Milky Black Nails Are Here For The Moody Babes

Black nails are as chic as they come and are finally getting the shine they deserve. Amid nude chrome nails ruling your nail feed, as well as pastels and metallics on trend, there seemed to be no room for gorgeous black nails for a while. After all, black nails add a stark pop to anyone's nails and can give a vampy look that is sure to be memorable. Now with the help of Hailey Bieber's "milky black" nails, as per Yahoo Life, black nails are entering a new era for the moody babes out there, and we are here for it.

The milky black nails are a new take on black nails that are a breath of fresh air and add a layer of mystery to any new manicure. This is great for those who want a darker vibe instead of the pearlescent nails we have been loving as of late.

Create a milky black French tip

For those not sure about the color, consider using the milky black nail color to create a French tip. French tips are a great option because they allow you to try new colors without overpowering the nail. When it comes to this style, consider making your French tips v-shaped for a unique look.

Create interesting shapes

If you want something a little bit more daring than a French look, consider using the milky black nail polish to create intriguing shapes. This can be done in a myriad of ways and be placed along the tip of the nail to mirror the classic French.

Add a bit of sparkle to your nails

Mixing the milky black polish with a few rhinestones can certainly make anyone stand out. For a stark contrast, add a few nails with a nude base design. Plus, when it comes to adding artwork, it's best to have a reference design for your nail artist for the best result. 

Milky black and white work well together

Adding a hint of white is the perfect addition to your milky black nails. This can be done in several ways, including adding a simple strip to your nails to create a geometric look. Your creativity can truly go wild with this color combination because the two work so well together.

Mattify your milky black nails

Mattifying milky black nails create a gorgeous look that we haven't seen in a while. For a throwback vibe, you can add a feature nail to add some much-needed shine. On the other hand, to get a matte look, apply the nail polish as usual and then seal it with a matte top coat.

Add a print

Instead of going with a solid milky black color, create a cute print using a milky print nail polish. This can be done in many ways, but it's best to leave intricate designs to the professionals. When going for patterns, make sure your manicurist is well-versed in designs to get the exact look you are going for.