Real People Who Went To Wild Lengths To Look Like Barbie And Ken

There's a lot of hype revolving around the 2023 "Barbie" movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Young children have been playing with Barbie dolls for decades, and that isn't something that's going to change anytime soon. The obsession with Barbies makes all the sense in the world since young kids love the idea of acting out different scenarios with beautiful Barbies in trendy outfits. As a child, playing with Barbies naturally gets you excited about what life will be like in your teenage and young adult years. 


Barbiecore lovers take the idea of emulating the Barbie image and run with it. A handful of adults who grew up feeling obsessed with Barbie and Ken's aesthetics have invested thousands of dollars in plastic surgery to achieve the flawlessly animated appearances of these characters. Individuals who've turned to plastic surgery in attempts to look like real-life Barbie dolls have made it their life mission to resemble these beloved characters as much as humanly possible. 

Alicia Amira

Alicia Amira is a public figure with nearly 60 thousand followers on Instagram right now. Her Instagram bio describes her as being the "no 1 plastic bimbo" and the "founder of the Bimbo movement" since 2016. Her color scheme and font choices are highly reminiscent of the Barbie brand. The majority of her social media content showcases her cartoon-like figure with extremely large breasts, a tiny waist, and plumped lips. 


According to one of her pinned Instagram posts, Amira spent more than £100,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her look and believes that a "woman's role is to please her man." She wrote about her procedures saying, "I am constantly fighting stigma [and] it takes a lot of courage to stand by your beliefs, dreams, [and] lifestyle when it's considered 'controversial.' I find it interesting that my beliefs are being judged as being controversial when in reality they are far from it — they are traditional if anything."

She also shared a before and after comparison picture of what she looked like prior to getting all her procedures on Instagram. She labeled herself as a "regular girl" in the before picture, and a "top-tier plastic Bimbo" in the after picture. From Amira's perspective, looking as plastic as possible is the best way to live. She will continue fighting back against the backlash she receives because she loves the way she looks.


Justin Jedlica

Turning into a human Ken doll was always the plan for Justin Jedlica. After nearly 1000 cosmetic procedures, he's altered his body enough to resemble a Ken doll you'd see on a toy store shelf. According to All That's Interesting, Jedlica's interest in plastic surgery began rearing its head when his family relocated to North Carolina in his childhood. The change in scenery opened his young mind to new ideas.


He talked about his blossoming interest in surgically changing his appearance, saying, "From a young age, I was infatuated with people like Joan Rivers, Dolly Parton, and Michael Jackson, and plastic surgery was something that ticked a couple boxes for me. First and foremost, I grew up in sort of a lower-income family, and to me, plastic surgery was something rich people did." 

In total, Jedlica has spent around $1 million making changes to his natural physique. Some of those changes include rhinoplasty and silicone implants in his biceps, triceps, and pecs. He also had his cheeks, lips, buttocks, and chin augmented. He now has 165,000 followers on Instagram where he talks about his life as an influencer, reality TV star, aesthetics consultant, and custom implant designer.


Jessica Alves

Jessica Alves, formerly known as Rodrigo Alves, came out as transgender in 2020. According to New Zealand Herald, she invested $1.4 million in over 100 cosmetic procedures since getting started. At first, Alves wanted to look like another version of a human Ken doll. Now, she is showcasing a full-fledged Barbie look. Alves began dabbling in the world of plastic surgery at the young age of 17. The TV personality, model, and social media influencer now has 7.4 million followers on Instagram. 


She also runs an Only Fans page with a $15 per month subscription fee. Her social media is full of positive messages and uplifting captions to go along with images of her exaggerated figure, which includes large breasts, plump lips, a sleek jawline, and a tiny nose. She shouted out the 2023 "Barbie" movie in a recent Instagram post, writing, "Because Barbie can be anything, women can be anything." The hot pink dress she wore with matching pink accessories certainly gave Barbie vibes.

Valeria Lukyanova

When you first glance at a photo of Valeria Lukyanova, you might not believe that you're staring at an actual human being. She looks like an animated Barbie doll in all of her images, and that's thanks to loads of plastic surgery. You might assume that her images are also heavily filtered, edited, and photoshopped. In reality, Lukyanova doesn't really need to do anything special to her photos before posting. She actually looks like an animated Barbie doll in real life.


Plastic Surgeon Director of Manhattan Plastic Surgery Dr. Anthony LaBruna had a lot to say about Lukyanova's lifestyle choices. According to International Business Times, he estimates that her plastic surgery procedures cost upwards of $100,000 to $200,000. He also revealed that for someone to look like her, they would need to get a breast enhancement sizing up to 38DD and remove some of their ribs to achieve such a small waist. Lukyanova, who is also an opera singer, now has 1.9 million followers on Instagram and she appears to love keeping up with the Barbie aesthetic with an added anime twist.

