Why Lavender Perfume Is An Essential Sweet Summer Scent

The sweetness of summertime can be encapsulated in scents of floral and musky elements of earthy estival scents. One of the most aromatic sensations of the summer season is lavender, a common choice for use in perfumes, fragrances, and body sprays for the purple flower's naturally smooth scent and tender tones transporting the wearer to a vintage garden in France, Italy, or an equally mesmerizing dreamscape. 

Lavender-scented items, including naturally-infused perfumes and synthetic fragrances, are a classic for warm, sunny weather while bringing all of the gifts of the most memorable summers. With increased daylight hours and time spent outdoors in the pleasant weather of summer, earthy tones within lavender are reminiscent of sunny days, making the most of summertime adventures. The sweet floral tones of lavender perfume are equally symbolic of the natural world and its many gifts, while not proffering an overwhelming sensation of the most potent bouquets. 

If you're in search of a new summer scent or want to try a new fragrance as you enter a new era, lavender is a lusciously full-bodied yet gentle scent to include in your repertoire of perfumes for summer. Just be mindful to wear plenty of sunscreen and be aware that some fragrances may interact in undesirable ways when exposed to sunlight, leading to skin irritation and phototoxic allergic reactions.

Lavender is simultaneously vintage and modern

The oil from lavender's petals can evoke strong memories when its scent crosses your nose, whether you remember an elder relative or a past summer. The stalk-shaped plant covered in small purple flowers, belonging to the mint family, has been used in perfumes for millennia, as the floral-infused fragrance's origins can be traced to ancient civilizations including the Egyptians and Romans, prior to securing itself as a staple in European perfume houses.

The symbolic scents of lavender perfume reach beyond historical ties, embodying not just the sweet smell of an earthy garden of silky scent but serving as an icon of gender equality and unisex options. In fact, lavender was initially used in scented products for men before becoming a fragrance for female consumers in the late 19th century. In today's summery essence, modern fragrances involving notes of lavender are used in products designed for both men and women, as well as unisex options across the board for users of any and all gender identities.

Think of lavender as the scent of all humanity, from its historical roots to its modern determination of equality across all of humankind. To elevate your scent game, lavender perfume is a long-lasting fragrance option that has been a top choice across modern civilization, known for simultaneously emitting elements of vintage perfumery modes and modern takes mixed with citrus and woodsy notes. Whatever your summer aura, lavender's got you covered.

Lavender perfume is your relaxation BFF

When mixed with orange, lemon, or a member of its own mint kinship, lavender epitomizes the feel and sensation of summer and seals memories with the neuro-cognitive association of scent with moments, relationships, and experiences. Besides smelling like the hallmark of sweet, summery days, lavender perfume has scientifically-backed benefits which can make your days lounging by the pool ultra-relaxing. Lavender is a floral scent, made from the oil squeezed from the petals of the purple blooms, that can calm the body, reduce anxiety and stress, promote sleep quality, and lower heart rate as it quells the nervous system. For lazy summer days at the lake, beach, park, or wherever you choose to lounge, lavender is your BFF for rejuvenation through relaxation and rest.

Even better, the estival scent can enhance mood when inhaled aromatically, making it a popular essential oil choice for numerous purposes ranging from calming nerves to alleviating symptoms of depression, ultimately boosting feelings of wellness. As if the sensory benefits weren't enough, the smooth floral scent can even instigate arousal, particularly in men, when mixed with a very surprising accompanying fragrance: the smell of pumpkin pie!

Enjoying happier mood, less stress, and better intimacy make for a trifecta of summery benefits gifted by lavender fragrance that go beyond the compliments you'll receive on how swell you smell. Thanks to you, lavender perfume!