'Techcessorizing' Is The Hottest Way To Make Your Devices Part Of Your Outfit

Technology is almost always in our pockets, around our wrists, or in our ears; after all, it's convenient and makes our lives easier — to the point that we can likely call it an accessory. Merriam-Webster defines an accessory as "an object or device that is not essential in itself but adds to the beauty, convenience, or effectiveness of something else." Wouldn't you say technology adds convenience and even chicness to your life and wardrobe?

In a new trend known as "techcessorizing," we're seeing more and more people use technology to spice up their looks. If we're going to have, say, AirPods or an Apple Watch on our person anyway, why not make them intentional parts of our outfits? The trend seemed to emerge and blossom as people noticed en masse the stylish look of Apple's AirPods Max headphones, but big headphones aren't the only noticeable tech accessory. In fact, small details can make a big impact, so don't be afraid to accessorize your watch bands, phone cases, and more to amplify your look.

Over-the-ear headphones

Now the latest street-style accessory, headphones were previously lost in the wind with the popularity of smaller earbuds until fashion "it-girls" seemed to notice the stylish effect these bulkier headphones had. Of course, Y2K nostalgia is nothing new, and these headphones are certainly a blast from the past. As such, big and bulky over-the-ear designs add an early aughts cool-girl element to any outfit.

Fashion-forward watch bands

Apple Watches are undoubtedly one of the most convenient pieces of wearable tech, but rubber watch bands can be an eyesore. Luckily, these are easy to replace with fashion-forward alternatives. Instagram influencer @satomura_34 showed us the perfect way to do so, as she replaced the classic Apple watch band with a chunky silver chain, though the options here are endless.

Designer phone cases

Add luxury to your outfit with a phone case featuring a designer logo. These often have lower price points than other designer items but still give the same effect, showing that you have nice taste. For instance, the Agood Company iPhone 13 Pro Vegetal Case from Yves Saint Laurent is just $95, compared to simple black pumps of the same brand that run for $1,150. Ultimately, your phone is with you everywhere you go, so boasting a designer name on it is an instant 'fit boost.

AirPod chains and straps

Losing a pair of wireless earbuds is a common, not to mention expensive, accident. Luckily, there's a way to prevent this while staying stylish. Tapper is one of several brands creating unique chains that hold your AirPods around your neck. Whether they slip out of your ears or you need a break from your favorite tunes, you can ensure your earbuds will stay around your neck in the chicest-possible way.

The phone purse

Thanks to modern technology, the need to lug around a huge purse is often nonexistent. Instead, everything from your keys to your debit card can be stored digitally (thank you for your service, Apple Pay). Luckily, fashion design has kept up with the times. Instead of carrying around an unnecessary bag, opt for a sleek phone case purse. This keeps your phone snug while having a shoulder or crossbody strap for easy travel.