Gingham Nails Are Here To Bring Summery Picnic Vibes To Your Manicure

Warm weather calls for bright hues, and a fun manicure look is an excellent way to subtly incorporate color into your daily outfits. Gingham nails are the perfect summery nail design you'll want to try out. The trend combines cottagcore and maximalism with picnic essentials and a vibrant palette. Pair gingham prints with additional elements to personalize your nails. Or, stick with a single style by asking your nail tech to add the same design across all your nails.

If you enjoy doing your nails at home, try out this chic print the next time you decide to change your nails. Creating the gingham pattern is easy; you only need two different paint colors, a top coat, and a thin nail design brush. Start by painting all of your nails one color, coating the entire nail, and letting them dry. Once they're completely dry, use your nail brush to draw two to three vertical and horizontal thin lines on each nail with the second color. Allow your nails to dry again, and finish with a top coat. There are lots of options for further customization.

Green gingham and cherries

Kick off your first nail design with a few green gingham prints and cherries. The cherry manicure trend has been all over social media, so why not pair it with gingham? Paint your cherries right in the center of the nail, making them take up more than half of the space to make them look extra juicy. The green gingham complements the stems on the cherries. This look could also work with a red gingham pattern and green apples if you'd rather have red as your primary color.

Neon pink gingham nails

You can always opt for a simple approach without additional designs. Pick your favorite neon shade, such as hot pink, and stick to the classic pattern. It'll add a pop of color to any minimalist outfit or elevate a maximalist one. You get the best of both worlds. Begin with a white base and paint your lines neon pink. Alternatively, if you love a good Barbiecore moment, make your base a light pink shade and add a hot pink gingham print for a pink-on-pink look.

Bacon, eggs, and gingham

For brunch enthusiasts, add strips of bacon and a couple of eggs to your gingham nails to create the ultimate picnic vibes. While picnics often involve sandwiches, switch up your meals and try taking some bacon and eggs. The blue and white gingham pattern resembles a picnic blanket perfectly. To take it up a notch, add a cute little hot sauce bottle or a piece of toast to one of your nails and wait for the compliments to pour in.

Blue gingham and daisies

If you like the blue gingham but are not a bacon and eggs girlie, swap the breakfast foods for daisies. These flowers are often found in vast, grassy areas where you might have a picnic. They're also tea-inspired, so you'll be theme-appropriate if you have a tea party at your outing. Adding a yellow line between the print and the daises is a great way to incorporate more color; it looks like the border of a picnic blanket. You can make that squiggly line any color or follow this gorgeous design exactly.

Multi-colored gingham

If you can't decide which color to pick from your nail polish bin, why not use all of them? You won't have to worry about matching your nail color with your wardrobe, as any outfit will fit with these multicolored nails. The soft and whimsical pastel shades are perfect for summery nails. They also make a statement on their own if you prefer not to add any extra designs.

Orange gingham nails

Orange is the quintessential summer color. While some might argue that pink is at the top of the list, orange is the true star. These orange gingham nails are dainty with a nude base and light orange gingham. The orange fruit accents provide the perfect finishing touch, while the green stems contrast beautifully with the pastel shades. You can replicate this nail look as-is or personalize it by adding oranges to multiple nails instead of only one on each hand.

Accent purple gingham

Get creative with your nails by using various shades of a single color instead of painting them all the same hue. Additionally, add accent gingham patterns to a couple of your nails. For instance, this stunning purple nail set has three nails painted in different shades of purple on each hand, while the other two feature a gingham print. You still get the summery picnic vibes with the gingham, but the different purple hues give the nails contrast, even though they are in the same color palette.