Strawberry Milk Nails Are The Pastel Pink Manicure Trend That's Perfect For Spring

Pale shades of nail polish have been catching our attention for a while, from the white nail theory to the resurgence of the baby French manicure. Recently, the delicate nail trend has been all about milk bath nails: creamy, elegant nails with a white undertone and a soft, shiny finish. As we head into spring, the milky nail is getting a seasonal twist with strawberry milk nails.

Strawberry milk nails take their inspiration from the classic school cafeteria beverage. This manicure style features a semi-sheer coat of the palest, sweetest shade of pink over a base of creamy white. The haziness of the sheer pink combined with a glossy top coat gives these nails an otherworldly effect, as if each finger contains an infinite pool of strawberry milk.

This cute and girly nail trend will be a popular manicure choice this spring, and if you want to join the fun, there are plenty of strawberry milk styles to inspire you.

Get an almond shape

Almond is a great shape for strawberry milk nails. The smooth, tapered edges go well with the cloudy, shiny appearance of the semi-sheer pink. For this style, aim for a short to moderate nail length and make sure the tips are more rounded than sharp. Get a clean and crisp look by paying extra attention to those cuticles.

Go square for a glam look

Strawberry milk nails also look good with square tips. Pairing this trend with square nails will give you a luxurious, elegant manicure. The pale pink shade is already the epitome of cute and classy nails, but the square tips will add a mature vibe that guarantees peak sophistication.

Hazy white tips

You can play up the milk aspect of this nail style by incorporating more white. You could do this by getting French tips, or for a more subtle effect, getting hazy white tips. Apply a thicker coat of pink to the bottom section of your nail, but leave it extremely sheer at the tips, allowing the creamy white base coat to peek through.

Add a sparkle

If plain pink nails are too simple for your tastes, jazz it up with a sparkly accent. You could add a metallic detail to each nail — think metallic Barbiecore — or add a full coat of glitter to a single accent nail on each hand. Try to stick to light sparkly shades that suit the strawberry milk theme. Sparkles that are too bright or dark would distract from the delicate effect of the milky pink.

Keep it short

Strawberry pink nails are an excellent choice for folks who prefer to keep their nails short. The cute pink shade is perfect for trim, neat nails, either in an almond or square shape. Plus, the depth created by the semi-sheer nails will make an otherwise plain short nail appear more dynamic.

Just a hint of pink

You don't have to be a major lover of pink to try out the strawberry milk nail trend. If you like milky nails and want to mix things up for your spring manicure, you can choose a pale, barely-there shade of pink. You'll maintain the classic milk color and texture, but the hint of pink will add a slightly more floral hue to your nails, perfect for springtime.

Be fruity

Take the strawberry milk trend in a more literal direction and get cute strawberry details on your nails. A fruit detail is a sweet touch for a transitional spring-to-summer manicure. The pale pink feels springy while the strawberries have the more playful energy of a summer vacation. Between the milky texture and the teeny strawberries, your nails will be looking like mini versions of the Starbucks Pink Drink.