Neon Aura Nails Are The Bold, Bright Twist On The TikTok Trend

Everyone loves a new manicure trend. If this year has taught us anything, it's that trends can constantly be remixed and redesigned to create a better fad. Recently, we saw how aura nails rose in popularity thanks to social media platforms. These fascinating new nails are about mimicking mood rings and representing your spiritual side. You can showcase your aura with the help of your nails by adapting the color that best symbolizes the energy you give off to the world. However, if you want to add flair to your aura, the new manicure trend will leave you speechless. If you're someone whose aura gives off flamboyant and bold energy, neon aura nails might be the most accurate representation of your spiritual side.

Neon aura nails are a mixture of the recent neoncore trends and previous aura manicures. Since everyone has rapidly embraced bold colors, it's only natural that they become part of our nail inspiration. Neon manicures don't have to be over-the-top or gimmicky; this trend is perfect for those wanting something bold but still chic. Depending on your manicure preference, you can also transform this design to become even more daring or elegant. Showcase your spiritual side and get ready for a vibrant season with some help from your nails.

Wild neon aura nails

Why limit yourself to one or two neon colors, when you can have them all? Mix and match your neon colors when creating your aura nails for the most explosive nail design ever. Although the focal point of your nails is the aura detail, you can also include small print designs or details to your nails to make them more personalized.

Monochrome neon aura nails

Neon colors are fun to mix, but it also looks amazing when you sport a monochrome neon look. While the aura nails are all about mixing various colors, there's no reason you can't go with just one color. Opt for a neon shade to act as your base color and a lighter or darker hue for the aura spot. Going with just one color will help create a more subtle design that will still give you the same effect.

Mixed neon aura nails

Why have only one trend if you can have two? Mix all of your neon trends together for the ultimate nail design. Other trends that would look great paired with your neon aura nails are the micro French manicure, graphic design nails, and line art nails. Any nail trend that gives you the opportunity to create a customized nail design will help highlight your nails and give them more of a pop. Use various neon colors for each design to mimic a work of art.

Subtle neon aura nails

While it's true that these colors are bold and noticeable, neon can also be subtle and chic. Instead of overwhelming your nail with color, only include the neon aura spot in your design. By just going with this diffused design, the neon shade won't seem as prominent. When creating your aura design, ensure to diffuse the edges as much as possible for a softer look.

Dual neon aura nails

When using only two colors to create your aura nails, most tend to go with a splash of color paired with a subtle hue. Take this chance to go bold and replace both colors with a neon hue. Neon colors will always match other neon shades, making it easy to mix and match. Embrace neoncore to its fullest by opting for two vibrant shades.