6 Denim Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

No matter how trendy materials like satin, silk, or cotton get, there's no beating the timelessness and style of a good denim piece. One of the benefits of denim is that it can easily be found in different styles that fit your preferences. You don't need to struggle with styling or pairing denim pieces because they automatically go well with most of the items you already own. Thanks to its versatility, denim has become a must-have fabric for every season, regardless of the heat or humidity.

Denim pieces come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, making them flexible items that fit into any wardrobe, especially in the fall season. While denim jeans are a common choice, there are a few aspects to consider when picking a denim piece for the autumn. Although there are denim trends that may seem temporary, they'll likely serve your wardrobe long after fall ends. Regardless of what fashion trends come and go, you can always count on a reliable denim garment.

Low rise denim

Love it or hate it, low-rise denim is staying on-trend for another fall season. Low-rise denim jeans and skirts will be everywhere this fall thanks to the nostalgic Y2K style they bring. Low-rise jeans were a staple of that era and will add a street-style element to your fall wardrobe. For a cohesive look that will work the entire season, pair them with tailored pieces like belted trench coats.

Cargo jeans

Following the pattern of nostalgic denim trends, cargo denim jeans will also stay put for another season. Along with low-rise denim jeans, cargo jeans offer an easy way to achieve a laidback and casual look. In addition to providing plenty of pockets, cargo jeans tend to have a baggy silhouette that gives you an edgy and carefree vibe. As the ultimate cool-girl denim, cargo jeans are a must-have for your fall closet.

Darker denim

While light and medium-wash denim have dominated recent denim trends, it's time to take a look at darker denim. Sleek and modern, dark denim washes will see a boom this fall. Dark denim pieces with a tailored fit are perfect for giving your autumn wardrobe a sophisticated look without eliminating the casual vibe. Whether you're headed out for an event or running errands, dark denim pieces dress up your looks and are a simple switch you can make for your closet.

Undefined shapes

Forget skinny jeans, mom jeans, or straight jeans. This fall, it's all about undefined and baggy shapes. Slouchy and oversized jeans are becoming even more popular this season, and they're all about comfort and a carefree structure. With no defined shape or fit, these jeans are perfect for days when you're looking for something simple yet on-trend. To create a chic contrast, pair the jeans with structured pieces like coats or tailored tops.

Ultra maxi skirts

We've already witnessed the rise of volumized maxi skirts in fashion, with their extraordinary volume and lengths. Denim maxi skirts take this trend to the next level by combining a classic material with an uncommon length. Maxi skirts that brush along the floor will be the must-have denim piece for the fall season, as they provide both coverage and style. These denim maxi skirts are a seasonal variation of the traditional denim miniskirt and pair perfectly with your sweaters and coats.

Denim on denim

Double denim looks, made famous by Britney and Justin in the '90s, are still making waves in fashion today. This simple yet impactful outfit formula will be the go-to for the fall. Since denim pieces are easy to obtain, there's no doubt that double denim will be seen everywhere. The retro but modern look is perfect for those who want to add a nostalgic feel to the trend. If you're after a less traditional vibe, pair different washes of denim.