'Superfake' Designer Handbags: What They Are & How They're Taking Over

Accessories have the power to complete outfits and give them something that you can't replicate with clothing. Those that can change your look come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the best of these accessories is the handbag. Thanks to the various handbag trends that have come and gone, there are plenty to choose from.


Handbags play a vital role in completing your look while holding all of your necessities. In recent years, designer handbags have taken a more prominent role, with many turning to consignment or resale sites for their chance at luxury handbags. Since the prices of luxury handbags won't go down, many are looking for alternatives to get their chance on these pieces. Sometimes, consumers are forced to try other avenues to find these prized pieces. This is how superfake designer handbags have entered the picture.

Superfake handbags are counterfeit pieces that are close in appearance to the originals. These handbags have become so similar to the original pieces that it can be difficult to tell the difference. Superfake designer handbags make it easy to flaunt a designer handbag look for a fraction of the cost. It's a more affordable option for many, but it comes at a price.


What are 'superfake' handbags?

'Superfake' handbags are more than your typical counterfeit bags. These types of bags have become so close to the originals that it's nearly impossible to tell them apart. Superfakes have grown in popularity as technology has made them easier to replicate. The replicating process has become sophisticated as manufacturers will source from the same companies that provide materials to high-end designer houses. Apart from sourcing the same materials, manufacturers will also purchase the pieces they want to replicate to study the lining and stitches. This sophisticated tactic has led to pieces that are both good quality and appear like designer items.


Although they are not designer items, the differences between the two can be just a few stitches or micro details that give them away. It may seem like superfake handbags would be an easy operation to dismantle. However, the lack of international cooperation and the small sizes of these enterprises makes it impossible to locate manufacturers until they're already on the market. Superfake handbags can be found almost anywhere and can even replicate the newest luxury handbag. With a striking similarity to the original, it's no wonder why many are choosing to opt for a superfake.

What's causing the rise of fake bags?

The rise of superfakes comes down to the sheer price of the luxury handbag. Thanks to social media and all of its trends, more consumers want the opportunity to flaunt their designer goods. However, the increase in social media usage coincides with the prominence of luxury goods. According to Vox, the average price of luxury goods is up 25% compared to 2019. Add to this the fact that many brands like Louis Vuitton have waiting lists for some of their most popular items, and it's almost impossible to get an affordable luxury item. Superfakes solve this issue by giving shoppers an alternative that costs thousands less than the original.


Although superfakes solve the problem of not being able to flaunt the look of an expensive luxury good, they are now considered to be a trend themselves. For many years, being caught with a counterfeit item was taboo, but it's become the new must-have item. Terms like "dupes" have made superfakes even more popular as it has become a trend to find inexpensive items that are similar to the original. These two factors have contributed to the skyrocketing price of superfakes, which has made them more of a commodity.

The problem with counterfeits

Although the idea of saving money is intriguing, it comes at a cost to others. For starters, counterfeit bags are illegal. In the United States and various countries around the world, selling counterfeit bags is a punishable crime. However, the most pressing issue surrounding superfakes is exactly how they are made. One reason why designer items have a lofty price is due to the labor-intensive task of producing these luxury goods. The more intricate the item, the more labor is needed to complete it.


In terms of superfake bags, the same process can be arduous and intensive. However, most of these superfakes are made in factories and locations with no type of labor restrictions. The rise of superfakes points a spotlight at labor malpractice and even instances of child abuse that could be behind these superfake handbags. While they might be cheaper, they come at an expense on the human level.

How to spot a superfake

Whether or not you're looking to purchase a superfake, it's important to know what the difference is between real and fake. Knowing how to spot a fake can also help you avoid being scammed by paying full price for a superfake. Although superfakes are made with precision, there are a few signs that can give them away upon close inspection. For one, the weight and smell of the product can be a dead giveaway that a purse is a superfake. If you smell strong chemicals coming from the item, it's a sign that the bag has been through a chemical process.


Another sign that your bag is a superfake is the detail. Luxury bags are known for their impeccable details and precision in stitching. Knowing the ins and outs of the bag you plan to purchase can help you know whether or not your bag is real. Superfake creators study and examine intricate details, but there will always be at least one stitch out of place that gives it away. If all else fails, the price of the luxury good is more than enough to give away a superfake. If your "brand-new" purchase costs only hundreds instead of thousands, it's likely you are purchasing a superfake.