Pixee Fox

An abundance of cosmetic procedures has changed Pixee Fox's life over the last several years. Daily Mail reports that she spent $120,000 on surgeries, including a procedure which saw six of her ribs removed in an attempt to achieve a waist measurement of only 14 inches. Hearing that she looks like an animated character isn't necessarily a problem for the Barbie doll look-a-like either. She says, "People often come up to me and say, 'Don't take this the wrong way, but you look like a cartoon.' But for me, that's a compliment. That's what I want to achieve."


Her Instagram bio reveals that she's a "former electrician who got famous for having plastic surgery." She also mentions that she has dreams of becoming an actor someday. She currently has 464,000 followers keeping up with everything she's got going on. Her content focuses on her extremely tiny waist and Barbie-like facial features. She doesn't shy away from sharing her passion for cosmetic procedures, including dissolving chin fat and RF treatments to tighten her facial skin (via Instagram).

Dalia Naeem

Dalia Naeem's goal was to transform into Barbie with the help of plastic surgery. According to The Premier Daily, she would not be allowed to receive any further cosmetic procedures in Australia since, with 43 procedures under her belt, she's already maxed out the number of procedures she can legally have. Traveling to different countries to press on with her plastic surgery habit is the Iraq-based model's only option moving forward. The exact amount of money she's spent on plastic surgery isn't readily available to the public, but it's safe to say she's invested quite a bit to achieve her results. 


Naeem has a little less than 1 million followers on Instagram, where she describes herself as a presenter and actor. The pictures and videos she shares on social media showcase just how cartoonish her appearance is at this juncture. Her long blond hair, pale blue eyes, and plumped pink lips are truly reminiscent of a Barbie doll. Lip fillers and a breast augmentation are a couple of the cosmetic procedures she's had so far.

Jazmyn Forrest

There's no slowing Jazmyn Forrest down when it comes to her decision to look like a "real life Barbie princess." According to, she got started in the plastic surgery world at 18 years old. As of now, she's spent more than $100,000 AUD to achieve her results. Even though she's already done quite a bit to emulate the Barbie aesthetic, she isn't planning to put an end to her plastic surgery journey just yet. 


She opened up about her love of plastic surgery saying, "I saw girls with fake boobs and noticed how the pretty women got treated so much better. I knew from then I had to invest in my body. With each surgery, I really do great treated better by both men and women, while my confidence also skyrockets." She went on to explain that she believes that she wouldn't have gotten where she is in life today without her augmented appearance, and ignores the hate she gets from other people about her appearance. In addition to her breast enhancement, lipsouction, and lip filler, Forrest has also had Botox injections and filler injected into her chin, temples, nasolabial folds, and cheeks, and has undergone surgeries in South Korea and Los Angeles.


Nikki Exotica

It looks like Nikki Exotika is truly living a Barbie lifestyle these days. According to The Sun, Exotika spent £750,000 to become a real-life Barbie doll over the course of two decades. She used to go by the name of Jason Torres before transitioning. As a child, she was on the receiving end of bullying for many years, being called cruel names and getting beaten up by hateful students. She spent time focused on idols like Barbie and Madonna instead of letting the harsh treatment ruin her life. 


When Exotika was 19, she officially transitioned with gender reassignment surgery. After that, she opted for a couple of breast augmentation surgeries, Adam's apple reduction, and three nose jobs. She explained, "My body has had gallons of silicone, I've spent a lot on changing everything from my head to my toes, breasts, and body. I didn't just want to be pretty, I wanted to be gorgeous, stunning ..." With more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and having spent more than $1 million on surgery, Exotika has not taken a break from showcasing her true Barbie aesthetic.

Mary Magdalene

A well-known biblical figure inspires Mary Magdalene's name, but her appearance is inspired by none other than Barbie. Daily Mail reports that she almost died on the operating table trying to achieve the results of her dreams. She spent over $100,000 on her procedures, including one to create a smaller Barbie-style nose and slanted cat-style eyes. The shirts Magdalene wears have to be large enough to fit over her 38J breast implants. 


Magdalene complained about American surgeons and her nose job, saying, "It's a very fake-looking Barbie nose, which is exactly what I asked for. So many surgeons said it was not possible for me to have this type of nose because of my three prior nose jobs." She ventured over to Russia to get exactly what she wanted after being turned away by doctors in the US.

