Beach Wave Perm Offers Voluminous Hair Texture Without The Saltwater

It's summertime, and we bet you have your list of beach essentials ready. The perfect white swimsuit, a carry-all basket bag, the perfect beach read, and good sun protection. But what about your beach-ready hair? We have news for you. The easiest way to get voluminous hair texture without actually swimming in salt water is through a beach wave perm.

Before you confuse a wave perm with the curly hair procedure from the 1980s, rest assured this hairstyle term has a much wider scope. Over the years, technology has improved significantly, and one can use it to achieve curls of varying sizes and lengths.

Beach waves, for example, are those lustrous, desirable soft curls that are a natural consequence of exposure to salty ocean water, which could be difficult to mimic in the salon for some. That is, until now. A beach wave perm offers natural soft bounciness with just a couple of hours of treatment by an expert. You can choose between two different perm methods to achieve the look. These include the Curl Cult Perm, which uses Pisum-Protex technology, and the American Wave Perm, which involves ionic technology and cysteamine as the active ingredient. Regardless of which you try, you are sure to look like you just returned from a fabulous vacay.

Wear it long and parted to the side

The whole point of the beach wave perm is to achieve a messy yet beautiful look that could only occur under natural circumstances. With long hair, the result of the beach wave perm is enhanced further. Wear it with a side parting for an extra touch of elegance.

You can't go wrong with a half-up and half-down style

As beautiful as messy beach waves look, they can also be annoying when they get in your face. So, take a top portion of your hair and tie it up in a loose bun on top of your head. That way, you can still leave the bottom down. This is casual chic at its best.

Stand out with highlights

An easy way to take the beach wave perm look up a notch is to highlight a thick streak or streaks of hair to frame your face. By sporting locks in the front that are much lighter than the rest of your face, you will enhance the sun-kissed vibe you are looking for.

Go silver or go home

With silver hair trending, it is easy to see why this color lends itself well, even to the beach wave perm hairstyle. After all, soft, face-framing curls in silver tones will help you play up your mermaidcore vibe, which we all know is a big trend this summer.

Braids can add pizzazz

Beach wave curls look effortless, but when you want to transition from a daytime coffee run to meeting friends or going on a date, here is an easy trick. Braid the upper portion of your hair till it rests in the middle of your beautiful curls.