Exposed Bra Trend Evolves Into An Early Aughts Fave: Visible Straps

The Y2K trend you likely remember all too well is back in full force and we are here for it. A not-so-subtle visible bra strap is reminiscent of everything we love about the early aughts. The trend is bold, empowering, and leaves plenty of room to amp up the creativity when it comes to your simple tops and tanks. From sheer, spaghetti straps to layered tanks and tube top dresses, letting your bra straps shine regardless of what you're wearing — or taking it up a notch and donning a bra that is definitely designed to be shown off — is likely something of a fever dream for most millennials.

Whether you're hopping on this train or steering clear, we can't deny the nostalgia of this Y2K fashion trend. There's a nonchalant energy about the visible bra strap that's not only refreshing, but ideal for the hot summer weather. Bright colors, bold embellishments, and sleek designs — whichever visible straps you opt for, this retro fave is here for another round.

Sweet whimsy

While most of our Y2K exposed bra strap memories likely revolve around neon yellows and pinks, we're also loving the understated look of a classic black strap peeking out here and there. This chic statement has an air of mystery and we love to see it out in the open.

Exposed studs

On the other end of the spectrum, we have some serious edge with these studded straps. Truly made for the exposed bra trend, this look is a vibe all on its own. Perfectly paired with a simple white dress or top, these visible straps are all you need to make a bold statement.

Ethereal romance

While you may have gone to extra lengths in the past to make sure your colorful straps stayed tucked away and hidden, we're loving this little pop of soft pastel paired with some romantic florals and a colorful eyeshadow choice. Bright, confident, and energetic — this look is definitely one for the books.

The crop top and bra strap duo

Quintessentially Y2K in just about every way, any cropped tank with exposed bra straps nails the trend completely. If you're a millennial, you likely have this very look cataloged away in your mind somewhere. Effortlessly cool, we're all about the double black strap paired with naked jewelry and dark sunglasses.

Monochrome peek-a-boo straps

Matching the color of your bra with your outerwear brings a softer, subtle energy to this trend — yet still stands out as it's meant to. The early aughts vibes are strong with this modern take on the exposed bra look and we love the powerful femininity it brings to the cute style.

A true gem

Another take on the "made to be seen" vibe, these turquoise studded straps should definitely not be covered or disguised. This cowgirl energy is perfect for a wild summer night or weekend away. Take it up a notch or two and pair these gem-studded straps with your favorite silver pendant.