Celeb-Founded Lifestyle Brands That Don't Focus On Beauty (It's Refreshing, Tbh)

Fenty, Rare, and Rhode, oh my! These beauty brands, some of the best A-list celebrity-owned beauty brands as ranked by The List, have secured their positions at the front of the cosmetics shelves and are now household names in the beauty world. Fenty by Rhianna, Rhode Skin by Hailey Baldwin Bieber, and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, one of the top Latin-owned beauty brands, are only a few of the multitude of beauty lines celebrities have created that are dominating the market. 

At this point, it seems like curating a beauty line is practically a rite of passage to become a prominent celebrity or top-notch influencer. The celebrity beauty line trend has also become a bit stale, if we're being honest. You can only own so many liquid blush shades, lip kits, and rose water sprays from celeb collections before your bathroom cabinet and countertop topple over with products.

To make it to the top of any industry, it takes a lot of hard work. This may be why many celebrities choose to challenge themselves with product lines, putting their go-to attitudes to the test and innovating products with mass influence. While the conversation over celebrity beauty lines has dominated popular discourse — nearing the point of oversaturation — some A-listers have created product lines that don't have anything to do with beauty or cosmetics. For your next getaway, prepare to prep your luggage, style choices, and pick-me-up caffeine coffee pods, all presented by some of the biggest A-listers. 

Good American by Khloe Kardashian represents all women

If you're a Kardashians fan, you're likely familiar with their numerous business ventures. Khloe Kardashian co-founded groundbreaking apparel brand Good American alongside Emma Grede, with the mission of innovating the fashion industry by prioritizing inclusivity of advertising, shopping experiences, and diversity in marketing. Beginning with jeans, the brand has branched out to include apparel of all types, from tops and swimwear to accessories and footwear. 

Kardashian has been open about her experiences shopping for clothing when she wore plus sizes, saying she felt humiliated each time she would ask for her size and be directed to a remote area of the boutique or department store reserved solely for larger sizes in a manner which admittedly felt demeaning and shame-inducing. As a result, the brand has promoted their intent to only be sold in stores that display both regular and plus sizes together. Though consumers are clearly in favor of sizing inclusivity, Kardashian and Grede, Good American's CEO, have openly shared the hurdles they've faced convincing retailers to sell all sizes together. 

Fortunately, diversity has thrived, and Good American, a brand that emphasizes size inclusivity, has changed the landscape of how we shop for clothing. Good American also holds annual casting calls for its Good Squad, a group of models who represent the array of backgrounds, body types, styles, identities, and diversity that makes the brand a representation of the world itself.

Shay Mitchell is trailblazing with Béis

Shay Mitchell, who rose to notable fame starring on "Pretty Little Liars," is undeniably a trailblazer for transitioning on-screen fame to business success. In 2018, Mitchell launched Béis Luggage in an effort to design appealing, high-quality luggage that's ethically sourced and created with morality in mind. 

Since the brand entered the market, it has grown to meet the luggage and organizational needs of users, many of which Mitchell interacts with directly through her active social media channels. In 2023, the brand introduced a line called Beisics to provide options for stylish and efficient travel gear with summer trips in mind. The Beisics line consists of backpacks, tote bags, and laptop cases in a trio of shades that define the brand: timeless hues of beige, gray, and black. To meet the needs of younger consumers, all products are priced below $100, including sales tax.

Mitchell is also a role model and dedicated leader of her company, as she regularly credits Gen Z users on the brand's social media platforms, particularly her younger followers on TikTok, for their input in helping her direct the design and functionality of Béis products.

Jessica Alba keeps things Honest with toxin-free products for babies and mamas

Actor Jessica Alba became one of the first celebrities to establish a hugely successful business specializing in products that meet consumer needs and desires when she launched The Honest Company in 2008. With, as of this writing, 15 years put into the company, she has experienced ups and downs in the company's growth. However, the foundation of the company is one which pioneered a trend of celebrities creating items of helpful use to consumers. 

The company began by selling baby-centric merchandise, such as its trademark colorful, patterned diapers that made plain white diapers a relic of the past and products void of harsh chemicals for use on newborns, infants, and toddlers following Alba's own encounter with regular washing detergent sparking an allergic rash on her and her little one. Driving her desire to create safe and useful products for both her own children and those of families nationwide — and, later, globally — Alba launched The Honest Company and quickly became one of the most talked-about companies in the industry.

The research Alba put into founding the company should be applauded whether or not you have a little one in your household. Upon her initial idea, Alba reached out to nonprofit Healthy Child Healthy World for advice, then spoke with investors in Silicon Valley, California, proving that significant good can come from celebrities using their platforms consciously by pairing with industry partners who have altruistic intentions. 

Gabrielle Union PROUDLY promotes baby care

Gabrielle Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, have proudly paired up to create another baby-geared line called PROUDLY. To fill industry needs, the couple used their joint platforms and eye for innovation to curate the first line of widely sold baby products for little ones of color, versus the traditional standard of marketing products towards babies of Caucasian or lighter skin tones. As the couple has grown the brand from its original five products to newer releases on a regular basis, they have also raised awareness that approximately half of all babies born from 2015 onward have been born to at least one parent of color. 

