Strawberry Nails Are Replacing Cherries As The Trendiest Fruit Manicure

It's no surprise that fruit-inspired nails have been taking over our feeds lately; adorable and perfect for summer, they're just too sweet to resist. Though cherry nails have been reigning supreme, there's a new fruit in town ready to steal the spotlight: strawberries. Strawberry nails are versatile and can be incorporated into countless designs. In fact, you can paint them in a range of shades, ranging from white to pink to classic deep red, or you can also choose to get more creative with untraditional colors, including mixing and matching hues for a bright summer manicure.

Strawberries' plump and juicy appearance makes them all the more appealing, too. Little ditsy strawberries (rather than ditsy daisies) look so cute, while bigger strawberry decals can have a cartoonish look that makes them feel so youthful. Strawberries also pair nicely with a lot of other nail designs, such as bows, smiley faces, retro motifs, and other fun patterns. Their cutesy look makes them the fruit to choose for maximalist coquette nails. For a more minimalist manicure, choose a strawberry accent on neutral nails. Sweet as can be, these strawberry nails are perfect for your next summer manicure.

Strawberry fields

If we've learned one thing from all the fruity manicures on our feeds, it's this: Fruits and florals simply work together. This strawberry and daisy manicure is so quaint with its tiny flowers and bright berries. A smattering of leaves makes it feel like a snapshot of a field of strawberries and daisies, which is pretty much the exact vibe we're trying to capture for the summer.

Strawberry milk

Combine two trends into one with milky nails plus adorable little strawberry accents. The two middle nails have a milky nail base via a creamy and slightly translucent white nail polish. This nail look takes it a step further, adding a fun cow print as well. While they're not true strawberry milk nails, which should have a pale pink base, this manicure captures the idea of strawberry milk in a more creative way. The strawberry nail accent is also oh-so cute.

Pink and red strawberries

While strawberries at a grocery store are typically just shades of red, you can expand to other colors while staying on theme. One safe and pretty color to play with is pink, as it helps the strawberries look animated yet deliciously realistic. Alternating red and pink makes these nails so vibrant and eye-catching. You can recreate this manicure with a full nail base or opt for a French manicure base for this subtler look.

Chocolate-dipped strawberry

This chocolate-dipped strawberry manicure is plain delicious. Strawberries and chocolate make the perfect pair, and with their romantic connotation, there's something sultry about these nails. Deep red is the right color choice since red is associated with passion. This manicure is a lovely choice for an intimate Valentine's Day or anniversary date.

Sparkling strawberries

Looking for a strawberry manicure that's a better fit for a party? These sparkling strawberry nails are a stunning choice. The extra glittery top coat makes this manicure resemble strawberries in champagne while the bright pink base color makes this manicure feel extra girly. It's an eye-catching look to match a sparkly dress for a big night out.

Strawberry accent nail

A strawberry accent nail is one way to incorporate this sweet fruit without making it the star of your manicure. If you want the strawberry to blend in a tad more, add it to an accent nail. With the other pink motifs on this nail look, it fits right in without overwhelming the mani.

Strawberry picnic

Sweet, ripe strawberries are perfect for a summer picnic on a balmy day. If you want this scene to inspire your next manicure, opt for a strawberry picnic nail look. The gingham base looks like a patterned picnic blanket, making this manicure very quaint. It effortlessly showcases how you can combine strawberries and patterns to make a cohesive nail design.

Strawberries and daisies

Another berry and flowers look, this manicure is a gorgeous look to herald the start of spring or summer. The pops of color make it look vibrant and the floral designs transport us to warmer weather. A neutral base is an excellent choice for this type of look since it lets the pattern really stand out.

Itty-bitty strawberries

With tiny strawberries and a French manicure base, this manicure shows how you can hop on the strawberry trend in a more minimalist way. To take it down a notch further, you can up for classic white French tips rather than pink. However, the pink really adds some sweetness to this look; plus, it's the perfect complement to a pink outfit.

Jelly strawberry nails

Jelly nails have a translucent quality to them to make them look like they're made of jelly. Add strawberries, and you have strawberry jelly nails. The key to getting the look right is a sheer wash of color for the base. You can choose a jelly nail for each finger or just an accent nail like in this manicure. A red base with red strawberries is beautiful, but you can also opt for a white or pink base if you want the strawberries to be more noticeable.

Strawberry Nutella

Chocolatey, nutty, and fruity, strawberries and Nutella are possibly the best crepe toppings, but dessert preferences aside, they also look so sweet on your nails. Of course, we mean strawberry and Nutella nail art, which, when combined, give you this extra sweet manicure. It's a good choice for when you want your nails to be extra sweet, campy, and glamorous.

Strawberries and red nails

If you're at a loss as to how you'd like to style your strawberry nails, go for this classic manicure look. Deep red is a traditional nail color that's always in style, after all. Pair your usual red with little strawberries to make it feel a bit more modern (and look a whole lot cuter).

Strawberry characters

If you want to get even more creative with your strawberry manicure, why not try some sweet little strawberry characters? Fruits with faces pretty much always look charming (there's just a childlike and innocent quality to fruit cartoons — they look like they belong in a picture book). Take this idea to your nails with strawberry cartoons that are such a mood.

Strawberries and polka-dots

Similar to cherries, strawberries can have a slightly vintage feel, especially when paired with an old-fashioned pattern like polka dots. The two pair so nicely together, especially since the polka dots loosely resemble strawberry seeds. To get an even more vintage feel, opt for traditional and pastel colors, like rich red and pastel yellow.

Pastel strawberry

This pretty pink strawberry accent shows just how cute strawberry nail art can be, even if you don't use red nail polish. Paired with a pastel pink base color, lavender flowers, and pink and purple hearts, the light pink strawberry motif fits right in and makes this manicure feminine and sweet.