Fans Told Glam Their Favorite Iconic Celebrity Fashion Moment - Exclusive Survey

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase "iconic celebrity fashion moment"? The risqué, like Elizabeth Hurley's 1994 Versace dress held together by oversized gold safety pins? The controversial, like Lady Gaga's unforgettable meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards? The public lives for the opportunity to analyze the what, where, and why of celebrities' fashion choices (and we do, too). 


Now that social media is a part of everyday life, you can probably take a peek at what your favorite celebrity is wearing on any random Tuesday, but the most shocking outfits are typically saved for big events, whether it's Gaga's meat dress to an awards ceremony or the late Princess Diana stepping out in her revenge dress. Still, to get to the bottom of which iconic fashion moment is fans' favorite, Glam asked YouTube scrollers to vote in an exclusive survey to uncover the truth once and for all — that is, until the next big iconic fashion moment.

Princess Diana's 1994 Revenge Dress takes the win

Princess Diana's revenge dress — worn in 1994 as a response to her estranged husband's televised cheating confession airing the same night — broke all the royal rules in the best way and solidified Diana as the people's princess. The evening gown was the ultimate little black dress — short, low-cut, tight, silk, and off-the-shoulder — and everything she was told not to represent. The look may have debuted nearly 30 years ago, but voters of Glam's exclusive survey elected it their favorite iconic celebrity fashion moment — and it was an absolute landslide, nabbing 60% of the total votes (127.2 of the 212 votes at the time of writing).


Jennifer Lopez's green Versace gown from the 2000 Grammy Awards took second place with 18% of the votes (38.16), and Lady Gaga's aforementioned meat dress came in third with 12% of the total votes (25.44). Elizabeth Hurley's 1994 golden safety-pinned Versace dress snagged just 6% of the votes (12.72), and Britney Spear's head-to-toe denim ensemble at the 2001 VMAs barely made the list with 3% (6.36). All these looks will live on in iconic fashion history forever, but none will take the place of Princess Diana in the role of a woman scorned — take note the next time your relationship doesn't go as planned, just as others have adapted the concept of revenge outfits from Di herself.