The Lived-In Smoky Eye Is Making Messy Glamorous (& It Couldn't Be Easier)

A smoky eye look is one of the most effortless ways to look put together without spending hours on your makeup. Yet even a regular smoky eye requires some work. The latest lived-in smoky eye trend has you covered there. As this type of makeup look lays less stress on the final outcome of the smoky eye, it is easier to create and often results in a perfect messy glamorous finish.

Just take it from Donni Davy, the head makeup artist for "Euphoria" and cofounder of Half Magic Beauty who tells Byrdie, "Slept-in smoky eyes are grungy and imperfect. That's what makes it cool. It's unapologetic and a little scary." Davy's observations ring true in the rise of imperfect beauty looks on social media that are amazing despite their imperfections.

If you want to score this look for yourself, the trick lies in concentrating most of the color on the lower lash line. For this, you could line the eyes with creamy black kohl and smudge it just the right amount, so it doesn't venture into the raccoon-eyes category. Cream products are an easy way to achieve this look, and using your fingers to apply it can add the right warmth to spread the product. Don't forget to concentrate the product on the outer corners of the eye for a truly sultry look.

Eyes that make an impact

Whether you are dressing for an event or just going about your day, this effortless and chic smudged out smoky eye look can work for any situation. Use a mix of brown shades on your eyes for a subtle effect and pair the look with a plump nude lip color of your choice.

Keep it subtle

If you want to save time on doing your makeup every morning, this lived-in look will surely come to your aid. With a subtle hint of color on the eyes, oodles of mascara, and a bright poppy top, you are all set to slay your day, with minimal effort involved.

Fake lashes add extra pizzazz

Once you have perfected the lived-in smoky eye glam for an everyday look, the next step you should look at is elevating it so you can transition from work to an evening out. All you need to do for that is to add a pair of dramatic false lashes to your look.

Add a pop of shimmer

Though a basic, matte smoky eye can be very impactful in its own right, if you want to up your smoky eye game, don't be afraid to add a pop of shimmer on the lid. This subtle hint of bronze is perfect for languid summer evenings or a fun date night look.

Less is always more

The key to mastering this lived-in smoky eye look is to use fewer products. Ultimately, less is more in the beauty game. Here, a simple liner takes the look up a notch as subtle chocolate browns compliment an everyday chic appearance. It is a foolproof and easy to replicate take on the smoky eye.