's shorts and a tank top combo, and it allows for movement enough for walking and sightseeing.

With pants

Linen shirts, regardless of color, are also a great addition to any pants outfit you choose to wear during the summer. In fact, this could become your preferred summer look. Because the material of a linen shirt is so light and breathable, it makes up for any thicker fabric below the waist. Feel free to wear jeans all you want this summer — linen shirts will save the day.


White jeans and any linen shirt you own will do. We recommend a pale yellow color for the top for a subtle coolness factor. Who doesn't want to look golden?

Linen monochrome

The nice thing about a subtle glimmer of yellow or gold in your choice of linen is that you can go ahead and make an entire outfit out of it, without it feeling overbearing or like you're trying too hard. Yes, it's monochrome all the way for this trend.


For a hassle-free take on monochrome, get yourself a pale linen set — preferably yellow — and match your undershirt to it. From here, accessorize minimally with gold or muted jewelry, plus some comfortable sandals. Pearls also look beautiful in contrast with the relaxed look of monochrome linen.

Mix and match

We know not everyone enjoys the sterile look of a strict one-color palette, even for linen pieces. Sometimes, people just want a fresher choice to switch up their colorful wardrobe. And who are we to argue against it?


To update your lively and colorful wardrobe for the summer, stock up on your favorite shades of linen and mix and match however you please. As long as it's all linen, we promise you'll have a cohesive collection of pieces to pair in various combinations. Try matching your chic gold linen tops with darker shades of blues and greens.

Dress it up

Two key words that should always be in your wardrobe — dress shirts. All you need to freshen up your summer closet is a return to the basics, but with a stealth-wealth twist. Short to mid-length gold linen dress shirts will provide you with the best of both worlds when it comes to hot weather outfits. The breeziness of summer dresses and coverage of long sleeve tops mesh together flawlessly.


Accessorizing dress shirts is as easy as accessorizing any other summer dress. Pearls, or gold jewelry for evening wear, or casual earrings, and flat sandals for daily errands.

Gold on gold

You've probably heard that gold goes with everything, which is tried and true. We're not exactly refuting that, but let us share another piece of knowledge with you. If there is one thing gold pairs best with, it's even more gold. The precious metal gently accessorized over gold, the color, is nothing less than a magical pairing. This rule is as reliable as the first.


If you want that understated but fail-proof elegance of gold on gold this summer, we recommend going for a lighter yellow linen top with one or two buttons open to reveal your delicate gold jewelry.

Linen for dinner

Not only is gold linen perfect for remaining stylish during the day, it is also the key to an effortlessly luxurious dinner outfit.

We know you'd love to wear linen during a hot, humid midsummer dinner out on a restaurant terrace without sacrificing the elegance of a dinner dress. And you can, actually. The golden hue of the fabric would easily counteract any of the casual vibes associated with linen attire, and you can always elevate your outfit by accessorizing just right. Take some of the advice above — gold jewelry, monochrome sets, or even dress shirts — for a dinner-worthy outfit.