'Extra' Beauty Routines That Actually Make Life Low-Maintenance In The Long Run

It's about time we all embrace the ingenious beauty routine hacks that are high-maintenance habits but produce extraordinarily low-maintenance results. After all, there are some pretty brilliant beauty habits to incorporate because even though they are extra, they make life exceptionally easier.

As if TikTok wasn't already giving enough dazzling DIY tips so simple yet, so incredible, the beauty routines that are above and beyond extra that people are sharing to save time, energy, and effort are phenomenal. For instance, TikTok user Rachael Potash provides the superior knowledge that when she goes for appointments, such as Botox sessions, hair treatments, manicure and pedicure appointments, and facials, she books her next several appointments simultaneously so she won't have to worry about spending time trying to book individual appointments each month, or every two weeks in the case of nail slots. This is your sign to fill in your calendar as far out as possible with one of many 'extra' beauty hacks, especially one that's remarkably extra — and extra ingenious — for saving a lot of extra time rushing to make appointments on time, and avoiding having treatments lapse, Botox results fade, or nails grow out before being able to grab a spot on your stylist's schedule.

The adept nature of extra beauty routines will make your life extra easy, your confidence extra high, and provide you with extra time during the day since you won't be conducting more extensive beauty routines on a daily basis. Here are the extra best beauty hacks. 

Extra hair removal for extra time

Trimming down the amount of time you spend shaving your legs in the shower, worrying about scratchy armpit hair, or otherwise being bothered by unwanted patches of hair on your body, there's a high-maintenance treasure trove gifting you low-maintenance mornings, evenings, and everything in between. That super extra secret tip to be treasured is laser hair removal, which eliminates unwanted hair so you won't have to think twice before accepting an invitation to spontaneously jump in the pool, be bothered by irritating and pokey stubble, deal with constantly irritating ingrown hairs, or walk into a room with bright lighting only to discover that you have an uninvited guest you weren't aware of in the form of a hair, or fell of follicles, in a place on your face you definitely don't want for it to reside. 

Professional services are offered using medical-grade lasers to remove target areas of hair by desiccating hair follicles to prevent hair growth, with noticeable results typically able to be seen following the inaugural session, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. By first utilizing a numbing cream or gel to anesthetize the area of your choosing, whether you wish to rid your lip, legs, armpits, or other areas overcome with unwelcome hair, a trained practitioner will perform the procedure over two to six sessions. Laser hair removal may be extra, but it'll leave you extra grateful you'll no longer have to see those pesky patches of hair.

Extra tantouring for extra glow

Tantouring is the self-tanning contour, which is one of the most innovative extra beauty practices there's ever been. If you don't know what tantouring is, it's the DIY hack leading to a semi-permanent contour look that doesn't have to be reapplied daily using your regular contour palette in your makeup bag. The aesthetic is obtained by applying self-tanner to the contour lines of your face the night before. In the morning, you wake up with the perfect bronzed contouring that looks natural and as star-worthy as the high-maintenance to be low-maintenance hack itself. A TikTok user who goes by Bambi Does Beauty demonstrates the application of a self-tanning product using cotton balls to dab the solution onto the same angles she applies her regular contouring application to. The one thing to be mindful of with this hack is if you accidentally apply the self-tanner to an incorrect area of your face and don't wash it off immediately, you may spend a few days with an extra touch of bronzed skin in that odd area. 

Ipsy reveals that the average self-tanning product can provide up to four days of a contoured glow, which makes it an extra easy 'extra' hack. To keep things natural, apply tantouring to your upper cheekbones, jawline, and around your hairline to mimic a spectacularly sun-kissed glow. For safe use, follow the self-tanners instructions and avoid leaving the solution on longer than advised before washing off the excess.

Extra sunscreen for extra skin protection

There's one area of your beauty routine where you can never be too extra, and that's when it comes to protecting your skin from extra harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Unlike other high maintenance to be low maintenance hacks, applying daily products with sunscreen to protect your skin can be the easiest way to keep your future low maintenance when you don't have to deal with skin cancers or exacerbated fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation from sun damage in the form of harmful UVA and UVB rays, according to Colorescience. While most extra beauty hacks provide instant results, wearing sunscreen every day, even when it's cloudy or you don't anticipate going outside, will produce results your future self will extensively thank you for in the most extra way possible.

