Black Cherry Nails Are The Moodiest Take On The Red Nail Trend

Picking out a nail color when you're at the salon can be a stressful process, whether you go in with a plan or decide to wing it and pick whatever catches your eye. So many nail trends have surfaced that there doesn't seem to be enough days in the year to try them all. Another trend we can add to the never-ending list is red nails, specifically black cherry nails, which is Megan Fox's new signature nail color. Red polish is a staple for every season; it complements any outfit. However, if you're not into the bright poppy red hue, opt for its moody sister: black cherry. It's the perfect shade that fits any girly goth aesthetic.

While the black cherry-red nails are simple, they're also edgy. Even if you're not a fan of darker nail polish, you'll be obsessed with this shade. Moreover, make the trend yours by styling it with fun gems, sparkles, or designs to elevate the solid look. Here are a few ways to dominate the season with black cherry nails.

Stick to the basics

There's nothing wrong with keeping it classy with a solid mani. These almond-shaped black cherry nails are fierce and will match any glass of wine you sip. Dress up your nails with jewelry to give them an extra pop to your wardrobe. Even though this polish is darker, you can still wear bright-colored clothing or opt for more neutral tones to make your nails stand out.

Add gems

For a sparkly gal who doesn't love solid nail polish, elevate your mani with a few gems and accent nails. This set of black cherry nails is opulent with gem placement on the thumbs and middle fingers. The gold sparkly ring fingers give a pop of color to the moody shade, or skip the sparkly polish and stick to the gems for a more toned-down look.

Mix matte with glossy nails

Matte manicures are coming back with a vengeance, but you can still add some gloss to them to create an interesting look. Ask your nail tech to do a matte base with glossy tips on your nails with black cherry polish. The shiny finish contrasts the matte, giving the illusion of two colors. The matte base looks lighter, while the gloss polish looks richer. They'll take some time to get used to, but everyone will be complimenting your nails.

Layer your black cherry polish with glitter

Instead of painting your ring fingernails a different glittery shade, use the same black cherry shade for a stylish look. This black cherry set is simple, but the glitter accent nails instantly elevate the overall appearance. Another excellent way to dazzle your nails is with tiny ruby gems; they'll add the perfect amount of bling and a touch of elegance to your nails.

Black cherry tips

If you enjoy the classic French tip nail design, add black cherry French tips to your nails instead of painting them a solid color. Leave them as is, or add a few gems and designs to make them chic. These silver star and butterfly gems give a charming touch to the nails, along with the tiny white dots on the other nails.