Watercolor Eyes: The '80s-Inspired Eyeshadow Look Bringing Major Drama

Of all the makeup products to have fun with, eyeshadows definitely rank in the top three. They come in all the colors of the rainbow and you can go as simple as you like with a neutral shade or bold with bright colors. While neutrals are great for an everyday look, if you feel festive, reach for a vivid shade — or five! Watercolor eyes are a trendy and creative way to express your inner '80s child without having to hop into a DeLorean.

Using watercolor eye makeup means you need shadows that have a lot of pigment and lean toward the pastel side. When applying, use a small brush to pack on the colors, blending the edges to avoid harsh lines. Employ a freeform technique and don't worry too much about perfect placement. However, be careful not to blend the colors together or you'll end up mixing them. You should be able to see all the colors separately. Most of all, have a good time! It'll be hard not to with watercolor eyes.

Follow the colors of the rainbow with watercolor eyes

Unsure where to place your shadows for watercolor eyes? Simply apply them in a row on your eyelids using ROYGBV as a guide. Start with the lightest shade on your inner corners and gradually work your way through all the colors. If you're feeling extra festive, stick on some jewels in matching colors just underneath your brows.

You don't need to worry about your technique with watercolor blobs

Watercolor blob art is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic ways to de-stress, and we're sure you'll get a hit of dopamine using your eyeshadows as a medium. With this technique, place a base color first, like a metallic blue. Add a lighter color on the inner corners, overlapping the blue color just a bit. Finally, place a contrasting color like a bright magenta over the middle and outer corners of your eyes, using a free hand. Try wetting your brush first to really get that watercolor feel.

Watercolor shadow is not just limited to your eyes

For a super bold look, extend your watercolor eyeshadow past your eyes and into the temples and sides of your nose. You can use cream eyeshadows that go on wet but dry into a smudge-proof finish. To make the colors stay put, give yourself a spritz with setting spray. Keep the rest of your makeup natural so that your eyes really pop.

Use a pointillism technique for watercolor eyes

The great thing about watercolors is that there are so many techniques to play around with, including pointillism. To make medium-sized dots, take a wet tapered brush, dip it in your shadow, and press the point of the brush onto your lids. The dots don't have to be perfectly round. In fact, they look better when they're different patterns and sizes. Add some to your lower lids as well for a pretty, doll-like look.

Glittery watercolor eyes are a fun festival look

If the world were covered in glitter, we'd be all for it. Who doesn't love shiny, sparkly things? You can incorporate some shimmer into your watercolor eyes with glittery eyeshadow. Be sure to use an eye primer as a base so that your shadows have something to hold onto. To bring out the colors, line your top waterline with waterproof black eyeliner and apply a couple of coats of dark mascara.

Pop art watercolor eye makeup takes some skills

If you want to level up your watercolor eyes, add some graphic strokes with waterproof black liquid eyeliner. The juxtaposition of soft pastel eyeshadows and dark lines will give your face a total wow factor. For an even more futuristic look, keep your eyebrows bare and brush them upward with a comb and brow gel. A dusting of rosy blush on the high points of your cheekbones and a matching pink lip stain will complete this look.

Channel your inner mermaid with bright shimmery watercolor eyes

Whether you love the animated film "The Little Mermaid" or the live-action version, you can join Ariel under the sea with shimmery watercolor shadows. Mimic the colors of a mermaid with peacock blue, violet, and fuchsia shimmers. Add some white around the inner and outer corners of your eyes for added highlights. Don't forget to place colors on your lower lids. Use a volumizing mascara for extra lush lashes and people will be flipping out for your watercolor eyes.