Blueberry Milk Nails Are A Creamy Pop Of Color For Minimalists

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We've been seeing several manicures that might make you a little hungry, from trendy orange creamsicle nails and peaches & cream nails to pastel strawberry milk nails. In this round of creamy manicures, blueberry milk nails are taking center stage. "Fruit milk shades trend stemmed from South Korean nail artists as strawberry milk, banana milk, and blueberry milk are actually really popular beverages there," celebrity nail artist, Sonya Meesh, told Byrdie. This look keeps on growing in popularity and has been worn by celebs like Sabrina Carpenter and Dua Lipa, during her collaboration with Versace. Zendaya also wore her blueberry milk manicure at the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2024 show in Paris. 

You can easily get your hands on this gorgeous yet subtle nail trend. It's the perfect summery tone that isn't too bright yet gives the right amount of color to make any outfit pop. If you're someone who typically goes for more muted and neutral nail shades, this look will give you a touch of color that doesn't stray too far out of your comfort zone. To get your own blueberry milk nails, any light blue nail polish shade will work. In other words, think of a baby blue or light sky blue color for inspiration. You can also mix white and blue polish to get a lighter tone if you can't find the right light blue shade. We guarantee you'll fall in love with at least one of these blueberry milk nail looks to try for yourself.

Simple blueberry milk manicure

Blueberry milk nails will flatter any skin tone, nail shape, and nail length. For a minimal, one-toned manicure that adds a subtle pop of color to any look, go with this light shade of blue. We recommend the OPI polish shade, It's a Boy! or Blueberry Flax Milk made by Dimension Nails.

Light blue tips

If you're looking to elevate your basic French manicure with some color, sport this shade of blue on your tips. You can get creative with negative space, as the nail artist did in the look above, to create hearts or other shapes on the nail. Whether you go for round or square tips, the blue will be sure to impress.

A touch of shimmer

You can't go wrong with some glitter. Whether it's just on one nail or all of them, Essie has a gorgeous light blue polish with a shimmer finish called Love at Frost Sight that would be the perfect addition. Or, you can paint over your blue polish with a sparkly top coat like Sally Hansen's Crystal Top Coat

Fruit-inspired nail art

To really display your affinity for blueberries and the color blue, experiment with some fruit-inspired nail art. You can accent certain nails with blueberries painted on a background of white polish, so the blue can pop. The pairing of white and blue will help give the manicure its creamy and delicious look.  

Pair with other shades of blue

Along with white polish, light blue pairs particularly well with darker shades of blue like navy or cobalt. This variation provides a gorgeous contrast between the different shades. The nail artist above, for instance, painted wavy lines of each color, and you can experiment with your own shapes, too.

Add 3D elements

Let your manicure come to life with three-dimensional nail decals, like sparkly gems, sequins, and floral charms. To adhere the charms to your nail, use nail glue and set them in place with tweezers. Luckily, some charms and gem studs will stick to gel polish while it's still wet, according to experts at Nailpro.