Margot Robbie's Barbie Looks Reignite The Disappointment In Her Chanel Partnership

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With Margot Robbie, America's current favorite Aussie, flaunting her latest fashion statements ahead of the release of the long-awaited "Barbie" movie, an old online beef with luxury giant Chanel has been reignited. Since 2018, Robbie has been a Chanel brand ambassador and since 2018, her fans have been taking to the internet to complain about the star's styling. It seems that many of the actor's most loyal admirers have developed a theory that Robbie is being forced into wearing unflattering luxury wear that she secretly hates via her contract with Chanel.


On Twitter, users like @Jacquemusx assert that Robbie looks much happier when she's wearing anything but Chanel, backing up these claims with recent photos of the star beaming in outfits by other designers. And there is likely no better example of Robbie's fandom's cries to #freemargot from her partnership with Chanel than the visible joy emanating from her when dressed in full Barbiecore fashion to promote her role as the iconic doll. Let's examine the evidence. 

Pink Chanel Golden Globes gown

After several appearances in looks by other fashion designers — including Bottega Veneta and Prada — in late 2022, fans were beginning to celebrate the end of Margot Robbie's relationship with Chanel. The movement received quite a blow, however, when the star arrived at the 2023 Golden Globes wearing a baby pink Chanel gown. The dress – which reportedly took 750 hours to assemble – featured a high halterneck, a chevron pattern, and thousands of hand-embroidered sequins and feathers.


However, much like Robbie's previous Chanel ensembles, the gown was criticized online for being too stiff, traditional, boring, and bland. Twitter user @KadayifliayranIt called for Robbie to "change her stylist immediately." The dress was even named one of the worst looks of the night by Life & Style, with the following caption: "Will she PLEASE stop wearing Chanel? This unremarkable Pepto Bismol pink gown with a feathery mermaid bottom was not worthy of the goddess that Margot is." 

'90s rocker Barbie leather mini-dress

In stark contrast to the delicate pastel gown she wore to the Golden Globes, Robbie showed up to promote "Barbie" in Mexico in a stunning hot pink leather mini-dress. The look — a far cry from stiff or boring — was a nod to 1993's Earring Magic Barbie Doll, which came dressed in a pink mesh and pleather mini-dress accessorized with a silver belly chain and matching earrings. The doll also came with a life-size pair of charm earrings for the lucky boy or girl who ended up owning it.


Robbie's rendition of the 'fit was pretty spot on, featuring a leather bodice by Balmain, mesh detailing, dangly earrings, pink pumps, and the star-studded silver waist chain. Yahoo!Life called the dress, shoes, and accessories Robbie's "edgiest Barbie-core ensemble yet" and there was a noticeable lack of backlash across the Twittersphere. It is difficult to deny the amplified excitement on the star's face in photos of her wearing the hot pink leather number.  

'60s vintage Barbie glam

When Margot Robbie traveled to South Korea to promote "Barbie," she appeared at a press conference wearing another pink ensemble inspired by a version of the world's most famous doll. This time, Robbie's inspiration was the iconic 1964 Sparkling Pink Barbie doll. The original doll came decked out in a pink satin dress with a matching blazer and pill hat — all bedazzled with tiny crystal polka dots. The doll sported open-toed mules and sassy blue eyeshadow.


Robbie's take on the vintage aesthetic consisted of a three-piece skirt suit by Moschino, a bowed pill hat, crystal polka dots, pink open-toed mules, and a pink heart-shaped purse with quilted details. She topped off the look with a pair of classic Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings. Robbie skipped the vintage blue eyeshadow look, sticking with a more modern bare-faced approach. Once again, the star was praised on social media platforms like TikTok for her creativity and flawless fashion sense. 

1985's Day-to-Night Barbie

After the press conference in South Korea, Margot Robbie opted for a double wardrobe change for the "Barbie" premiere that depicted yet another famous version of the beloved Barbie doll: 1985's Day-to-Night Barbie. The vintage doll came with two distinct looks — one meant for daytime affairs and one designed for nighttime glamor. The daytime outfit consisted of a smart pink and white blazer over a simple matching pink dress, pumps, a white hat, and a briefcase. The night look included a pink sequined bodice, a glamorous tulle skirt, a pink handbag, and open-toed pink mules.


As usual, Margot Robbie pulled off a nearly perfect replica of the vintage doll's aesthetic. Versace designed both outfits for the actor, as witnessed by the brand's discreet logos placed on the pink crystal bodice's straps.

While it is not known when Robbie's ambassadorship with Chanel will come to an official end, it is plain to see that the star shines brighter when she is allowed to creatively express herself through her diverse fashion choices and her own personal style.