Goth Nails Are Mainstream Again Thanks To Wednesdaycore (& Perfect For People Tired Of Pink)

Colorful manicures are fun, but there's something to be said about the darker, moodier manicures. Maybe you had a goth phase as a teenager and you wore all black everything, lots of eyeliner, and listened to nothing but metal bands — and maybe that part of you never left. If that's the case, you're in the right place. From gothic makeup and fashion to manicures, the goth aesthetic has been making a comeback this year.

We can credit much of this goth resurgence to the Netflix comedy, "Wednesday," starring actor Jenna Ortega. She helped us reimagine a beloved member of the Addams Family and brought her back into the spotlight. Wednesday embodies the goth, glam ghoul aesthetic many of us love. Whether you stick to a solid, all-black manicure or venture into other styles, we've compiled a list of goth manicures that are sure to inspire you and your dark side.

Shiny black chrome

Chrome polish is stunning on either side of the color spectrum — from pink Barbie chrome nails to metallic black. "Wednesday" star Jenna Ortega wore nails like these at the world premiere of the series last year, where she was decked out in her Wednesdaycore aesthetic for the occasion. 

Create a gradient look

If you want a little more than a solid tone of black on your nails, add another tone of your choice to create a gradient effect with one color melting into black. Remember — black goes with everything, so any color will work. You can rock a goth look with a touch of color. 

Smoky haze

A smoky nail effect will blow people away, and you can easily achieve this at home. In a YouTube tutorial by the channel Nail Career Education, it's recommended to use gel polish. Start with a base and let it dry. Then, using a very thin brush, apply wavy lines of dark gel polish sparingly, but don't cure it just yet. Apply top coat while the gel is still wet and drag the polish up to get that dark, smoky effect. 

Hypnotic accent nail

You can use your imagination to create any kind of accent nail you want, but this black-and-white hypnotic swirl will make your black manicure all the more mesmerizing. Master the art of illusion with this swirl, or paint other abstract designs on your accent nail. 

Inverted night and day look

If you're tired of a solid black manicure, black and white is a stunning combo for goth nails. You can create an inverted design like the nails above, with each hand having the opposite design. Go for a star and moon theme, hearts, lines, or other shapes.

Black and silver

If you want to add another color to your black nails, silver is a gorgeous choice. You can stick on some shiny silver decals to give your nails a three-dimensional look. These nails are perfect for an outfit with grey or silver in it, but they can really match anything. 

Wednesday nail art

Calling all Wednesday Addams fans: this look is for you! You can capture Wednesday's classic look with simple, adorable nail art. This is an easy, fun way to show your love for your favorite character. The nail artist took essential elements of Wednesday's look — including her pigtails and black and white shirt — to create this manicure.

Creepy crawler theme

For a manicure that's on the creepy and spooky side, go for a spider or insect theme. You can use stick-on gems for the spider's body and paint on the legs, or simply paint on the whole spider. You might get some inspiration from Wednesday and her pet spider Homer.