The Right Way To Use The Viral MAC Squirt Plumping Gloss So It Doesn't Glob Up Your Lips

Hold up –- a plumping gloss named Squirt? We're just as intrigued with the product as we are with the name, and it seems pretty much all of BeautyTok is obsessed as well. If you've been anywhere remotely close to beauty influencer reviews in the past couple of weeks, you've probably seen quite a few share polarizing opinions on MAC's colorful range of plumping gloss sticks. These balmy gloss sticks, which come in 10 bold shades (including a slime-lime green and an icy blue), are said to instantly plump and nourish the lips. They also leave a translucent finish on the lips and a tingly sensation from the ginger root oil and capsicum extract included in the formula, which is an expected sensation with any plumping gloss.


The only problem is a lot of people find it challenging to use the gloss sticks. From the product breaking off on reviewers' lips to the glob formed from the wrong product application, it's not looking good. But do not dismiss these gloss sticks yet, because there is an easier, more efficient method of applying them. All it takes is patience, clean lips, and very few clicks.

Why is it so hard to put on?

Short answer: it's not. You're just not doing it correctly, and the try-on reviews from some influencers aren't helping. From the packaging, it might look like a balm with a more solid consistency, but this product is anything but. As a gloss stick, it has a soft, almost mushy formula designed to melt once it touches your lips. Even more, the packaging is non-retractable, so once you click to push some of the product out, it cannot be put back into the tube.


So with your clicks being permanent and the formula's consistency that of a soft gloss, the best way to apply it is to take a little at a time. Beauty guru and influencer Alissa Ashley recommends you apply it in small portions by clicking once for just a tiny bit of product. And we mean, really tiny. With the MAC Squirt Plumping Gloss, very little goes a long way, and quite frankly, it's a much better method than having your $24 gloss stick break off on your lips like that.

Swiping vs. tapping

While applying, you might also have run into another problem: control, or better yet, blending the product across your lips. Again, the formula is soft (like lip glosses usually are), so you might want to avoid going into this expecting to swipe like you would a regular balm with a thicker consistency. If you have more experience doing your makeup, you might find it easier to swipe the gloss stick on, blend around the corners, or add to the spots that need more gloss. Otherwise, if you're less confident in your skills, tapping the gloss on is a great way to go. TikTok beauty influencer @milanreddydevlin also approves.


Tapping it on instead of swiping can give you more control over the coverage and motion of the stick and really makes for better application. But whether you swipe or tap, be sure you don't click out too much of the product, and you'll be good to go. And if you do click too much out, keep the excess in the cover cap for good measure.

What do I pair my gloss with?

Now that it's goodbye to all the breaking and globbing, it's hello to having fun with your gloss sticks, and MAC's lineup of plumping gloss contains some exciting colors you can explore. From the Nova blue shade to Hazard, a beautiful bright orange, and Violet Beta, a cool-toned lavender, you have numerous options and ways to apply them.


At Glam, applying the gloss sticks on our bare lips is our daily go-to. The product instantly melts during application, giving the lips a beautiful, healthy plump look. It's like lip filler on the go. But for a fuller effect, line your lips with your favorite liner, and swipe or tap the gloss stick onto them. The result is a defined full lip that looks and feels spicy. You can also pair your plumping gloss with some lipstick or lip stain for a change in the undertone or a subtle hue over it. Some of these gloss colors also work as correctors or neutralizers, like the iconic Y2K Squirt lime-green version, which TikTok creator @britneykale confirms works excellent on a nude lip.

One thing to remember is that this is a plumping gloss stick, so it will have a light tingly sensation that's usually enjoyable. However, if the feeling is a little too much for you, it's okay to put it down. Beauty is always more fun when it is comfortable.