20 Size-Inclusive Wedding Dress Brands You Need To Know About

No one wants to feel like their needs aren't fully being met while shopping for their wedding dress. Marrying the love of your life is something that most people expect to only happen one time. For such a momentous occasion, it makes total sense to choose a dress that allows you to feel your absolute best. Unfortunately, there are still many places to shop for wedding dresses that aren't exactly size-inclusive or welcoming to brides with curvier body types. 


Strolling into a fancy boutique that doesn't offer large enough sizes to fit everyone can leave brides-to-be feeling frustrated and disappointed. Although some boutiques could not care less about being size-inclusive to accommodate all customers, there are plenty of size-inclusive brands to depend on. Saying "yes" to your dream dress should be an unforgettable moment you're able to celebrate with your closest friends, family members, and loved ones. These size-inclusive wedding dress brands can make that moment possible.

Bridal by Eloquii

One of the best wedding dress brands with a size-inclusive selection happens to be Bridal by Eliquii. Their bridal collection is full of aesthetic beauty and elegance. One of Bridal by Eliquii's most popular dresses is the sequin gown with a detachable skirt. This dress is wedding-worthy because it's covered in sparkles from top to bottom, and it has thin silver straps that delicately lay over the shoulders. 


Most silver pieces of jewelry would pair well with this dress in a dazzling manner. Since the overskirt is fully detachable, you won't be weighed down by the weight of it throughout your entire wedding day festivities. Without the trailing skirt, the dress still looks classy with its straight lines. When you're ready to hit the dance floor and get your groove on with your new spouse, remove and set aside the detachable skirt. Then, you'll be able to easily move around while creating long-lasting memories.


With sizes going all the way to 30, Azazie is easily a wonderful wedding dress brand to look to as a genuinely size-inclusive company. Finding dresses that range anywhere between $150 and $900 is standard while shopping from Azazie. An incredible service they offer is free custom sizing to ensure your wedding gown meets the exact measurements of your height, hips, waist, and bust before your big day. 


Anyone who wants to get their wedding dress shopping started without having to leave their home can log into the virtual showroom to analyze different color swatches and dress designs. One of their popular size-inclusive wedding gowns is called the Azazie Moonlight. It's a mermaid-style dress made with gorgeous pleated satin. The slit up one leg adds just the right amount of edginess without sacrificing any class. The dress is designed to be worn off-the-shoulder, adding another layer of sophisticated elegance.

Birdy Grey

Brides who are interested in the most size-inclusive options will have much luck when shopping from Birdy Grey. The retailer's Little White Dresses section is full of dresses that are show-stopping and impressive. Their sizes reach up to 3X, and they offer a handful of satin options in the color white that are to die for. The Kensie dress is easy enough to settle on with its sultry one-shoulder cut. 


Wedding dresses that extend over one shoulder are recognized as being a little edgier and more modern than wedding dresses that cover both shoulders. On the back of the dress, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the slick zipper closure and diagonal strap. There are no bra cups built into the dress, which means if you're hoping to avoid extra layers of padding, you won't have to worry about that with this particular gown. However, with such skinny straps, it's important to make sure you have the right bra if you need more support.

BHLDN at Anthropologie

Look no further than BHLDN's wedding dress selection in order to meet your size-inclusive needs. BHLDN wedding dresses are sold through Anthropologie, which is a large American retailer that specializes in all things wedding-related. In other words, you don't have to cut your wedding shopping short at BHLDN once you find your gown. You can also pick out your bridesmaids' dresses, bridal accessories, and wedding day décor from their shelves as well. 


Their size-inclusive wedding dress selection keeps up with any modern trends that might be on your mind. BHLDN wedding dresses go up to size 30W. One of their gowns is covered in loads of embroidered flower petals scattered from top to bottom. The white flower petals on top of the skin-colored polyester lining create an delicate design that looks incredible on women of all shapes and sizes. Their dresses are designed to complement all bodies.

