Golden Outline Nails Are Like Hand Jewelry - How To Pull Off The Shiny Manicure

Outline styles are making their way into modern modish manicures, aka really amazing aesthetics, and now gold glitter has taken to the trend with full outline gold nails sweeping social media and nail salons everywhere. You can even recreate the style at home using fine nail tools, thin brushes, and press-on styles pre-made for gold perfection. College Fashion explains that gold nails are a go-to way to elevate your look, maturing your manicure style and enjoying a taste of luxury without being overly opulent. With outline styles, you can enjoy just the right amount of gold, sparkle, glitter, and glitz, especially if you're someone who enjoys just a hint of glimmer or want to expand on a classic solid-shaded nail look. 

For minimalists or those whose hands are always at the ready and have difficulty enjoying a manicure for more than a short bit of time, gold outline nails or outlines of any shade are the answer you've been searching for, as their subtle expression doesn't show chipped polish the way that traditional nail styles often display when polish begins to fade away or fall off. Plus, there are plenty of ways to style gold outline nails, which dispels any argument that this style isn't one for creativity. Whether you choose a bare, natural nail with a gold rim or go for a gel gold with lots of glitter, this style may seem straightforward. However, it's far from stale. Gold outlines are versatile, stunning, and gloriously golden.

Gold gel on cuticles complements gold jewelry

Yes, choosing a gold gel cuticle line against a matte, pale, or opaque solid polish or nude nail can give you the illusion of wearing gold jewelry. The outline opulence of gold-rimmed nails will give the shimmer and sparkle of jewelry without having to search through tangles of necklace chains or find missing earring backs on a moment's notice. I Take You states that this style is subtle but spectacular and pairs perfectly with gold rings, which you hope to draw attention to.

Full outline glitter is very versatile

You may fall somewhere between a minimalist and a maximalist, a place which nail artistry seems to overlook most of the time. Now there's a compromise between minimalist scarcity of style and maximalist momentum of color, rhinestones, glitter, and more — the perfect medium is fully outlined gold glitter paired with encompassing nude nails, or a thinly veiled clear coat for a glassy vibe

Matte outlines make for outstanding mode

Similar to the fully outline manicure with glitzy glitter, opting for a matte polish around the entirety of the outer circumference of each nail makes for a modish design that can be paired with any complementary style. Couple a gold matte outline with glazed donut nails, mermaidcore manicures, monochrome, pearlescent pastels, or the solid shade of your fancy. A line thinly painted around the outline of your nails can be accomplished with a fine brush or decorative nail polish pen. 

Cuticle polish elevates solid style

French manicures have been getting modern makeovers in contemporary fashion, going from nude and neutral pairings to vibrant, neon, and dazzling design takes on the classic look. Now flipped French nails are in vogue, and when they're paired with gold glitter cuticles, the look is utterly unstoppable in its fabulously French-infused finesse. Grazia recommends press-on options if you're a French nail novice or taking the time to play with texture, various polish consistencies, and utilizing nail design tools like polish pens to decorate nails with DIY reverse French cuticle lines that are ready to shine.

Gold foil specks sparkle from cuticle to tip

Gold foil has been gloriously fashionable on runways and within trendsetting scenes as it's gained acclaim for the visual elegance of its speckled texture. DIY designs with gold foil rims can be achieved by gently pressing the foil — yes, actual gold foil — around the outer lines of your nails, per Paper & Stitch. Nail-specific gold foil is available for ease, or put your own innovation to the test for golden results by applying a base coat, pressing on the gold elements, then sealing it with clear polish for gold glory.