Farmcore: The Latest Popular TikTok Aesthetic, Analyzed

Between the stylishly professional corporatecore fashion trend and the most seemingly random TikTok fashion trend yet of clowncore, you may think we've covered every "core" to exist. But there's another core we can't ignore — and the trend is inspired by farm life. That's right, "farmcore" has officially entered the fashion chat in 2023, and it's not only for real farmers. Before jumping into the trend, you may want to familiarize yourself with the overall aesthetic. You can find TikTok content showing the general romanticized farmcore lifestyle and aesthetic, which includes videos of charming homes, lovely animals, dreamy nature settings, and everything related to the outdoors.

Once you get an idea of the overall aesthetic and decide you like it, start looking into farmcore fashion. While the name "farmcore" sounds specific, the options of what you can wear to rock this trend are arguably more open than some other cores. For instance, TikToker @jenniyangg posted a video flaunting the aesthetic in a baggy outfit with overalls — which are super easy to style — while TikToker @livjudd shared a video rocking a girlier spin on the aesthetic in a light dress. Plus, there are many more outfits you can put together to achieve the look!

Dress down, not up

Some of the words we use to describe what we've seen of the farm aesthetic include "charming," "outdoorsy," and "unique," but not "glamorous" or "fancy." Farmcore is beautiful, but typically in a down-to-earth way, not a glitzy, sparkly way. So, putting together a farmcore-inspired outfit isn't your chance to break out the gowns, expensive garments, and glamorous details.

Take a minute to think about what the actors and characters wear in your favorite films and TV shows that take place in farm settings — we can think of a few examples. For instance, the usually-glamorous Victoria Justice wears casual clothing in the scenes that take place in farm-like settings in her rom-com "A Perfect Pairing," and Hannah Montana trades her dazzling pop star outfits for plain clothes when revisiting her country roots and spending time in a farm town after letting fame get to her head in "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

If you were genuinely going to spend time on a farm, you would aim for outdoorsy, casual vibes, not city-girl glam, wouldn't you? Keep this in mind when shopping for and styling farmcore-inspired outfits. Thus, you should skip the jewelry and trade the high heels for sneakers or boots when attempting to master the aesthetic.

Forgo skin-tight pieces for flowy and baggy garments

While farmcore has some overlap with trendy westerncore cowgirl-inspired fashion, the two aesthetics aren't the same. Therefore, the farmcore aesthetic isn't your chance to dress like a sexy cowgirl; a skin-tight crop top with skinny jeans and a cowgirl hat may work for the westerncore trend, but it doesn't fit for farmcore. When rocking farm-inspired ensembles, the clothes should be comfortable rather than figure-hugging. We don't think anyone would be comfortable in a bodycon dress on a farm. If you do opt for a dress, wear a light, flowy option instead of a skin-tight minidress. Let your body breathe instead of hoping to emphasize every curve!

In addition to flowy dresses, baggy tops and bottoms and full-body pieces are better bets for farmcore than anything snug. Proving this point accurate, TikToker @allegraroseb posted a video of an outfit she wore to a farm, which consisted of baggy overalls and a loose-fitting top. If you're used to wearing more form-fitting clothing, think of the farmcore trend as your excuse to explore more comfortable options. Warning: You may never want to go back to wearing tight clothes once you experience the joy of cozy, loose garments.

Don't forget to wear a hat

A hat is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of farmcore fashion for a practical reason: It will help prevent your face and scalp from getting burned by the sun or wet during a storm when you're on a farm. For example, TikToker @bellaemilia12 posted a video sharing an outfit she wore to work on a farm, and she finished off the casual-cute look with a baseball cap. Even if you won't be spending time on a real farm, the hat will make your ensemble more convincing.

Moreover, TikToker @whittgilly posts videos showing her life living in a farm setting, and she wears hats in what seems like almost every video. The TikTok user even acknowledges her love for hats in her bio, writing, "probably wearing a hat!" Thus, hats are the most prominent — and practical — accessories for real farm life, which makes them equally crucial for farmcore ensembles. But don't feel you need to stick to only one type of hat. Have fun with baseball caps, straw hats, and any other hats you like.

It's crucial to dress appropriately for the weather

We can all admit to wearing clothing that doesn't quite fit the weather in hopes of achieving a specific aesthetic. Thinking about practicality and comfort, wearing leather jackets in the summer to look as punk as possible isn't so comfortable, and wearing tiny tube tops and low-rise jeans in chilly weather to achieve the Y2K party girl aesthetic gives us chills — literally. 

But, unlike some of the other aesthetics and micro-trends, farmcore would never require you to wear something inappropriate for the current season's weather. Farm-focused TikToker @itsred_itsred posted a realistic video showing that true farmcore isn't all lovely picnics and charming pictures. It's also a lot of bugs and — at times — harsh weather. So, as mentioned earlier, farmcore isn't about being fancy.

If there's any aesthetic that encourages you to wear the most comfortable, weather-appropriate garments, it's farmcore. By wearing something that can handle the elements, you'll exude the outdoorsy farmcore essence. So, when you plan to put together a farmcore outfit, check the weather first. Reliable coats for the winter, flannels for the fall, and lightweight garments for the spring and summer all work for farmcore.

Hairstyles matter, too

Yes, hats are ideal for farmcore outfits. However, they aren't your only option, so if you don't enjoy wearing hats, don't feel as if you can't achieve farmcore without one. Still, how you wear your hair matters for farmcore. If you don't want to wear a hat, consider putting your hair up for a casual, fun look. For instance, @thehappyheadbandco posted a TikTok video showing someone putting her hair up into a high, messy updo with a clip and bandana-style accessory as the final touch for her farmers' market outfit.

Furthermore, you can't go wrong with the classic pigtail braid. This playful hairstyle looks adorable on people of all ages and is more practical than leaving all your hair down, making the double-braid hairstyle a great farmcore hair option with or without a hat. For an elevated version of the braid hairstyle, TikToker @missmillers_photo — who, according to her TikTok bio, is a farmer's daughter — posted a video showing viewers how to do a messy-chic spin on the pigtail look with more volume and detail. Just make sure your hair has a least some messiness to it when rocking the farmcore look, since farmcore isn't the aesthetic for perfectly silky, straight locks or tresses carefully styled into perfect curls.

Keep your makeup subtle

While arguably not as important as your farmcore outfit and hairstyle, you should also put some thought into how you do your makeup. Since farmcore is typically down-to-earth and outdoorsy, you should avoid wearing too much eye or face makeup. For example, we still recommend enhancing your lashes with some subtle brown or black mascara — but we don't recommend a dramatic smoky eye or intense glitter shadow. All that glamour might overpower your ensemble. Moreover, feel free to wear your primer and tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a smooth, healthy look, but skip the advanced contour techniques or ultra-shimmery highlights. However, adding a bold lip for a pop of color will look cute!

For example, TikToker @pixiezelda posted a video where she put a very girly spin on farmcore. For her makeup, she wears no visible eye makeup. The standout aspect of her makeup is her glossy, pinkish-red lips, which add an adorable finishing touch to her look. So, while it's typically better to go for a natural look with most of your makeup when going for the farmcore aesthetic, you shouldn't be afraid to add some color to your lips for a girly detail.