David's Bridal

One of the most popular names in the game when it comes to dresses happens to be David's Bridal. The retailer has certainly cemented itself in stone as one of the most reliable wedding dress brands for brides to consider before their big day rolls around. Women of all shapes and sizes should know that shopping for their dream dress is way more possible than they would've guessed. 


When shopping in-store, you'll find dresses that go up to size 16. Every style in the store is available to be specially ordered up to size 30 W, though. This means that if you spot a dress you absolutely fall in love with on the store floor, but they don't have it in your size, it can still be available to you before your wedding day. The fact that David's Bridal doesn't charge or add additional fees for dresses larger than size 16 points to the inclusivity of their brand.


Finding a wedding dress brand that's size-inclusive is one thing, but there are probably other details on your checklist as well. Looking for wedding dresses that are non-traditional or a little more casual than the norm might also be on your radar. If so, Amsale is a wonderful brand to add to your list. Since they offer virtual try-on appointments, you don't have to physically shop at their New York location to find what you're looking for. 


Another added benefit to purchasing your wedding dress from Amsale is that you'll gain access to a stylist via their official website or by phone once you buy from them. Their wedding dress sizes go all the way up to 28, with prices ranging between $385 and $700. Some brides would rather wear something short and frilly instead of a long gown, while others would prefer a dress designed with pant legs instead of an open bottom. Amsale offers all of those options.

Watters Designs

Watters Designs is a brand that offers magical wedding dresses that will have you feeling like an absolute princess if that's what you're going for. Even if you're not opting for an overly whimsical or fairytale wedding day, you'll be able to find a wedding gown that suits your needs based on the size inclusivity this brand offers. There is something so incredibly pleasing about the dresses sold by Watters Designs for different body types. 


One of their popular options is called the Locklin. The dress is available in a several colors — pale pink, cream, and taupe among them. But brides who are hoping for something a little more traditional will likely stick to ivory or oyster white. The dress is designed with pearl buttons, soft netting, lace motifs, and illusion tulle. You can find this exact dress (and others that are just as breathtaking) up to size 32W. 


There's no dress size limit when shopping for your wedding gown from Anomalie. Every dress they design is made to measure, which means your exact body type will be accommodated. Since the dresses are specially designed to fit you on your big day, you're looking at a general price range between $1,000 and $2,000. Most bridal boutiques simply offer dresses up to a certain size.


Since Anomalie can accommodate any size based on the measurements they collect from you, there's no way you won't walk away with the wedding dress of your dreams. One of the most impressive things about Anomalie is their interface technology called Dress Builder. Once you're logged into their Dress Builder program, you'll be faced with 4 billion options that can be mixed and matched until you create a dress you're thoroughly excited about. Consulting with stylists via Zoom calls, phone calls, and text messages is also possible.


Fans of Ashley Graham have likely already heard about what an amazing company Pronovias is. Wedding dress sizes from Pronovias range all the way up to 34. The gowns typically cost anywhere between $1,000 and $3,500. After Graham collaborated with Pronovias, the model brought more attention to the fabulous company. She joined forces with Chief Artistic Director Alessandra Rinaudo to create a 16-piece dress capsule for brides to rave over. 


While some wedding dresses leave you high and dry when it comes to giving any cinching benefits, these dresses have built-in shapewear that's specifically meant to tighten up your midsection area. Other wedding dresses don't always prioritize the right level of chest support, either. These dresses have integrated bras built-in to provide the right amount of support on your wedding day. With the built-in shapewear and a built-in bra, you won't have to worry about extra layers of undergarments weighing you down.

Anne Barge's Curve Couture

If you're a bride looking for a size-inclusive dress brand that ranges up to size 24, Anne Barge's Curve Couture might be exactly what you're looking for. The gowns are absolutely stunning! The company is willing to work with you to meet any needs you might possibly have. For example, struggling to narrow down your options to your top choices is a common predicament brides find themselves in. 