You can opt for good ol' sunscreen with a minimum value of SPF 30, or seek out non-greasy facial moisturizers and body lotions that include SPF 30 or higher, reports Today. By purchasing a body lotion combined with sunscreen or listed with SPF, you can be exceptionally extra savvy by simultaneously moisturizing your legs, arms, shoulders, neck, and other exposed portions of skin while also providing a shield to keep your skin healthy and safe from sun damage. Look for products advertised as waterproof or even sweatproof, particularly during balmy summer months, for extra protection. 

Extra lashes for extra ease in the mornings

For an extra lucent look of luminous luxury, espouse extra eyelashes with lash extensions. Leaning into hurried mornings and quick transitions from day to night, lash extensions are high maintenance, extra eyelid additions which instantly lift lashes and lift time off your makeup routine. It's likely this extra beneficial beauty hack is the most multi-faceted in its effortless elevation of your face in the literal sense that lash extensions lend lifted looks to your facial features by drawing other people's eyes to your lambent lashes, according to Bentley Skincare & Wellness

Among other pros, this high-maintenance hack provides to make your life low maintenance is the lack of necessity for applying mascara since the lash extensions are lusciously bold enough to carry all of the required attention to brightening your eyes on their own, thus providing you with extra time in your day and lack of messy mascara removal before bed. Plus, you'll also be able to set your eyelash curler to the side as lash extensions provide the veneer that all of your lashes are carefully curled and curved. Lash extensions can last up to two months and are non-invasive, causing zero damage to your natural lashes. You can choose your level of extra by opting for various layers of extra lashes to adorn your lids, going as natural or as extravagantly extra as your heart desires.

Extra facial love for extra relaxation

Give yourself an extra gift by treating your body to a relaxing facial, or even two facials, and make one a traditional facial while indulging in an inner facial as well. If the concept of an inner facial sounds foreign to you, there's a good chance you're about to have an extra good surprise to change your life, especially if you experience jaw pain, bruxism, clenching of teeth overnight, or an inflammation-causing and painful TMJ disorder. Fortunately, according to Maison Ito, an inner facial is an excellent way to relax the tight, clenched muscles in your jaw and mouth for some exceptionally exhilarating relief. Also referred to as a buccal massage, an inner facial is conducted by a practitioner massaging the inside of your mouth. 

Before you jump back at the thought of someone putting their hands in your mouth, take a second to become educated about how stress-relieving and relaxing this type of facial massage can be, whether you experience jaw pain or simply need extra time to relax. For extra benefits, inner facials often make facial lines appear smoother, and cheeks look healthier with a plump glow that won't require fillers, as per Maison Ito. You don't have to have TMJ to enjoy the inner facial benefits of smoother skin, decreased appearance of pores, lymphatic drainage, and enhanced natural contour of your facial features due to the relaxation of muscles from the specific internal pressure points massaged during inner facials, shares AdoreBeauty

Extra treatments for extra smooth hair

Your lashes are luscious, your face is glowing, your skin is healthy, and your high-maintenance investments are paying off with low-maintenance ease. The last extra beauty hack you need to know about is all about having high-maintenance hair appointments so you won't have to haggle or hassle with your locks like you're in a wrestling match with your own tresses. There's no single hair treatment you should indulge in, but investing in your hair and a professional treatment that's designed to ease the weight, tangles, and frizz of your hair type is an extra beauty habit you won't regret since each time you pass a mirror, you'll be awe-struck by your own glamorous locks. Loved By Curls recommends salon hair treatments involving deep conditioning, strengthening products, and solutions designed to rid your locks of damage-causing elements, ultimately restoring natural collagen, proteins, and health to your hair.

A professional hair treatment, which unclogs blocked follicles preventing strands from growing and producing excess oil, an extra element that's not welcome in the guidebook of extra beauty routines, can lead to new hair volume, growth, and cleanliness. Hair treatments can moisturize your mane, and reduce the time spent styling your hair each day by becoming smoother, shinier, and extra spectacular.

Go high maintenance with extra beauty indulgences for low-maintenance hair effort for up to two months, even six months for keratin solutions, between treatments, approximately the same time between other extra beauty practices worth the extra hype.