With most products sold under $10, the price points are designed to be affordable and widely accessible for all families. In 2022, the brand expanded its access and availability when a deal was signed with mega-store chain Target. During press events for the brand, both Wade and Union spoke about their differing parenting styles and how it's possible to manage a household without sharing every ideology. When it came to PROUDLY, they said their mission was to launch a company aligned with their views and which they're proud to stand behind. Most of all, they've spoken of their pride in producing accessible products for babies of color.

Chamberlain Coffee provides energy for the red carpet

Emma Chamberlain is best known for her YouTube presence and her engaging interviewing skills on the annual Met Gala red carpet, though her namesake coffee brand is equally as energizing as her outgoing personality and ethos. Chamberlain Coffee has been extremely successful in its founding and its growth in recent years, making it a successful example of expansion due to a celebrity's status, the quality of its mission statement, and the products themselves. 

The company has a philanthropic arm which pairs with the non-profit charitable organization Food4Farmers. From its focus on giving back to the transparency of the ingredients that go into each product, including its launch of environmentally-friendly coffee pods, Chamberlain Coffee has adhered to its unofficial slogan of being the brainchild of Chamberlain's lifestyle and aura. Chamberlain uses her status as a star amongst Gen Z to promote her company's products through social media and channels frequented by her fellow members of Gen Z. For fans of the brand outside of Gen Z, Chamberlain Coffee is the essence of Chamberlain's friendly enthusiasm and upbeat charisma in a cup of morning joy. 

If you're looking for a new coffee brand, especially one that's transparent about where it sources its ingredients and exactly what does and does not go into the makeup of its products, a cup of Chamberlain Coffee is worth trying.

Naja by Gina Rodriguez makes comfy, confidence-boosting intimates for all

Celebrity-founded companies have everyday fashion covered with Good American, luggage by Béis, and coffee courtesy of Chamberlain Coffee. Getting a little more intimate, Gina Rodriguez has you covered — literally — with comfortable, colorful, and confidence-boosting intimates. The star known for "Jane the Virgin" teamed up with her co-founder, Catalina Gerard, to design undergarments from the pair's brand, Naja. Available options include bras, panties, lingerie, and matching sets, all of which are focused on delivering patterns, palettes, and potential for embracing cultural heritage alongside cozy materials which can be comfortably worn throughout the day without constant awkward attempts to adjust. 

As a celebrity who's always used her platform to promote her Latina heritage and advocate for increased representation, Rodriguez's Naja is made in the same spirit of Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's PROUDLY in that its undergarments are intended to promote a new definition of what constitutes nude shades by delivering garments in every skin tone. Advocating for all women to have intimates available in their individual skin tones is an empowering means for all women to boost their confidence.

Draper James perfectly captures Reese Witherspoon's southern roots

America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon has long captivated audiences with her impeccable performances including that of "Legally Blonde" as lawyer-in-training Elle Woods. In recent years, the A-list actress has had her own clothing and lifestyle brand, Draper James, inspired by her southern roots growing up in Tennessee. 

Upon publication of her book "Whiskey in a Teacup," Witherspoon spoke of the advice, knowledge, and wisdom passed down from the women in her family as they referred to women in the south as the equivalent of whiskey in a teacup, meaning fierce and strong inside with an elegant outer appearance. Through Draper James' clothing and other products, Witherspoon provides consumers with their own whiskey in a teacup. When you put on a garment from Draper James, imagine yourself with the strength of character and will presented to us on-screen by Woods with the finesse and poise of Witherspoon herself. 

In an effort to create affordable, stylish clothing options, Draper James has partnered with Kohl's stores in one of the chain's biggest partnerships to date, as its collaboration is available both online and in-store. The brand, in which its offerings aim for a range of price points for various budgets, is known for pursuing partnerships with large-scale stores and upscale boutiques alike through means similar to how Lauren Conrad has grown her namesake fashion line, LC By Lauren Conrad. 

The Olsens' smart, upscale clothing line The Row has plenty in tow

The Olsen twins delivered laughs as child actors, and, as adults, they're delivering designer fashion through their joint apparel venture, The Row, sometimes referred to by its French-inspired social media handle @MaisonTheRow. With t-shirts selling for hundreds of dollars, the brand has officially entered the luxury space and is routinely seen on A-list celebrities in Hollywood and around the world. 

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the twins' brand is that they created a remarkably sought-after line of apparel and accessories without relying on their celebrity identities. In fact, they've never once used their last name in promoting the brand, a move that has been met by business insiders and industry leaders with praise and acclaim for its savviness. By not crafting the brand's name or identity around their own, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have subtly and stealthily woven their way into the pinnacle of luxury fashion. 

In turn, the Olsens have been afforded the ability to stay out of the spotlight more so than other A-list celebrities, giving them the gift of privacy as they continue to grow The Row. Pursued by consumers for their luxury bags and totes, The Row's popularity is ever-growing and doesn't seem to show any signs of slowing down.