This company allows you to customize any of the gowns you're obsessing over until you can make a clear-cut decision about which dress is actually right for you. Adjustments can be made to the skirt style, the neckline, the fabric, and so much more. There's no reason to ever feel like you're stuck in a box while shopping for your wedding dress from Anne Barge's Curve Couture. This brand is set on being as accommodating as they possibly can.


There are plenty of companies from the West Coast that are worth writing home about. Kiyonna is definitely one of them. Kiyonna is a California-based brand with size-inclusive wedding dresses that appeal to brides who are free-spirited and easygoing. Brides who aren't interested in conforming can relate. Bucking the tradition of celebrating a wedding inside a church or cathedral sounds pretty enticing to brides who would rather get married in their backyard or at the beach. 


Dresses from Kiyonna fit that mold since they tend to be breezy, free-flowing, and casual. One of the popular dresses from the Kiyonna brand is the lace illusion wedding gown. For any brides who are feeling slightly insecure about their arms or shoulders, a dress like this works wonders in covering those areas. The lacy mesh sleeves are sheer enough to give a hint of skin but still moderate in providing a solid amount of coverage.

Lyra Vega Bridal

A wedding dress brand that deserves a place on this list is Lyra Vega Bridal. It's an incredible size-inclusive bridal company that prides itself on offering real dress options at reasonable prices. Brides who are hoping to find size-inclusive dresses shouldn't have to deal with prices that are scarily outrageous. Lyra Vega Bridal empowers brides by keeping all of their gowns priced under $1,200. 


The company is able to pull this off without skimping on the quality of their dresses, either. Their high-quality gowns are ideal for brides of all body shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a ballgown or something more sleek and simple, Lyra Vega Bridal has a wide variety of dresses to shop from. Since their first step is a free style consultation with a wedding dress expert from their team, finding your perfect dress becomes a simplified matter when working with them.

Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Morilee by Madeline Gardner won't let you down if size-inclusive wedding dresses are at the forefront of your mind. Their Julietta designer plus-size wedding dresses exist as a "celebration of curves." Their official website offers 77 different dresses in a wide range of styles. Some have soft, dropped waistlines, while others have statuesque mermaid cuts. Some are covered in sparkly crystal beading, and others are covered in rich floral lace. 


One of their most popular wedding dresses is called the Lorraine. It's full of elegance and romance with its A-line skirt and boned bodice. The embroidered floral pattern on the dress starts over the chest area and cascades down the skirt. Another popular wedding dress from their line is called the Lynette. The botanical-inspired gown will likely appeal to brides who adore the bohemian look, with its layers of delicate leafy patterns. It's effortlessly chic with a cinched waistband to match.

Lace & Liberty

Danielle Wen is the founder of Lace & Liberty. She created the size-inclusive wedding dress brand with a great reasoning. On the About page, she explains, "When I was wedding planning, I just couldn't find a dress that worked for me. I wasn't asking for too much, I just wanted a dress that embodied my style, so I could feel like my best self on my big day." This is something many brides-to-be can relate to, and it was this desire that inspired Wen to create this women-owned brand.


It's a conundrum that's plagued many brides over the years. Some brides end up settling for dresses that don't actually make them feel beautiful. At Lace & Liberty, the size-inclusive dresses offered aim to ensure that every bride feels beautiful, regardless of body shape. It's free to chat with a dedicated designer from the company about creating a fully customizable wedding dress that suits your desires.


When you think of ModCloth as a brand, wedding dresses might not be the first thing that comes to mind. ModCloth offers many different fashionable pieces, including hoodies, cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, sleepwear, and swimwear. Thinking of them as a wedding dress brand isn't necessarily that big of a stretch, though. One of ModCloth's most dazzling wedding dresses (that goes up to size 26) is called A Wonderful Union strapless maxidress


It's elegantly strapless and floor-length, and topped off with a fitted bodice. The sweetheart neckline gives it a stunning and sweet look, while the layered tulle maxiskirt flows delicately to the floor. Another wedding dress that goes up to size 26 is their With Lasting Joy maxidress. The removable lace overlay drapes elegantly to just below the bust. It's a wonderful accessory to wear as you walk down the aisle and can easily be removed after the ceremony. Or, keep it on in case you want your upper arms and back covered. 

