Muted Denim Nails Are Transitioning Your Pool-Blue Summer Manicure To Fall

Anyone can rock a red or pink-hued nail polish, but it takes a real trendsetter to embrace a less conventional shade. Some people have been dipping their toes into the blue polish scene this summer, to great fanfare. After all, some shades of blue polish are oh-so-reminiscent of cloudless blue skies, the ocean, and of course, lazy days by the swimming pool. Now that summer is winding down, however, it's time to re-think your polish color and opt for something a little more seasonally appropriate. And really, what reminds people more of fall than those specific shades of blue that denim clothing trends are known for? You don't even have to fret too much about choosing a legit shade of denim, as many brands have colors that are appropriately named, like Dr.'s Remedy Devoted Denim or Kylie Jenner's spin on the color. So take a chance with your next salon or home manicure and sport an extra bit of denim.

Make it matte

Denim blue is one of those colors that can be beautifully worn in a fully matte style. Some colors just really need that extra shine or sparkle added in, but denim can get by authentically with only the hue to speak for itself. Perhaps this is why jeans are such a classic year after year.

Denim nails are oh-so-versatile

Looking for a color that's playful and unique, but also mature and professional? Denim blue is the nail color of choice for such a purpose. It lends a stylish, authentic air that bubblegum pinks and multicolored nails simply do not. Of course, you can always dress it up with a little bit of nail art or a well-placed faux jewel to add some pizzazz.

Denim nails go with everything

Denim blue is an unconventional shade that nonetheless transitions beautifully from office, to club, to formal event with ease. Although it doesn't necessarily pair perfectly with say, a red dress, it is neutral enough to be a slam-dunk with just about any other type of outfit.

Denim nails are ultra authentic

Of course, those denim aficionados who want a more playful and legit take on the color can seek out an artist with the skills necessary to recreate a ripped jeans aesthetic, albeit on their nails. Just because summer is ending doesn't mean that the fun has to totally cease, right?