7 Reasons Seamless Underwear Should Be Your Go-To From Now On

We rarely stop to give a second thought to our underwear. Admittedly, we all have that ultra-sexy lingerie set (or sets) to up the wow factor in our dating life when it feels stale, but we mostly keep a bunch of everyday panties handy for regular daily wear. However, as little attention as we pay to them, underwear truly is our unsung hero. If you've ever tried poor-quality underwear, then you know how real the struggle with poor support, discomfort, saggy fit, and itchiness is. So, even if it's for our eyes only, good quality underwear is paramount and crucial for our vaginal health (as any ultimate guide to women's underwear will tell you.)

According to HealthNews, wearing underwear that does not fit well may result in infections such as urinary tract and yeast infections. On the flip side, Forbes says that too-tight underwear will increase friction and result in more in-grown hairs. Additionally, poor quality underwear is usually made from cheaper materials such as nylon, polyester, and spandex, which harm vaginal health and can cause itchiness and irritation of the sensitive area.

Given its connection to our health, underwear should receive the attention it deserves and be considered on par with every other piece of clothing in our closets (or drawers). Seamless underwear — made from fabric that is cut without fraying, hence requiring no seams — seems to be the buzzword these days, and not without good reason. In fact, there are seven reasons why seamless underwear should be your go-to from now on.

The ultimate breathable material

Seamless underwear is made from breathable fabrics like microfiber, bamboo, and micromodal, and breathable underwear is the best for our bodies. Why? Well, for starters, the moisture-wicking factor in these fabrics ensures that you stay dry throughout the day (and night), thus minimizing the risk of bacterial infections. This is crucial for our vaginal health and is highly advised by gynecologists. Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones, a board-certified OB-GYN, tells Forbes that "since it is healthy to have vaginal discharge ... you want your underwear to gently absorb any extra moisture." According to MedicalNewsToday, wearing underwear that retains moisture creates a damp environment that promotes the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungi leading to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. 

The breathable material in seamless underwear ensures that you are protected from bacteria and yeasts, and that your vagina's normal discharge is absorbed, keeping the sensitive genital area dry. However, what happens when temperatures rise, and we not only have to combat normal vaginal discharge but sweat as well? Luckily, micromodal is considered one of the best fabrics to wear during the hot season. Made from a rayon base and fibers from hardwood trees, micromodal fabric not only feels light and soft against the skin, but it protects our vaginal hygiene by keeping us cool when temperatures are on the rise and by decreasing moisture due to uncontrollable sweating.

The comfort factor

A 2017 survey (via Statista) asked 1,029 participants aged 19 to 69 to rate how important the comfort factor is when choosing underwear. Unsurprisingly, a whopping 85% of respondents considered comfort "Very Important," 13% considered it to be "Rather Important," only 1% considered it to be "Rather Unimportant," and another mere 1% rated the comfort factor as "Not Important At All."

The results simply put down in numbers what we already know: When choosing underwear, comfort ranks high. This is because we spend all our days (and nights) wearing underwear, and we want them to be comfortable more than we want them to be stylish. While we can put up with a stunning, albeit highly inconvenient dress for a few hours during an outing with our friends, we can barely tolerate uncomfortable underwear for the entire day — let alone at night when we hit the bed and shut down.

In fact, since underwear comes in direct contact with our skin, innovation in the intimate apparel industry targets the creation of fibers that highlight comfort (especially thermal comfort) more than styling. Rough materials, scruffy edges, unbreathable fabric, tight leg openings, and itchy seams: Can you imagine having to tolerate this much discomfort for hours on end? So, when the time comes to weigh the pros and cons of wearing traditional underwear versus seamless ones, the scale will tip in favor of the most comfortable. Yes, that's right. Seamless all the way. 

Ditch those panty lines

Seamless underwear is also known as no-show underwear, and not without reason. True to their name, these underwear are designed to be free of seams, so they effortlessly hug the body's natural contours without any visible panty lines. There are two methods of seamless underwear production, both of which help support a smoother sans-lines silhouette.

The first method is by using fabric that can be cut without fraying, thus rendering the need for sewing lines obsolete. As such, hems and leg openings can be cut without requiring to be stitched, allowing for a sleek, comfortable fit. The second method is by using bonded seams. During this process, two pieces of fabric are fused together using heat, creating a flat finish line that is completely invisible. Bonded seams are particularly popular for various fitness gear and swimsuits.