Louvienne at Lovely Bride

Wedding dresses that go up to size 26 are available from Louvienne at Lovely Bride. They created their own unique sizing chart based on genuine measurements and real proportions from women size 18 and up. Instead of taking blind guesses about body shapes, they did their due diligence to make sure their sizing chart is as accurate as possible. Upon request, they offer customization options if you're hoping to tweak a few things on a dress you've fallen in love with from their brand. 


When you start searching for a dress from Louvienne at Lovely Bride, they'll ask you to verify which location you reside in. They've got storefronts in a multitude of major cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. When you've selected the city nearest you, you'll be prompted to fill out a contact form with your information. Once you're in, laying eyes on the gorgeous size-inclusive wedding dresses they offer will leave you speechless.

A&Bé Bridal Shop

A&Bé Bridal Shop is well on its way to offering more size-inclusive wedding dresses, even though they already have a fabulous selection so far. Per their website, they're actively adding more size-inclusive options to their collection. However, patience is a virtue, as the retailer explains that different factors affect how quickly they'll be able to offer all of the sizes the modern day bride needs. So if you need a wedding dress asap, this is something to keep in mind.


For what the brand already has on hand, the Scout dress, which is priced at $1,800, deserves some attention for being a trendy wedding dress with delightful details and modern chic. It's got thick straps over both shoulders, a square neckline, and ravishing lace trim on the open back. The fitted gown is ideal for any bride who is genuinely excited about showing off her curves.

Melissa Sweet Bridal at Still White

Melissa Sweet Bridal dresses can be found on the racks of David's Bridal if you're hoping to shop for these particular designs in-store. Their official Instagram page is full of different dresses and designs that work for brides of varying wedding day styles. Some brides would rather focus on keeping their waist as cinched as possible, while others would rather make sure their hips look slimmer. 


Keeping shoulders and arms hidden might also be something that's on your radar. Regardless of what you're hoping to achieve in your wedding gown selection process, Melissa Sweet Bridal offers dresses that accommodate nearly every single request. One of their A-Line wedding dresses with double straps goes up to size 28W with an extra long train, a fully lined back, zipper, and scalloped bodice. This is the type of dress a bride can wear for a stunning wedding day photo shoot while frolicking through a garden with her new spouse.


If Lulus isn't already a wedding dress brand you were thinking about for size inclusivity, it's time to switch that up. One of the reasons Lulus dresses is worth exploring is that they're perfect for brides who are on a budget. Many of their options are beyond affordable, starting at prices around $100. They're also trend-forward, which means you don't have to sacrifice your modern tastes while trying to save money. 


Dresses that go up to size 3X are often made out of stretchy material. These gowns will have you feeling absolutely confident on your wedding day. The Feeling of Forever white long-sleeved mermaid maxidress is a top option thanks to its stretchy crepe knit fabric and V-neckline. Mermaid dresses are known for working for brides of all shapes and sizes because the style creates a smooth and sleek silhouette. You'll also be able to find accessories and shoes to wear along with your chosen wedding dress from Lulus.


Just like ModCloth, Torrid is another incredibly trendy brand that probably doesn't instantly bring to mind wedding day glamour. Still, it's best to keep your mind open to the possibilities when shopping for your dream wedding dress. Torrid offers an abundance of gowns in different styles that can potentially suit your needs. They have sizes up to 30 and offer dresses with different silhouettes, necklines, sleeve lengths, and fabrics. 


One of the popular wedding dress options you'll find at Torrid is the ivory lace A-line boho wedding dress. It retails for $328 and has short flutter sleeves and Swiss-dot lace fabric. Torrid offers custom tailoring if the dress you like doesn't already fit your physique. They accommodate you by measuring your bust and waist, and altering the dress to create a divine final product. All brides deserve to feel ethereal and breathtaking on their wedding day. Torrid is a brand that can turn that notion into reality.