5 Zodiac Pairings That Make Excellent Co-Workers

The majority of our waking hours are spent at work. The people you interact with either in an office or on virtual platforms can make all the difference to your work experience. Having supportive, uplifting colleagues who cheer you on, but who will also politely take you aside and give you helpful feedback, can create a workplace haven whether or not you've met IRL. On the flip side, having hostile, rude, or annoying co-workers can make your workplace feel awkward or intimidating. Astrology can give you insights into a person based on the primary rising signs, but there are entire astrological birth charts which give a more holistic picture of a person's attributes, qualities, strengths, and areas for improvement. 

Workplaces operate best with diverse groups of people coming together with different perspectives to contribute to the team, and the zodiac signs governing your colleagues are no exception to the diversity you'll want to seek for your work dream team. If you're fortunate enough to have some amazing colleagues, there's a good chance they fall under the rule of one of these five astrological signs in at least one prominent place on their birth chart. 

Sagittarius supports the entire team

If you're ever posed with choosing one zodiac sign to work with for the rest of your career, Sagittarius is a good sport to have on your team, as this sign will sing your praises while working alongside you as dedicated co-workers who produce valiantly valuable contributions to projects and the general atmosphere of the office. Sagittarius colleagues are the office cheerleaders, bringing their Sagittarius sunshine and optimistic outlooks to make each day at work feel bright and exciting.

As remote work has become increasingly prevalent, expect your Sagittarius colleagues to be the ones starting upbeat conversations in the team Slack channel or starting off Zoom meetings with positive energy to set the mood for everyone to feel accepted, happy to be present, and valued for their contributions to the workplace, even if all you've done that day is simply shown up.

Having a Sagittarius boss can be a wonderfully supportive experience, as the archer sign is always aiming to make you feel your best and guide you with optimism, empathy, creativity, and confidence that you'll soon find yourself boasting as well. A Sagittarius co-worker or supervisor will be the one who helps guide you towards your purpose and path within the company, even cheering you on as you apply for your dream job or go for a promotion. For a guaranteed positive workplace, make certain you have Sagittarius colleagues. 

Cancer is the compassionate colleague

Cancers are known as the most emotional of the zodiac signs, a water sign often associated more with their tears, as they wear their emotions on their sleeves and feel them just as intensely. While interacting with a Cancer can be a juggling act at times, they're the colleagues you want to have on your team since they'll always have your back by extending the protection of their shell to you. Working alongside co-workers who are Cancers is a gift because you will undeniably have someone looking out for you, checking in when you've taken a sick day, and sending you food delivery of soup and hot tea until you feel better. You can also expect for your Cancer co-worker to be the one to console you when you receive harsh feedback or a presentation doesn't go as you'd planned.

If you work remotely, having colleagues who are Cancers can be your key to successful virtual relationships, as the sensitive, empathetic, and highly compassionate crabs are the ones who pinch their claws together and create relationships that go deeper than swapping details about an upcoming meeting. With their effective communication skills, they'll reach out to you with genuine interest in getting to know who you are and what you're passionate about, and they'll check on you periodically to see how things are going. Working with Cancers will ensure your birthday is always recognized at work, and they'll double check that everyone has signed your card!

Libra is the leader who makes you feel valued

With some crossover attributes alongside Cancer co-workers, colleagues governed by Libra are equally guaranteed to be compassionate, caring, and willing to go out of their way to help you, whether you work a few feet from one another or live thousands of miles away while working from a remote workspace. 

Where Libra co-workers differ from their Cancer counterparts is in how they show attention and care for your contributions to the team. Cancer colleagues will pay attention to your emotional wellness and ask about your life outside of work, while Libra colleagues are the quintessential leaders who lead by example. Confident and self-assured, Libra colleagues are the co-workers you'll find yourself modeling your work ethos after, as you're challenged by their friendly nature, ability to get everything done with nearly perfect results, and their seeming ability to succeed while making everyone else feel like the star of the show. If you're fortunate enough to have a Libra for a manager or supervisor, you've hit the workplace pot of gold! 

Libra colleagues also make for great mentors, which is important to remember as you enter new workplaces and workspaces. If a leader you admire is a Libra, take your chances by reaching out for guidance and advice. You'll be surprised by how invested Libra leaders are in the success of others!

Taurus is a hard worker with a sweet tooth

The benefits of working with colleagues governed by Taurus can be more nuanced than the more outward-facing and extroverted signs such as Libra colleagues who go out of their way to reach out to you. Instead, Taurus colleagues can be timid or, at least, seem as much, given how dedicated they are to their work. Should team projects ever arise, hardworking Taurus is the one you want working with you, as they're some of the most diligent workers. The double-horned bull is an Earth sign that's as grounded as its guiding element, while the horns of Taurus co-workers can make them hesitant to change, even coming off as warding away those who present transitions. 

Once you've earned the trust of Taurus colleagues, you're in for a treat — literally! Taurus colleagues are the ones with the best sweets and homemade goodies hidden in their desk drawers, so if you ever have a hankering for something delectable and guaranteed to be made with as much intentional effort as Taurus puts into their work, head over to your Taurus co-worker's desk — they're always willing to share! If you've had a rough day, a Taurus co-worker may not be the one to take you for coffee to discuss your feelings as a Cancer colleague would likely do, but when you get back from your cry session with Cancer, you'll find a personalized plate of comforting treats from Taurus on your desk. 

Capricorns make captivating mentors

Taurus colleagues are hard workers, and there's no doubt that the bulls are in it for the long haul, but the team members who invest all of their spare time into their job performance are the office Capricorns. There's a good chance your jaw will drop at the sheer talent and productivity of Capricorn colleagues, as they have the talented leadership skills of Libras while being ruled by Saturn makes them extra responsible and on top of absolutely everything. The well-rounded abilities of Capricorn colleagues may have you wondering how they achieve so much, even contemplating if they somehow have twice as many hours in the day than everyone else.

But, instead of envying your Capricorn co-workers, understand that you'll gain the most from what they have to teach you by observing their workflow, habits, and the way they courageously, confidently, and brilliantly show up each day. While most of us can't have the non-stop achievement-oriented abilities of Capricorns, asking Capricorn colleagues to mentor you or show you the ropes will teach you far more than you could ever imagine.

When your Capricorn colleagues pair up with Taurus members of the office, sit back and watch how they seamlessly work together to produce incredible results, putting every effort into their work and producing perfection. Capricorns likely won't offer you sweets afterwards, but if you observe their practical responsibility, you'll find yourself becoming more skilled with time.