Coquette-Style Swimsuits Take The Ultra-Femme Trend Poolside

The coquette fashion trend is all over TikTok in the 2020s. While some TikTok style trends can be somewhat questionable, we fully understand and support society's obsession with the coquette look. This trend is beautiful, girly, and 100% flirty, making it one of the most fun and flattering aesthetics for style inspiration. We also love to see nail designs that ace the coquette aesthetic. While you can wear coquette-inspired outfits any time during the year, the style is arguably most perfect for summer.

"It embodies love, youthfulness, and summertime," Verenice, a fashion influencer, told Nylon. "... It's cherry sodas and milkshakes at the beach. Coquette has its own unique way of interpreting nostalgic summer fashion." So, of course, we're stocking up on as many coquette-inspired bathing suits as possible. After all, what sounds more pleasing than wearing a coquette-themed swimsuit while sipping a strawberry milkshake with a cherry on top on the beach?

A classic white swimsuit provides chic, coquette elegance

White swimsuits are the trend of summer 2023, perfectly fitting the summer coquette aesthetic. Dainty white bikinis and elegant white one-pieces are timeless and flattering on everyone, so you can never go wrong with them. While minimalistic, these white bathing suits appear classic and attractive, with no further embellishments necessary.

Always-girly pink swimsuits scream coquette

If one color is perfectly on-brand with the coquette aesthetic — arguably even more than white — it's pink. Pretty pink is famously girly, and the coquette trend is primarily about leaning into hyper-femininity, so pink bathing suits are perfect for the aesthetic. Any swimsuit type can be coquette if it's pink, especially in light shades.

Adorable cherry prints

As mentioned earlier, a coquette mood board would likely feature a beautiful woman sipping a cherry-flavored beverage on the beach. So why not take that idea further with a cherry-print bikini? We can't think of anything girlier or flirtier. If you can't find a bathing suit with a cherry pattern, look for other cutesy prints, such as polka dots.

Lovely lace details

Lace is a coquette aesthetic staple, as it appears delicate and ultra-feminine. So take that as your sign to search for a bathing suit with lace details. It doesn't matter if the swimsuit is a one-piece or two-piece, or if it's covered in lace or only features subtle touches of lace. As long as your bathing suit features any lace, it should fall under the coquette category, thanks to that dainty detail.

Swimsuit skirts and dresses

How can you look as girly as possible in a swimsuit? Rock a swimsuit skirt or dress! While not quite as common as classic bikini and one-piece silhouettes, you can find bathing suit bottoms in skirt styles and even one-pieces that look like dresses. These hyper-feminine swimsuit options exude class and will always look beautiful.

Beautiful bow details

Of course, we had to include bow details, as those ultra-cutesy designs are as coquette-looking as any garment detail could ever appear. Bows are playful, flirty, and every other word that comes to mind when we think of the coquette aesthetic, so look for bikinis and one-pieces featuring tiny or oversized bows — or anything in between.