With Pastels And Metallics On Trend, There's Nothing Better Than A Lavender Chrome Manicure

A new season is the perfect time to head to the salon for a brand-new nail design. Luckily, there are plenty of current nail trends to choose from. From spring pastels to fiery summer hues, options are abundant for any style and preference. Even though it seems there's always a new nail trend coming out of nowhere, some of these are simply just fusions of existing styles. One prime example is the lavender chrome trend. This new chrome look is all about bringing the high-shine and luxury feel to your nails while sticking to the light and airy lavender hue.

We've already seen how chrome nails and digital lavender manicures have become some of the most sought-after nail trends of the year, and now together they are ready to create your new favorite manicure. Lavender chrome nails aren't only a twist on a beautiful color, but they're also the perfect base from which to create your best nail designs.

Lavender chrome nails

Lavender isn't just the concept of a beautiful Taylor Swift song; it's also the perfect color for your next manicure. Step up your lavender game by giving your nails the chrome treatment. Not only are chrome manicures the must-have nail design of the season, but in combination with lavender, they can create the perfect feminine, edgy look you want.

Lavender chrome French nails

No matter the season or style, a French manicure can take you through any event, outfit, or situation without a hitch. We've already seen how metallic French tips are an exciting trend that can further elevate your nails, and now with lavender chrome nails, you can take it to another level. Fuse a new and old trend for the perfect combination of chic nail designs.

Lavender chrome designs

Not only is lavender chrome a chic color to wear on its own, but it's also a gorgeous addition to your nail design. If you want to elevate your nail designs, adding a texture like chrome is perfect for creating something unique. Mix various chrome looks in one for a high-shine manicure that will dazzle all season long. You can combine a lavender chrome design with regular gel for a mixture of textures that'll create even more fun.

Blue-tinted lavender chrome

On its own, lavender is a light and feminine color that is often associated with spring pastels. Like other shades, it can come with a few varieties that can better suit your preferences. Blue-tinted lavender hues are perfect for those who want something more cool-toned to match their undertones or simply satisfy their style better. On the same note, you can reach for a warmer lavender shade that can also fulfill your lavender needs. 

Bedazzled lavender chrome nails

Not only are lavender chrome nails an exciting twist for your next manicure, but they can be a complement to your favorite nail accents, too. Sparkly and shiny embellishments tend to have holographic elements to them, making them match your lavender chrome nails to perfection. Embrace your inner mirrorball and go full-glam with your lavender chrome nails.

Ombré lavender chrome nails

The mix of ombré nails and lavender chrome lends itself to a futuristic and chic manicure that will have all eyes on you. This shiny and shimmery nail design is a great alternative for those overwhelmed by chrome in its entirety. Simply opt for ombré lavender chrome tips for a balance between chic and elegant.