TA3 Swimwear: What Happened To The Brand After Shark Tank?

What better attire for a shark tank than a swimsuit? When Leila Shams pitched her product to the Sharks, she may have been wearing a hot pink blazer, but she came bearing revolutionary swim designs. 

Classic, strappy bikinis and standard one-pieces may have seniority over Leila's designs, but she used her pitch to remind the panel of potential investors that these beachwear basics were doing little in terms of support. Her take on swimsuits paired the standard, stretchy fabric with a corset design, allowing wearers to tightly cinch the suit around their curves. 

The idea to combine shapewear with swimwear was rooted in Shams own experiences of feeling insecure at the beach. Shams always worried about her tummy sucking the joy out of vacations. In response, she sought to create a confidence-boosting alternative to typical cuts — turning societal expectations and diet culture on their head, literally. In fact, the name, TA3, is the mirror image of the word "eat." 

What happened to TA3 on Shark Tank?

Leila Shams' 2022 "Shark Tank" appearance started off with a bang ... and a blunder. After tossing boring, unsupportive, and frumpy bathing suits to the side, the CEO lost her place in her pitch. It took some prompting from one of her three models to get back on track, making the lead-up to the TA3 suits' reveal even more dramatic. 

Despite the initial hiccup, Shams quickly proved herself to be undeniably impressive. In a blog recap of the episode, her achievements are laid out plainly. After testing out hundreds of prototypes, a 2020 video of Leila rocking the final design won consumers over. By the time she appeared on "Shark Tank," 13 months of sales had yielded $800,000 in profits. She asked the business moguls for $500,000 in exchange for 10% of her business. 

Despite the horror movies, the odds of a swimmer being attacked and killed by a shark are only one in 3.75 million, as per the International Wildlife Museum. So, perhaps it's no surprise that three models in bikinis weren't a persuasive enough shark bait. The business moguls quickly withdrew their interest one by one, despite Leila's impressive portfolio. From disagreements on patent licensing to a lack of industry interest, myriad factors led Shams to leave the tank empty-handed. 

TA3 after Shark Tank

TA3 might not have gotten the deal they wanted, by Leila Shams left the tank far from defeated. Without the backing of the Sharks, she returned to the medium that earned her brand such viral acclaim in the first place: social media. One thing that consumers couldn't deny was the instant sculpting power of the suits, and real-time transformations got the internet buzzing. 

TA3's TikTok page currently boasts nearly 40,000 followers — an impressive feat for a brand account. Besides showing off new products and promotions, the brand has collaborated with notable influencers on the platform, from users like Presidentniki to Jade Fiona. Their page also hosts many diverse body types and models, proving that their products aren't just talked about by everyone ... they're for everyone. 

While the brand has just kept swimming after its "Shark Tank" rejection, Shams has publicly reflected on her experience with the show. On the Glam & Grow podcast, she noted that she knew few investors in the space and was banking on "Shark Tank" as her "ticket," but things didn't quite go to plan. Last-minute feedback from one of her models had her rethinking the tone of her pitch, which had previously focused more on covering up insecurities, as opposed to embracing confidence. She was grateful for the perspective shift but says these changes toward less offensive content contributed to her forgetting the pitch. "It was a mess," she reflected with a laugh. "It was fun, though." 

How successful is TA3 today?

Although there haven't been any post-pitch updates on TA3's finances, widespread news coverage of the brand indicates continued growth and excitement. Its site's press page boasts buzz from large outlets like Buzzfeed, People, Forbes, and Oprah Daily ... just to name a few. The viral nature of the product has also led to lots of organic advertising for the suits, with popular YouTubers creating videos to test if the "mega-sculpting" promises are to be trusted. 

The ladies at Clevver Style tried out the viral corset suits alongside some of TA3's recent ventures into everyday wear. Although they expressed some shock at the brand's sky-high prices, their amazement at the results led one to ultimately conclude, "I would spend my money at something like this."

The prices are certainly gasp-worthy and could contribute to the brand's ongoing success (and the $800,000 profits noted in the pitch). The classic one-piece suits retail for $178, while their shapewear dress soars to $228. With their stellar reputation, though, and an FAQ page that claims the suits "last for years," the investment may be worth it. It's worth noting, however, that keeping swimwear in perfect condition all summer is easier said than done. That being said, the site recommends hand-washing and laying out to dry. 

What's next for TA3?

Between their ever-expanding swimsuit line and venture into streetwear, it's clear that TA3 is doing far more than treading water. A peek at their Instagram page — home to over 200,000 followers — shows that the brand is committed to innovating, while also staying on-trend. Models recently leaned into the mega-viral Barbiecore fashion trend, posing in hot pink. 

Besides trying out new cuts and colorways, TA3 has also taken steps to become even more size-inclusive. A recent post announced that a third torso length would be offered for their suits: XLONG. These various torso options, combined with their size range from XS to 4X, show a continued commitment to offering confidence-boosting apparel for all bodies. 

As the brand continues to evolve, they seem not to have forgotten their core values and "Shark Tankroots. In a cheeky post featuring a looming fin, the once-rejected brand told its followers, "Stay safe out there."