Grape Jelly Nails Are The Moodiest Spin On The Fruit Mani Trend

Who doesn't love nail trends that look good enough to eat? We can't stop thinking about the creamy blueberry milk nails or all the juicy fruit-inspired nails we're seeing in 2023. For example, watermelon nails are a bright manicure perfect for summery vibes. But what if you want a sweet-looking fruit-inspired nail design that works year-round? Try jelly-inspired nails for a moody, gooey look. After all, we'll eat jelly in any month! 

While many people might think that strawberry jelly tastes the best, you can't forget about grape jelly. Even if you're not a fan of grape jelly's taste, you can't argue with the fact that it looks intriguing because of its color and texture. So, consider rocking grape jelly-inspired nails for a versatile manicure. There are many ways to achieve this look, and grape jelly nails are guaranteed to look better than they taste!

Glossy purple nails scream grape jelly

When we hear "grape jelly nails," our minds instantly jump to glossy purple manicures. Grape jelly usually has a distinctive purple hue, and the packaging for the product is almost always purple. So, opt for a purple gel manicure or paint your nails with purple polish and add a generous amount of glassy top coat or clear polish for a shiny, jelly-like effect.

Add some sparkle

Jelly typically has a shiny appearance due to its sheer or translucent texture and gooey consistency. To enhance jelly's shiny look, consider adding sparkly touches to your purple manicure instead of using just a gel or glossy top coat. You can achieve this by incorporating sparkly nail polish, which will add a touch of glamour to your nails.

Explore grape nail art

You can't say "grape jelly" without the "grape"! So why not highlight this fruit by adding grape nail art to your manicure? If you enjoy creating nail designs, try painting some grapes on your nails. If you're not much of a nail artist, you can buy grape-inspired nail stickers to apply instead.

Take inspiration from green grapes

Grape jelly nail designs are arguably more versatile than other fruit and jelly-inspired nail art. You didn't forget about green grapes, did you? While green grape jelly may not be a common product, you can still pay homage to these delicious and underrated sweet grapes by sporting a glassy, light green manicure. Who knows, maybe you'll even inspire people to try making green grape jelly at home!

Or go with a moody red grape-inspired look

You shouldn't forget about those yummy dark red grapes, which we see more often than grapes that appear purple. We can save the debate about whether most grapes are red or purple for another time, but since we all know that red grapes exist, glossy burgundy and red-violet manicures are also perfect for the grape jelly nail trend.