The Flouncy Bubble Bob Is The Latest Iteration Of The Trendy Cut

Everything in the fashion world is constantly changing, such as jean styles, makeup hacks, and haircut crazes. As far as trends go, buying a lipstick that's having a moment on TikTok is pretty low stakes. Switching up your hairstyle, however, can be a big commitment. Hair grows back, of course, but it takes time, and if you don't like your fresh cut, the growing process could feel like an eternity. On the other hand, it's fun trying out new things, especially if you tend to stay in your comfort zone.

A new hairstyle that's made quite a splash in 2023 has actually been around for quite some time, yet it comes with a twist. The bubble bob haircut is flirty, light, and in an A-line curved shape, perfect for spring. It is a relatively regular bob haircut, yet it's shorter in the back and longer in the front giving the face a softer framing. In addition, it gives a nice flouncy effect that has won over celebrities and influencers. The bubble bob length hits right next to your jaw, giving it a more defined appearance. Here's how you can get the new trendy haircut.

Floaty and long bubble bob

If you don't want to step outside of what you're used to but want to try out the bubble bob trend, ask your stylist for a longer version of the hairstyle. Instead of cutting your hair to your jawline or above it, leave it a few inches longer. It'll not only still be short enough for spring, but will be totally fresh and charming. 

Natural bubble bob

A straightforward and natural bubble bob looks stylish on everyone, but you have to give the right weight to it so that it doesn't look too poofy or too flat. If you have thick hair that's prone to frizz, you can ask your stylist to pare your hair down a bit. For finer hair, ask for texture. And when it's time to style your 'do, make sure to get out the heat protectant before you break out the heat tools. You can avoid frizz when drying your hair by keeping your blow dryer on a cooler setting. 

Inverted bubble bob

Change up the look of the bubble bob by keeping the front strands shorter and the back strands longer. It'll open wider around your face, so you're not hiding behind the pieces of hair. If the strands are too long in the front, you'll probably end up tucking them behind your ears to keep them out of your face. However, slightly shorter front pieces can make things more manageable while framing your face beautifully.

Short and sleek bubble bob

When you first dive into the world of short hair, figuring out the best way to style it can be tricky. You only have so much to work with, but there are several ways to get a cute 'do. A bubble bob that's short and sleek is sure to turn heads. And if you're in the mood for volume, teasing combs and curling wands may be this style's friends.

Add bangs to your bubble bob

The bubble bob haircut has a specific look with longer strands in the front and shorter ones in the back, but you can mix up the 'do with bangs. They can help shape your face and show off your features. For example, if you like shorter bangs that hit your eyebrows, your eyes will stand out. And when bangs are paired with a bob haircut? You'll be oh-so "Amélie."

Layered bubble bob

Add as many layers as you can to get the ultimate bouncy and airy look. Layers are great for removing weight if your hair is thicker and heavier. Plus, it's ideal for creating shape, texture, movement, and volume. Layers make certain sections of your hair shorter, but you can ask your stylist for long layers so they won't be super short. You'll be swishing and swooshing everywhere you go.

Blunt bubble bob

This stunning blonde bubble bob has an even length throughout the haircut, but the subtle layers in the front make the style look light and airy. This type of bubble bob is a simple staple style. However, you can customize the look by adding more layers or cutting the back shorter to create a better framing around your face. Or, leave the look as it is and use your bangs to frame the sides of your face.

Ombre bubble bob

The bubble bob is all about how the hairdo is cut, but you can take your bubble bob to the next level by working in some color. Which brings us to the chic ombré bob. This is a cool way to change up the hue of your tresses without committing to an all-over dye job. You can make the blond more subtle if you want it to blend better with your natural color. Or, opt for simple, minimal highlights to add color to your hair.

Volumized bubble bob

Curling your bob hairdo is a great way to create some volume for finer or straighter hair. For example, you could add a side part to give one side more volume than the other or stick to a middle part for a balanced look. For an extra touch of flirtiness, add small clips to the sides, like butterfly clips. Since the hair will be shorter, you won't be able to throw up in a bun with a claw clip, but smaller hair accessories can be fun to play with.