Baroque Nails Are The Over-The-Top Manicure Trend To Make You Feel Like Royalty

If you're craving something above and beyond when it comes to your nail salon visit, then this lively, abundant manicure may be just the one for you. A sharp turn from some of the more subtle, understated manicure trends, baroque nails don't pump the breaks when it comes to embellishments. With several celestial themes, jewels, saints, and gems, these nails truly do resemble the beauty of a temple. "The look is embossed, dark, and ethereal," celebrity nail artist, Elle Gerstein, told Byrdie. "I think the newer spin-off trend of this is coquette, where you're lightening it up and making it more pastel and less royal. Baroque and coquette balance each other very well."

The artistry of this nail trend is the maximalist's dream, and no corners are cut when it comes to shining as loud, bright, and strong as these nails do. The baroque nails are a look for the golden age, and we are more than here for it.

Golden and glimmering

These romantic, ethereal, glamorous nails with gold embellishments are just too dreamy. Out of this world in the best of ways, this maximalist trend will turn heads unlike just about any other manicure. Pearly, glimmering, and as heavenly as can be, this look has us swooning with the biggest of heart eyes. While some may save nails like this for New Year's Eve, we say, why not now?

Pretty in pink

Like something out of a fairy tale, these princess-perfect nails are ideal for those who love frills and bows. With the perfect shades of pale rose pink, this baroque manicure isn't one we'll be forgetting anytime soon. With angelic themes, this nail art trend is optional for any grand occasion.

Autumn tones

With these deep autumnal colors, this baroque manicure is nothing short of unique and enchanting. The perfect fall time bash, these burnt oranges and deep yellows complement the glimmering gold embellishments we love to see. In other words, look no further than this inspo for your early autumn nail appointment.

A royal celebration

Possibly the most classic take on this gemstone-studded trend, these primary colors are the bold and bright aesthetic we like to see in the beloved baroque mani. Truly fit for a queen, the royal energy of this artistry just can't be beaten. Ruby reds and sapphire blues, this manicure shines bright. While sitting for this style may take some patience, the results will be well worth it.

Sweet and soft

A softer take on the baroque manicure, these delicate, pale pink, and teal nails are lush, feminine, and full of the dainty details we love to see in this trend. With gentle energy but the same intricate designs we know and love from this look, this version of the trend is a great middle-ground for those hesitant to go all in.

Royal blue

Like a perfect antique wallpaper, this baroque-inspired look has us head-over-heels with its intricate design and perfectly neat layout. Royal blue and as jaw-droppingly beautiful as it gets, we're all about this vibe. While this manicure may not exhibit the gems and jewels of the baroque trend, it's still top-tier in our minds.

Energetically embellished

The eclectic energy of this baroque mani is what this trend is all about. Golden angel details, crosses, and stars, these embellishments are swoonworthy. With multicolored nails and a square nail shape, we're loving the eye-catching vibe of this style. After all, there's no such thing as too much when it comes to this mani.

Your heart's desire

A clean yet lavish take on the trend, this black and red manicure has truly set our hearts on fire. With a dark and light contrast, we're all about the ruby red jewels and gold embellishments. Like a true queen of hearts, this look is magical in the strongest of ways.