Nevertheless, the sleek, invisible fit of this underwear also makes them an excellent option when wearing your favorite pair of tight jeans, form-fitting dress, or pencil skirt. Because let's be honest: Nothing can ruin a sexy ensemble more than visible panty lines. Seamless underwear is here to save the day and bid those pesky lines goodbye! 

Your gym buddy

Choosing the best workout outfit is not an easy task: You want clothes that are comfortable, light on the skin, allow flexibility of movement, and are made from breathable fabric that won't stick on your body at the first sign of sweat droplets. Well, the same principles go for our fitness underwear — because, let's face it, the undies you wear during your workout matter. 

When we exercise, we want our underwear to provide the support needed without being excessively tight on the skin. While cotton underwear would appear to fit the comfort criteria, you should keep in mind that cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge, which is a big no when it comes to your vaginal health (since bacteria and yeast particularly love moist, warm places like a sweaty pelvic region in cotton underwear). 

Luckily, seamless underwear — made from micromodal fabric — wicks moisture and is super comfortable to wear. In fact, these underwear are so soft and comfortable that they become a great option whenever you hit the gym. They provide tight support in the pelvic region allowing your body to move freely during exercise without any restrictions. Their fabric feels light and supple on the skin and is non-slip, so you don't have to worry about them moving around during rigorous fitness programs or yoga flows.

The sexy allure

Seamless undergarments are typically made from micromodal and microfiber fabrics.  Prized for their silky smooth feel, these fabrics also offer breathable qualities, moisture whisking factors, and resistance to shrinkage. The fact that this material can be customed to create almost anything and can be cut without fraying means that this is one very versatile textile. If you think that seamless underwear is only suitable for granny-style panties and pants, then you'd better think again! And, if you think the seamless style doesn't fit the latest lingerie trend making your underwear undeniably chic, well, you might want to reconsider. 

Seamless underwear comes in all shapes and sizes. From sexy thongs and comfy bikinis to sensual Brazilian panties and cute boyshorts, micromodal fabric undies render the need for pesky seams obsolete. Currently, seamless bras are making their way to center stage, and are considered on par with their sultry lace counterparts. If you're looking to heat things up (without that annoying seam), seamless underwear will rise to the occasion.

The price tag

The specialized manufacturing process required to create micromodal and microfiber products increases the cost of seamless underwear. In a nutshell, the micromodal fabric is derived from cellulose extracted from hardwood trees through a complex chemical process. Here's the nitty gritty from Sewport: The cellulose sheets are immersed in caustic soda, broken into crumbs, and transformed into sodium cellulose xanthate. This solution is then forced through a spinneret with very small holes, resulting in fine fibers that are soaked in sulfuric acid, stretched, and transformed into yarn ready for weaving. 

However, given the fabric's very nature, underwear made from micromodal and microfiber is quite durable. Being resistant to wrinkling and shrinking, they retain their shape and can be washed and worn numerous times without becoming loose. They are also less susceptible to "pilling" — those firm lint balls that form on the surface of fabric materials such as cotton. Consequently, the undergarment's increased durability outweighs its price tag and makes them a long-lasting, valuable purchase.

Furthermore, as seamless underwear has become increasingly popular in mainstream fashion and a preferred choice for intimate apparel, it is now available in a wide range of price points. From affordable options to higher-end selections, there is a seamless underwear option to suit various budgets and preferences.

No more chaffing and irritation

Even if you don't care much about visible panty lines, opting for seamless underwear brings numerous benefits that stretch far beyond mere aesthetics. Traditional underwear that shows bulky, visible seams and stitches can often lead to uncomfortable chafing and irritation of the skin. These seams, especially when they are made with nylon thread, can be tight and abrasive, particularly around the leg openings. As harsh edges dig into your skin, they cause discomfort, chaffing, and itchiness in sensitive areas.

On the other hand, seamless underwear gently caresses the skin and eliminates these potential sources of discomfort. If you take the seams out of the equation, you are left with an undergarment that provides a snug, comfortable, and friction-free fit. Coupled with stretchy and breathable fabrics, seamless underwear is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin or those susceptible to skin rashes. Similarly, this type of underwear is great for those who do not like the rough feeling of seams on their pelvic area.

For ultimate comfort and a sexy appeal, basic aesthetics and crucial vaginal health, look toward seamless underwear — the unsung hero of your intimate apparel — as your go-to option from now on. So, perhaps it's time to revamp your underwear collection and replenish your drawers with the season's must-have seamless undergarments.