Watermelon Nails Are The Bright Manicure Trend For The Ultimate Summery Vibes

Glazed donut manicures of every color were the staple of the last couple of seasons, but this summer season is taking shape and appears to be heavily inspired by our favorite fruits. We've already seen how lemonade nails have altered trends with their bright and vibrant yellow hues, and this has opened the way for even more "edible" nail looks to hit the scene. Keeping color in mind, this season's watermelon manicure is set to become one of the chicest ways to keep your nails looking happy and energetic for the season.

Although it may seem like watermelon is just about the fruit, it's really about the combination of hues. Shades of red and green can create a unique pairing that will prepare you for the summer. While you can always opt for a watermelon print manicure, you'll most likely see different designs showcasing these two colors. No matter the tone of the colors, this combination is one to watch this summer season.

Color-blocking watermelon nails

For those looking to go minimalist with their bold hues, it might be best to consider going with solid colors. Instead of creating a design, take the two shades to create color-blocking manicures that give each color the spotlight. Two colors are better than one in this case, and now you can showcase them both.

Mismatched watermelon nails

The beauty behind watermelon nails is the fact that they give you the flexibility to change and experiment with your designs. Since watermelon nails are just about the colors, all you need is five different designs to get a cohesive manicure. Show off your love of abstract nails and French tips in the same manicure by going with mismatched nails that give each finger personality.

Watermelon-printed nails

Those who are real fans of watermelon will have no problem showcasing their admiration for the fruit on their nails. Watermelon-printed nails will be a unique variation of this trend but are made for the summer season. While some may opt for copying the fruit's shell print and others the actual fruit, you can't go wrong by paying tribute to the watermelon itself.

Soft watermelon nails

Even though watermelon-printed nails aren't for everyone, you can still incorporate the colors softly and seamlessly. If you want a variation of this trend that will go with most outfits and situations, you may want to take a softer approach. A more subtle version of the watermelon nails is reminiscent of the aura manicure trend, with the addition of a green French manicure tip. Lessen the intensity of the middle shade for a subtle hint of watermelon in your manicure.

Vibrant watermelon nails

While most watermelon nails you'll find on social media border in shades of pink, there's nothing better than adding a vibrant red to match your watermelon. Stick with the more intense tones for a watermelon look that will pop against your outfits. These saturated colors are perfect for getting the full effect of this trend and making an impact during the summer season.