Creamsicle Nails Are The Dreamy Orange Mani Of The Summer

In case you missed it, nostalgia is one of the biggest inspirations behind a lot of the season's hottest trends, and your summer manicure is no exception. If you're longing for the days of running out the door to meet the glorious sound of your neighborhood ice cream truck, you'll probably be ecstatic over the latest summer nail color trend: creamsicle nails.

Lovers of the orange-and-vanilla-flavored frozen treat are probably already rushing to the salon to get in on this fun, flirty manicure trend. Orange is a great color for summer — after all, it inherently symbolizes sunshine and the life the sun gives us — and the creamsicle nail trend means you'll be seeing orange nails in droves. This look is even especially poignant for those who might be tired of Barbiecore and want to switch up their nails. Nevertheless, even if you've never considered orange to be your color, we promise there's at least one version of a creamsicle mani that'll look stunning on you — no exceptions.

Do them as a fade

If you're thinking creamsicle nails always have to match the muted orange of the frozen treat, think again. You can still have a bright, bold creamsicle mani — just opt for a shade slightly lighter than the popular Aperol orange nail. Looking for a balance between bold and muted? Get a bright creamsicle mani that fades into your natural nail. 

Make it a two-toned French mani

The French manicure is classic, and since it's evergreen, it's seen many iterations over its long lifetime. The duo-toned French mani (a fun twist on the also-trendy negative space French manicure) is a particularly stunning option if you're looking for an elegant take on the creamsicle nail trend. Combine a light orange shade with another light orange or a nude, or combine it with white to go full creamsicle. 

A muted orange can tone it down a bit

Sometimes, big and bold just aren't in the cards for you. You prefer muted nails, and because of that, some bright summer nail trends just don't cut it. If this sounds like you, don't worry — you can still cash in on the creamsicle nail trend. Just pick a muted orange as your creamsicle color, and keep it to a single shade. 

Leave some empty space

It may seem counterintuitive, but the most stunning manicures sometimes don't cover your entire nail. For a visually interesting yet still minimalist take on creamsicle nails, ask your nail tech to leave some empty space while painting your nails. If you want, you can utilize a few different creamsicle shades — since there will be some blank space on your nails, even a couple of shades won't overwhelm you too much. 

Make it sparkly

On the other hand, maybe minimalism isn't your vibe. You always go for the biggest, boldest nails you can find, and the creamsicle nails you're about to get will be no exception. If this sounds like you, there's one surefire way to add some oomph to your mani: Make it sparkly. Add a glitter coat on top of your creamsicle nails for a look that's (almost) as bold as you. 

Or just find a polish with a bit of shimmer

Maybe you're looking for a middle ground — you don't want anything off the walls, but simpler manis aren't exciting enough for your taste. When this is the case and you want to get a fabulous creamsicle manicure, opt for a creamsicle shade with a bit of shimmer. It'll glisten in the sunlight without being too in your face on the daily.

Employ some '70s swirls

There's another trend we've been loving recently, and it's the resurgence of '70s patterns and colors. We're happy to report that the '70s style can be incorporated seamlessly into your creamsicle mani. Just pick out two creamsicle shades and ask your nail tech for some '70s swirls. We wouldn't be surprised if this style becomes your new summer staple. 

Combine it with your other favorite summer colors

We get it: You love the creamsicle trend, but you also love all the other nail colors trending this summer and can't make up your mind. So don't. Get every color you love (including creamsicle) on a different nail. Just keep them in the same color family (by picking all pastel shades or all neon, for instance), and you'll still have a perfectly coordinated manicure.

Do a subtle, thin French tip

Have you been loving the naked nail summer trend? This trend capitalizes on the beauty of your natural nails by sticking to nude shades, and it's super low maintenance. If this has been your vibe but you still want to jump on the creamsicle nails trend, ask your nail tech for an ultra-thin French tip in a creamsicle shade. It's wonderfully subtle and still low maintenance but will give you that tiny pop of color.

Polka dot them

Some patterns are classics for a reason, and a fun one that we'll be sporting until the end of time is the polka dot. So, for a fun, unique manicure that can also get in on the creamsicle nail trend, pick your favorite color as a base and paint creamsicle polka dots on top. 

Add some gold accents

Maybe "fun" isn't the vibe you're going for this summer. You're a sophisticate whose nails call for as much high-class glam as you can muster, but you still can't get your mind off the creamsicle trend. Go for it. Get the creamsicle nails, and on top, add a classy gold accent or two to keep your air of sophistication intact. 

Use it for a reverse French manicure design too

Maybe a more mellow mod nail design is your vibe, or you want something subtle but a little off-beat. If you're feeling your mood this summer, hop on the creamsicle nail train by getting it as a reverse French manicure. If you want, pair your reverse French creamsicle with a curved French tip in a similar shade.

Just go plain creamsicle

You're a no-nonsense person who sticks to the basics and doesn't go for frills. A creamsicle mani sounds appealing to you, but some of the bolder, more intricate designs above do not. So, don't go for them. Just get the bare basics of a creamsicle manicure: a creamsicle shade on your nails. A gentle glossy sheen offers a simple, ultra-clean look that a non-nonsense person like you will adore.

Give them actual creamsicle vibes

If you're about to jump on the creamsicle nail trend because creamsicles were your favorite summer treat as a kid (and maybe still are), you should definitely go full creamsicle by combining orange and white. There's nothing that screams "creamsicle" more than this classic color combo, and the drizzled look of the white shade on creamsicle nails makes them look good enough to eat. 

Make them matte

Have you been sporting matte nails for a while? You always opt for a bit of an edgier look, and glossy nails don't cut it for you anymore. If this is the case, don't worry — you can still deck yourself out in a set of stunning creamsicle nails. Just make them matte! Opt for a muted matte orange tone that isn't too bright for a subtle, edgy take on the creamsicle nail trend.