The '90s Heartthrob Bob Makes Haircut Androgyny Even More Accessible

The bob cut is everywhere in 2023, but we mainly see more feminine varieties of this style— such as the flouncy bubble bob. That's why we love the intentionally unpolished '90s heartthrob bob. This low-maintenance cut is very with the times, as it combines two prominent 2023 trends: androgyny and hairstyles from the '90s. Both genderfluid beauty and the '90s revival are here to stay, so get ready to see — and maybe even try — the heartthrob bob. Famous for its lack of fancy details, it's just a somewhat short, no-nonsense haircut with a fun name that looks flattering on everyone.

"Simplicity defines this look. The finished bob looks a little bit uneven, almost as if you've done it yourself. You can personalize it: you can have an outgrown fringe cut in, or you can just hoick the hair up a bit in the front to frame the face perfectly," Larry King, a hairstylist, told Glamour UK. Many '90s-inspired heartthrob bobs are pushed back, but you can wear them however you like for a versatile, gender-nonconforming hairdo.

Go for bold volume

One of the most noticeable features of the '90s heartthrob bob is the pushed-back aspect. So why not go dramatic with it? Sweep your short hair far back and secure it in place with hairspray or any other trusted product for a daring appearance. This style suits people of all genders, drawing attention to their faces and showing off their features.

Try a deep part

For those who don't like the ultra-pushed-back look, a deep part is a great alternative. Intense side parts provide an edgy vibe and pair well with grunge outfits. You can even let the hair on one side fall in front of your face, covering your eye for a mysterious, movie-star energy that exudes both androgyny and glamour.

You can't go wrong with sleek and straight

Many iconic heartthrob bobs feature straight hair and for good reason. Classic straight locks add to the simplicity of the haircut, preventing it from appearing too fancy, poofy, or girly. This makes it an easy bob option for anyone with naturally straight hair or people who don't mind using straighteners.

The outdoors works with, not against the haircut

Anyone with long or medium-length hair, and even those with fancier bob styles, has likely experienced the fear of stepping outside and wondering how the weather will affect their carefully styled tresses. However, windy and rainy days can actually enhance the heartthrob bob's signature pushed pack or side-swept and unpolished appearance.

Waves will look edgier than ever

Many years ago, when we thought of "wavy hair," our minds would immediately jump to the original Victoria's Secret angels and the hyper-feminine mermaid visuals from movies and TV shows. While there's nothing wrong with these classically beautiful, long, and wavy hairstyles, if you have wavy hair and want something edgier and more androgynous, consider trying the '90s heartthrob bob for a vibe that better suits you.

Add any bangs you want

The '90s heartthrob bob is not meant to look fancy, but that doesn't mean you can't add bangs! Curtain bangs complement the haircut's mysterious edge and appear very flattering. You can also go for the wispy peekaboo bangs look to add to the '90s flair. However, we don't recommend full, blunt bangs for this cut, as they could lead to many styling challenges. But if you really want to rock thick bangs with the heartthrob bob, who are we to stop you?

Have fun with color

Do you want to add even more of a rocker edge to your '90s heartthrob bob? Don't be afraid to experiment with color! People of all genders can add pops of vibrant hues to their bobs, like red, green, or purple. These exciting splashes of boldness will make the haircut appear more unique, allowing you to express your individuality.