How July's New Moon In Cancer Will Have You In Your Feels

Get ready to go with the emotional flow as Cancer takes hold of the new moon on July 17, creating ripples of feelings throughout the zodiac. In astrology, new moons indicate the arrival of opportunities for fresh beginnings, new relationships, and new experiences, according to Yoga Journal. Cancer is the governing zodiac sign throughout the first three weeks of July. The crab most certainly indulges in its comfort to come out of its shell to experience life with all of its raw, complex, and marvelous moments, while evoking strong emotions, sensations, and feelings. If this sounds like a lot of emotional depth, then you're correct. When Cancer breaks out of its shell, particularly for new beginnings, the emotional waterfall overflows, and the tears come streaming. Rest assured, though, that with the new moon, the tears that will be shed are ones of joy and happiness as fresh starts take hold along with Cancer's ability to feel it all. 

Times of new moons are moments to reflect and set intentions for focusing your energy, efforts, and emotions moving forward. Set rituals and practice self-reflection through journaling, enjoying aromatic experiences and lighting sentimental candles, creating affirmations, and consciously considering your current journey in life. With Cancer, you're guaranteed moments of emotional reflection, so grab a box of tissues — or several — and come prepared for the new moon's gifts of new doors, which will be opened alongside a floodgate of Cancer's feelings. 

Cancer's emotional capacity encourages connection with yourself

During the new moon's occurrence within Cancer, you'll be urged to not only assess your emotional needs as new beginnings arise, but you'll also be prompted to become introspective and listen deeply to your inner self. Perhaps you've been neglecting your inner voice, and it's been trying to tell you something. Therefore, paying attention to it as the new moon commences may present you with the gifts to see what you most intimately want, need, and desire to pursue in your life. Women's Health reveals that the new moon occurring in Cancer means that the crab will be in its element, while also being comfortable in its home space of experiencing new trajectories from the cozy sphere of its shell. Importantly, be aware that your intuition is inclined to increase along with your emotional expression. Take note of any feelings you have, whether they transpire in the trademark emotional embodiment of Cancer, or manifest through spiritual, relational, or reflectional means. 

According to Positive Psychology, your intuition is synonymous with your instinctive nature and is often the voice within you that prompts you to be courageous in going against popular belief, desires, or pursuits. As the new moon comes about in Cancer, listen to your instinctive values. Your relationship with yourself is incredibly viable at this time when you'll be most attuned to your innermost feelings, divinity, and introspection, if you accept Cancer's invitation. 

Cancer is passionate for relationships and new beginnings

Cancer simply wouldn't be Cancer without the crab's desire to link together with others through relationships of all kinds. If you've been in limbo with any particular relationship — whether platonic, familial, professional, or romantic – expect the new moon within Cancer to provide an emotional ride in resetting the energy of these relationships with others. This includes your relationship with yourself, per Woman&Home. Be at the ready to address any lingering questions from someone you've been casually hanging out with but have a romantic connection to, or to face some emotional family baggage that's finally surfacing along with the waves of Cancer's flow of emotion. 

During the new moon in Cancer, reserve time for resetting your feelings toward yourself and those most important in your life, perhaps even deciding to cut out toxic people or connections which have been holding you back from the very opportunities which will become prominent during this time. Set aside moments for self-reflection, engaging with yourself and your feelings with intention — Cancer's hallmark attribute — through journaling, meditation, or solo time in nature. Enhanced by Pluto's current influence and symbolic qualities of rebirth, you'll see serious shakeups in your relationships come Cancer's new moon. Just because things change, though, it doesn't mean they're going to change for the worse. Remember that Cancer loves love, and Cancer loves relationships, so the crab will do all it can to pinch you toward relationship bliss all-around.