Venus Retrograde Is Coming & It's Bringing The Dramatics

If you thought Leo season was going to be the most dramatic part of summer 2023, we've got some news for you. This year, the sun is set to move into the fiery, self-centered sign of Leo on July 23 — the very same day Venus goes retrograde in the sign. This means that the effects of both the retrograde and roaring Leo are likely to be felt most intensely in the areas of life ruled by Venus: love, pleasure, and money.


When you think of the realms of life that tend to be the most dramatic, love (romantic or platonic), pleasure (sexual or non-sexual), and money are typically at the top of the list. Adding retrograde energy and then sprinkling in the boldness of Leo season could amplify the drama to unprecedented heights if you aren't prepared. Let's take a closer look at the details of this summer's potential astrological minefield. 

Effects of Venus retrograde

When it comes to the astrological concept of retrograde, Mercury tends to get all the attention. It's well-known that when Mercury appears to be orbiting backwards from the vantage point of Earth, you should be on the lookout for communication mishaps and technological failures. What is not as well-known is that every planet in the solar system experiences retrograde. Since those of us on Earth are most affected by the planets closest to us, Mercury, Venus, and Mars (in addition to the sun and moon) have the biggest impact on people's day-to-day lives.


Since Venus rules love and sex, you might find that your relationships come under fire when the planet goes retrograde. You may notice a new awareness of the progress (or lack thereof) of your current romantic relationship or experience a sudden realization about the way certain people make you feel. While these feelings are important to acknowledge and assess, spend some time examining them before you take action. You might feel differently when the planet goes direct again on September 3, 2023. 

Influence of Leo season

This year, Venus will go retrograde in the sign of Leo during Leo season. This adds a whole lot of Leo energy to what may already be an emotionally charged retrograde. Leo is a fixed fire sign, which makes it possibly the feistiest sign of the entire zodiac. The loud, proud, and reactive lion isn't the best at introspection — exactly what is called for during a retrograde. Venus in Leo going retrograde is all about embracing indulgence and will shine a light on the inner workings of your relationships. Leo will filter that light at a self-centered angle.


If you're aware of what's to come, you can work with the energy to form an honest assessment of how you show up in those relationships. How do you express and receive love? Do you feel valued? Do you bring value? However, if you aren't prepared, you might fall into the trap of Leo's self-obsessed tendencies by becoming convinced you aren't being loved or appreciated enough. If you end up feeling this way, do yourself a favor — sit with your feelings, at least until Leo season ends on August 23, before making any major decisions or demands where your important relationships are concerned.