Bejeweled Makeup Is Here To Shine - Here's How To Make It Your Own

Fans of HBO's hit series "Euphoria" are no strangers to the bejeweled makeup trend. Though the show didn't start the trend, it certainly popularized it — and we wouldn't be surprised if you've already tried to copy the trend after seeing it sported by Maddy and Cassie. Bejeweling your makeup offers a great way to switch up your standard makeup look, and the best part is that it's easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

Before you get started bejeweling your makeup, you'll want to have a few things on hand. Firstly (and obviously) are some gems. You can buy gems that come with skin-safe adhesive; these are an excellent option for beginners. If you're a pro in the makeup game, you can get some gemstones and buy skin-safe adhesive separately. Need some help getting in on the bejeweled makeup trend and making it your own? Here are some of our favorite looks to get you started.

Embrace your inner Swiftie

If you're trying to create your first bejeweled makeup look, why not copy your favorite artist like a true Swiftie? Taylor Swift's makeup look inspired by "Bejeweled" already has many fans putting their own twist on it, and we think it's the perfect place to start. To get this look, create a cut crease with some light blue gems and outline a black wing with some light pink gems. 

Emphasize the arch of your eye

Your bejeweled makeup doesn't have to be too showy — it's easy to use it to accent features you already boast. You could place tiny gems along the arch of your brow to make your eyes look bigger or use them to outline the wing of your eyeliner. 

Match the jewels to your eyeshadow

Another way to incorporate jewels into your makeup is by adding them to looks you already have in your arsenal, like this stunning silver moment. Pick a couple of your favorite eyeshadow looks and find some small gems that match the colors you use; then, play around with placing them on your eyelids or even under your eyes. Starting with colors you already use will give you a good baseline to work from. Once you have some techniques down, you can go from there. 

Or just wear them as your eyeshadow

If you're ready to go big and bold, why not use gems as your makeup? Simply stick them all over your eyelids, and you have a look that'll leave everyone in awe. Keep the gems to a subtle silver for a more understated look, or go multicolor (or even make designs with different colors) for some extra fun.

Make them multicolor

If you're ready to stand out in a crowd, go ahead and utilize all the different colors of stones to decorate your lids. If you're not ready to go all-out multicolor, you can always pick a couple of your favorite colors to start out. To go the extra mile, match your bejeweled lids to whatever outfit you're wearing that day.

Stay understated with silver and black

A simple, stunning, edgy bejeweled makeup look is easy to achieve as long as you have silver and black gemstones on hand. A minimal look made with smaller gemstones can give an extra edge without being too showy — perfect for a girls' night out. We love this look paired with bold red lips and a red outfit for added glam.

Wear them on your lips

Nobody said bejeweled makeup had to stick (pun intended) to your eyelids. If you feel like really breaking the makeup mold, why not add some gemstones to your lips? We don't advise trying this look if you're about to eat your way through a buffet, but it can make for a stunning concert or festival-season makeup look. Bonus points for matching your lips to your lids. 

Use them to accent an avant-garde look

If showy, avant-garde makeup is your thing, we have a way for you to take it up a notch. That's right: Bejewel it. You can add jewels to an already avant-garde look or go ahead and create a new one out of gemstones. The bigger, the better, so go as bold as you want on your bejeweled avant-garde makeup. 

Keep them to the inner corners

If you want to add bejeweled makeup into your routine in a subtle, understated way, adding tiny gems to the inner corners of your eyes may very well be the way to go. This look is hardly noticeable from a distance but makes a serious impact once it's noticed, and you'll probably find yourself going back to it time and time again. 

Use a dark shadow as a base

Not sure where to start with your bejeweled makeup? Or maybe your typical looks are darker, and you're wary of the glitz and glam that jewels offer. If this is the case, create a black eyeshadow look under your gems. This will keep your look dark and edgy while allowing the gemstones to make maximum impact. 

Create a galaxy-inspired look

The stars really are the limit, and that goes for your bejeweled makeup looks, too. If you're stuck on where to start, add a couple of subtle gemstones to a glitzy, glittery, galaxy-inspired makeup look. Gems can add the perfect flair to an already glamorous look and fit right in with the starry night sky look you're going for. 

Make it ultra minimal

Do your looks tend to be pretty minimal? Lucky for you — your bejeweled makeup can match. To make a minimal bejeweled makeup look, stick with gems that are neutral, silver, or the same color as your eyeshadow. Add them to your daily makeup look for a face that's maybe a little more glam than usual without going too overboard. 

Or opt for a maximalist vibe

Perhaps you're ready to go big, bold, and all-out with your bejeweled makeup. If so, you probably already have a vision in mind of what you want your lids to look like. So have at it! To add in more color, opt for tiny gemstones. They'll take longer to apply, but the results will be worth it. 

Use jewels to wing your liner

You can also use jewels to mimic your everyday makeup look. Do you tend to go for a cat eye or a pro-worthy winged liner look? Go for it — but instead of painting it on, do it with jewels! This is a fun, easy way to switch up your standard look without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

Use them on your cheeks

Speaking of comfort zones, there's no room for one when it comes to this bejeweled makeup tip. When you want a look that will stun and leave onlookers begging for more, go ahead and go rogue with your jewels — create patterns with them on your cheeks, lids, lips, and anywhere that suits your fancy. This look will make you the star of any show or just whatever sidewalk you strut down that day.