Is Crepey Skin Reversible? Here's What To Know

Many gifts come with getting older. A great number of people will tell you that they gain wisdom, confidence, and kindness. However, the cosmetic parts of aging aren't always as positive, and crepey skin is often a skincare battle that we take on as the years pass by.

Crepey skin can stem from factors like UV damage from the sun, smoking, genetics, and a lack of sleep, according to Medical News Today. It is often rough and dry, and it can be uncomfortable to live with. Many people who experience crepey skin are frustrated by how it looks and feels. Some opt for a dermatologist's care to correct the damage, but that isn't an option for everyone.

As we age, our skin thins making it sensitive to the elements, especially those brought on by sun exposure. Those who live with skin that looks like crepe paper may notice it on their hands, chest, and even their eyelids. Although it's difficult to reverse, there are things you can do at home to rejuvenate your crepey skin.

Home remedies for crepey skin

Although it's difficult to reverse skin damage like crepey skin, there are products you can try and routines you can implement to lessen its dry and rough appearance. A tried and true way to treat skin damage is by applying oils like coconut and safflower.

According to a study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, virgin coconut oil "improves the symptoms of skin disorders by moisturizing and soothing the skin," reduces inflammation, and even supports the skin barrier. Like any oil, users should be careful to not overdo the application because it can clog pores, but for the most part, coconut oil is easy to incorporate into your routine and continues to be a reliable skin care partner.

A lesser-known oil that can help your skin's hydration is safflower oil. Specifically, safflower oil has antimicrobial properties that can improve the discoloration of the skin and any texture issues you may have (via StyleCraze). Because it's anti-inflammatory, it is safe for most skin types and is essential in reversing damage of this kind.

How to prevent crepey skin

Once you begin a healthy skincare regimen, you'll want to change some behaviors you may have developed over the years to prevent crepey skin from coming back. The most important rule of thumb is to apply sunscreen any time your skin will be exposed to the sun. Also, drink plenty of water throughout your day to stay hydrated. 

In addition, notice your behaviors in terms of health. If you currently smoke, take all measures to try to quit. Add plenty of fruits and vegetables into your diet so that vitamins like A, C, D, and E can get into your system and work their magic, as suggested by The Derm Review. If you are trying to lose weight, do so in a healthy way. Dramatic weight loss has an effect on your skin, and if you are getting to a goal weight too quickly, it can amplify the crepey skin texture.

Finally, maintain a healthy skincare routine by making sure you are applying moisturizer, sunscreen, and hydrating oils daily. The combination of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy skincare routine will give you your best shot at skin with a gorgeous glow and the chance to reverse crepey skin.