How To Transition The Coastal Cowgirl Look Into Fall

TikTok aesthetics often come and go, but a few are winners that stick. Among the aesthetics with staying power are old money, dark academia, and Y2K — and this summer, coastal cowgirl has been all of the rage. "It combines the easy breezy coastal feel that comes from knits and oversized button-downs with classic 'cowgirl' essentials, like denim, western boots, big buckle belts, and even cowboy hats," stylist Samantha Sutton tells InStyle when describing the coastal cowgirl aesthetic. Though it sounds like a summer aesthetic, the unique look doesn't have to end when the temperature drops.

Rugged and bohemian come together for a coastal cowgirl look in the fall. In the summer, coastal cowgirl revolves around bikinis, spaghetti straps, and cut-off shorts. While in the fall, it's all about covering up with loose fabrics. Knowing specific pieces to have in your wardrobe and how to style them can give you the ultimate coastal cowgirl wardrobe for the upcoming fall season.

Loose, flowy, and oversized

Tight outfits are so overrated. The coastal cowgirl is a laid-back look ready to keep you warm without feeling constricted. To embrace the coastal cowgirl aesthetic this fall, opt for loose, oversized sweaters that drape off the shoulders. Also, avoid skinny jeans or tight leggings — instead reach for a maxi skirt or baggy denim.


Long-sleeve jumpsuits are the ultimate outfit — a one-and-done piece. Luckily, many of the boiler suit-esque jumpsuits also perfectly play into the coastal cowgirl wardrobe as they look like a piece that a cowgirl would work in on the farm. Dress it up with a pair of Western boots and a cute bag to top it off.

Cowgirl boots

No coastal cowgirl look is complete without a pair of boots — and cowboy, or rather, cowgirl boots are great for the fall season. Depending on the look, short or tall cowboy boots can work. We recommend never tucking your bottoms into the boots, but rather letting your longer bottoms and skirts drape over them.

Denim, denim, and more denim

Denim is essential for any wardrobe no matter your chosen aesthetic. In the coastal cowgirl wardrobe, head-to-toe denim will be a fall fashion staple. Not just denim jeans either — denim skirts and jumpsuits are also great options. Instagram fashion influencer @courtneymae_briggs brings the Canadian tuxedo look to life when she pairs a denim button-up with a slitted denim maxi skirt.


Embracing fringe is a fun way to add dimension to the coastal cowgirl wardrobe. A classic Western feature, fringe looks wonderful when added to denim. We recommend keeping warm with a denim jacket lined with fringe on the back. Opt for colorful fringe to add a surprising pop to more basic outfits.

Accessorizing is key

Accessories can make or break a coastal cowgirl look. Of course, no one can deny that a look fits the coastal cowgirl aesthetic when they have on a Western hat. Other key accessories that scream coastal cowgirl include chunky jewelry with turquoise touches, leather handbags, and chain waist belts over dresses.