Matcha Latte Nails Breathe New Life Into Green Manis

You might love matcha lattes, but did you know you could have a matcha manicure, too? Besides reminding you of one of your favorite lattes, matcha manis are a trendy way to introduce new colors into your manicure rotation, especially during the summer months. After all, treat culture gets us through the day, and if we can see our favorite afternoon tea treat on our hands at all times, we'll be in good hands. 

What's more, matcha green is cute and versatile, with green generally being the 'it' color of spring and summer, though match manis are great for all seasons. Earthy babes may easily embrace this nature-inspired shade, while those who prefer classic simplicity might love it because of its low-key and natural elegance. Beyond that, it works with many other trends, from French tips to skittle manis. If you've found yourself in a color rut and can't seem to break away from your feminine pinks, moody blacks and burgundies, or your basic nudes, matcha green nails can breathe new life into your summer rotation and expand your horizons while still allowing you to look refined, edgy, polished, and on-trend.

Checkerboard matcha

Checkerboard manis are in right now, so why not go ahead and pair it with the matcha latte nail trend?  The checkerboard look can be surprisingly versatile, and there are many different ways to do it. There's always the classic option, where you paint all of your nails in contrasting colors. However, you can also do checkerboard French tips or swirls. This is a nice mani for those looking to try more manicures at home, and the final result also has a big payoff in terms of how attention-getting it is.

Floral matcha

Combining trendy colors and flowers is both chic and feminine. This is true whether you go for simple matcha green polish and small, white roses or try other color combinations or types of flowers. Nude and green stripes could make the look even more posh, or pink and green stripes could dial up the fun if you want to add an extra element of intrigue. Ultimately, florals and matcha manis are both classic looks, so combining them results in a design that's simultaneously cutesy and put-together.

Glittery matcha with mini flowers

Who doesn't love glitter and flowers? After all, they're both charming in a carefree and feminine way, especially when worn together. Solid, glittery nails have a lot of appeal, but so do glittery French tips or a mix of both. You have options regarding the application, too. You could paint your nails a shimmery shade of matcha and then use matte nail polish to paint on your flowers, or you could use a matte shade of green and paint on glitter flowers. 

Creamy, curvy matcha

Reminiscent of milk mixing with matcha in a latte, these curvy matcha latte nails have a delicious appeal. However, if you aren't interested in pairing cream and green, you can always use different colors. Green and black can add some edge, and green and gray could give off and more subtle and understated vibe. This two-toned look can easily be achieved with a stencil or tape, or if you want to get more adventurous, you could always free-hand them.

Glittery matcha

If you're a person who can't resist holographic nail polish, then you'll probably have a lot of fun with a glittery matcha latte mani. We get it — matte shades can be super sophisticated, but they can look a little flat, too. That's where glitter comes in. Glittery nails make the whole look brighter and can be more interesting to look at on your hands.

Pastel matcha

Pastel nails, no matter the color, exude timeless elegance. They're also highly versatile and look great on everyone. A pastel matcha mani is an excellent option for someone who likes to keep their look low-key but also wants to branch out a little, and this refreshing take on matcha nails looks great during any season to boot. (Winter matcha, anyone?)

Glittery skittle matcha mani

Skittle manis are so fun that even if you don't taste the rainbow, you can at least look at it on your fingernails. With a matcha mani, though, you won't exactly be using all the colors of the rainbow. With this reined-in version, you use several shades and tones of matcha green. This monochromatic look is varied yet simple, and it can be 10 times more exciting if you grab some glitter. The shades here are perfect pedicure colors to boot, so why not give your feet some matcha-inspired love, too?

Matcha and pink mani

Green and pink have long been a winning color combo, and not just for Cosmo and Wanda. This may be because green and red, which pink is largely composed of, sit opposite each other on the color wheel. No matter the reason, though, putting these colors next to each other will make them both pop. What's more, if you want green nails to stand out more, select a toned-down pink, or if you want your pink to glow bright, opt for a muted shade of matcha green.

Matcha marble with gold accents

Maybe you like the idea of adding color to your nail design but are totally over French tips. If that's the case, trying a matcha look with gold cuticle accents might be perfect for you. Gold accents in general are a popular stand-by, but some may be looking for a way to level it up a little bit, in which case these gems are perfect. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to gold. Glittery silver, copper, and rose gold cuticles look great, too. 

Geometric matcha

Geometric shapes and lines are bold and eye-catching, so they can make a nice addition to any matcha latte mani. Some bold white lines can look crisp, but there are lots of other colors and shapes you can use to create attention-grabbing designs. Black or even slate gray can be equally as impactful and chic as white. If you want to go an even trendier route, trying a metallic nail polish, like silver or gold, can look great, too. 

Speckled matcha

A speckled matcha latte mani truly has an earthy and natural appeal. This is an excellent low-key look for those who want a style to go with many outfits and looks. In fact, a speckled matcha latte mani may even be a great power color option for certain astrological signs — that is, colors that help you truly shine, inside and out. What's more, earth signs, especially Taurus, can feel energized by green hues, but a speckled matcha mani can be for anyone, no matter their zodiac sign. 

Marbled matcha

From marble phone cases to marble countertops, marble is always in style, so if you haven't already, it's time you tried it with your matcha mani. While you can elevate this look with a gold or metallic cuticle, it can also stand on its own. Another benefit of a marbled matcha mani is that it's fairly easy to do at home if you don't prefer salons or want a more affordable option.

Swirly matcha tips

Swirly matcha tips can be a lot of fun, as well as a simplistically beautiful look, if you just want a little swirl of color. You'll just need at least two colors, like green and cream, to create these swirls, but you can always switch it up and try something like black for a moody edge or pink if you want to go a more summery Barbiecore route.

Matcha pottery nails

Like speckled nails, pottery nails can give off a laid-back, natural, and earthy vibe. Pottery nails mixed with colors like pink and orange can be cute any time, but they can look especially great during summer. Playing with different patterns and shapes can also elevate your mani and take it beyond a basic speckled nail style. With horizontal blocks and half-circle shapes, you can get a lot of impact out of your look without doing anything too complicated. 

Minimalist matcha French tips

If you love the idea of matcha nails but can't stand the thought of painting your whole nail green, then some minimalist French tips might be just the thing for you. French tips have been around forever and have remained popular for good reason. However, plain French tips can get boring even for those who are dedicated to the nail design. In this case, opting for matcha French tips can be a fresh twist on a classic look whether you stick to one shade or try various hues.

Abstract foil matcha

For an artsy sophisticate or someone who's looking for an intriguing way to use more pops of color, a matcha mani inspired by abstract art is the way to go. Adding some foil to the mix can make it even more playful and give your manicure more depth and interest. Black and gold are classic colors that will look great with matcha green. However, there are lots of other shades that would look amazing, too. Tossing creams, nudes, hot pinks, or deep blues could all help take your mani to the next level.

Funky matcha designs

Last but not least, if you aren't sure what style you want to try for your matcha mani, why not try them all? Love checkerboards but don't want to commit to it on each nail? Love swirls and flowers and can't decide which to try? With funky matcha designs, you can put a little bit of everything into your mani. By using different shades of matcha, from dark to light, you can craft a unique look on each nail, yet your mani will still look put-together.