Why The Hime Fringe Haircut Should Be On Your Radar This Season

Fans of anime can rejoice — the hime fringe haircut is trending, although they're probably in on it already. One of the coolest bands of all time, HAIM, was seen with this 'do for the 2021 Grammys, and all three sisters had different versions of the style. What exactly is the hime haircut? Rooted in the culture of imperial Japanese royalty during a princess' coming-of-age ceremony, the haircut is a sleek, straight style worn long in the back with blunt shoulder or chin-length bangs. The look is topped off with another set of bangs cut mid-forehead.

These days, you don't have to be royalty to wear this look. Many trendsetters are sporting their own take on the hime fringe cut. While this style is traditionally worn straight, the 'do can also look great on wavy or curly hair. You can even cosplay as an anime character and play around with different fantasy colors. Whichever route you take on your hime journey, you'll be sure to rock this princess-inspired haircut.

Traditional hime cuts are blunt

If you want to keep with Japanese tradition, you'll want your hime haircut to be long and straight with your sidelocks falling in a blunt cut just around your chin. Your bangs should be in a blunt cut as well, skimming the tops of your eyebrows or the middle of your forehead. Make your locks super straight with a flat iron and spray down any flyways with hairspray.

Make your hime haircut edgy with silver streaks

There are lots of different variations on the modern hime look. Opt for an edgier look with peekaboo bangs falling right above the eyes with choppy ends. For even more flair, add a few silver streaks to the underside of your hair. If you don't want to commit to bleaching your strands, you can browse the web for a multitude of easy clip-on options.

Hime cuts transition easily on shorter hair

Hankering for a hime haircut but have short strands? This 'do doesn't have to be worn only on those with super long hair. In fact, if you have a lob, the hime haircut flows easily and the tiers are not as obvious. Keep your bangs above your brows and let the side fringe hit just at your chin so that there's room for the bottom third of your hair to be noticeable.

Channel your inner anime character with multi-colored hues

Cosplay isn't just for Comic-Con. If you want to look like an anime character in everyday life, this haircut is just for you. Highlight your bangs with a fun color like violet while contrasting the rest of your hair in a completely different shade. Slight waves add dimension to the varying lengths and give this 'do a youthful look.

There are many ways to style the hime fringe haircut

You don't just have to wear your hime hair long and loose. Tailor your style by parting your hair in the middle and pinning the sides up and away from your face while leaving the side fringe loose. Ponytails are also a great option for hot-weather days and the look will give the illusion of a bob haircut. This cut is super versatile so have fun playing around with different styles!