The main detail about Magdalene that strays away from a Barbie doll image is her tattoo art. She's covered in tattoos from head to toe. Some of the tattoos you'll spot on Magdalene's body cover her forehead, her chest, and her arms. One of the "talents" she enjoys showing off is her ability to balance drinks on her breasts and backside. In a pinned Instagram post, she's seen posing with a bottle of wine perched on her left boob. In another recent shot on Instagram, she's seen chilling in a pool with a cup of liquor perched on her tattooed bottom. 


Amanda Ahola

Another plastic surgery lover who almost died getting work done is Amanda Ahola. According to Mirror, she paid £15,000 for three breast augmentation surgeries and £4,000 to make her nose look more like Barbie's. Coming close to the brink of death from plastic surgery procedures is a sign that someone is beyond dedicated to making significant changes to their outward appearance. Ahola admits that her webcam modeling career and help from an online sugar daddy are the reasons she was able to pay for the surgeries.


Amanda described the haunting tale of her third boob job, explaining, "My latest surgery ... I nearly died. I don't really remember but I have little flashbacks of going to the surgery room and then I remember waking up to a really weird dream that I was in a hospital bed and then I see my mum and my boyfriend Alekski. My mum did not know I was having the surgery. They started crying and my mum told me that something happened after the surgery and they asked me, 'Do you remember us? Because you didn't yesterday.'" Surgery complications caused swelling in her brain, which led to a seizure. As of now, Ahola is alive and well with size 30GG boobs.

Ophelia Vanity

Ophelia Vanity spent $35,000 on plastic surgery to pull off a Barbie girl aesthetic. Although Vanity is of Icelandic and Chinese descent, her aspiration to look Caucasian drove her to make some changes. She opened up about her decision to Barcroft TV (via Next Shark), saying, "I just think that Barbie is very iconic. I'm definitely not trying to be racist. There are dolls and Barbies, especially nowadays, of every height, skin color, and ethnicity. But I've always just been drawn to more of the iconic Barbie look. So that's why I would like to look more Caucasian — to have more of the mainstream iconic look." 


She went on to explain that she used to get bullied for her eyes. Through the bullying, she developed the desire to pursue eyelid surgery. The eyelid surgery alone cost $4,000. Vanity's social media presence is quite impressive at this time with 81.1 thousand followers. In her Instagram bio, she refers to herself as an LA model, human doll, TV personality, and influencer. She shares loads of pictures that showcase Barbie aesthetics in mixed and matched pink attire with bright blue color contacts.

Nannette Hammond Loschiavo

With 89.5 thousand followers on Instagram, Nannette Hammond Loschiavo is proud to show photo proof of her plastic surgery results. Daily Star reveals that she's spent £350,000 to look like a human Barbie doll, and she has no plans of slowing down. Maintaining a youthful look by turning back the clock with plastic surgery is her ultimate goal. Although surgery has created some anxiety in her in the past, it hasn't been enough to stop her from scheduling procedures and moving forward with her goals. She explained, "I'm going to keep looking like a Barbie right until I'm 70, or probably longer!"


In addition to breast augmentations, Hammond Loschiavo has undergone vaginal rejuvenation. She also complements her look with less invasive procedures, such as daily tanning, hair bleaching, semi-permanent makeup, veneers, and Botox injections.

Loschiavo announced her divorce in an Instagram post on June 3, 2023. Her Instagram bio now references the fact that she is a "single Barbie doll." She also mentions the fact that she modeled for Playboy as a playmate at least once in her career before becoming an Uber driver. Most of the pictures she posts are far from G-rated as she seems to be very comfortable in tiny bikinis and revealing lingerie.

Tara Jayne

Getting enough plastic surgery to resemble a plastic Barbie doll is a way of life for Tara Jayne, who is also a cosmetic nurse. According to 7 News, she's invested $200,000 AUD on plastic surgery to look exactly the way she wants to look. She isn't ashamed of her decision to follow this route, either. "Plastic surgery gives me a sense of empowerment," she explained. "And I think in this day and age, it's very important for a woman to be able to express the way they feel and just express everything about beauty. Plastic surgery is how I do that."


She went on to say, "[Plastic surgery] gives me the confidence to be the best version of myself, and it's all about feeling empowered as a woman." Her procedures include loads of Botox, six nose jobs, and five breast augmentations. Jayne currently has 202,000 followers on Instagram where she calls herself "Australia's Limited Edition Barbie Doll." While Jayne typically rocks dark brunette hair, she occasionally dons a blond wig to create more of a stereotypical Barbie vibe.