20 Makeup Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram For Major Beauty Inspo

There are so many places to turn when it comes to beauty inspo on social media. Thanks to websites and apps like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, makeup artists have open platforms to express themselves creatively and show off their skill sets. Instagram is still one of the best places to find beauty inspiration from MUAs who really know what they're doing with an eyeshadow palette and a tube of lipstick. Ever since Instagram implemented the Reel feature, makeup artists have had even more of an opportunity to share videos that break down the steps they take to create unforgettable looks. 


For makeup artists who want to build their brands and snag opportunities to work with celebrities, Instagram is one of the smartest networking routes to take. And those online makeup tutorials are a great help for non-professionals who may find the cosmetics landscape difficult to navigate. The following makeup artists will spark some major beauty inspiration the next time you have some free time to do some scrolling on Instagram.

Danny Ledezma

One talented makeup artist to pay attention to right now is Danny Ledezma. With 21 years of experience, he's classified as a true professional in the industry. Anyone who's interested in getting their makeup done for special competitions or stage performances can rely on Ledezma to make it happen. He's dedicated to helping people with special occasion makeup, so if you want an unforgettable look for your birthday, baby shower, or a wild night out with your besties, he's someone you can turn to.


Brides who want to look absolutely flawless on their wedding day can trust that Ledezma will create beautiful fairytale results to go along with their dress, veil, and accessories of choice. He's located in Orange County, Los Angeles, and the inland empire of California. His willingness to travel to different areas in southern California to provide his services shows that he cares about his clientele.

Nam Vo

​​Beauty lovers who prefer showcasing a dewy look will find inspiration from Nam Vo. With more than 441,000 followers on Instagram, she certainly knows what she's talking about when it comes to creating a perfect dewy glow that somehow doesn't look oily or sweaty. Playing around with dewy makeup can be tricky since no one wants to look like they just ran a marathon in 90-degree heat. She showcases the step-by-step process required to make sure her dewy glow looks clean, fresh, and angelic.


In many of her tutorial videos, she starts off with a wet foundation rubbed in with her finger and a beauty blender. She'll follow that up with full coverage concealer, dual finish highlighter, and glossy lip. The fact that she's always able to pull off such a complex makeup trend in her day-to-day life says a lot about how talented she is in the makeup industry.

Aniyah S.

If you haven't already been checking for Aniya S. and her makeup skills, now is a great time to hit that follow button. Her whimsical makeup style is incredibly fairytale-esque and animated. There's something divine about her ability to paint ocean waves, fruit slices, galaxy stars, and other impressive designs around her eyes. Having fun with eyeshadow is something plenty of makeup artists do on their various social media platforms.


Taking a colorful palette of eyeshadow makeup and turning it into artwork on your face is a completely different story, though. This MUA goes all out with every design she comes up with. She's also beyond talented when it comes to costume art that would fit into a creepier category. Although you might not want to rock a made-up zombie face on a first date, it would be fun to dress up like a zombie with matching makeup for a special occasion like Halloween. She's the type of makeup artist who can accommodate that.

Katie Jane Hughes

Katie Jane Hughes is a New York City makeup artist who was born in England. Soon enough, she'll be launching her KJH makeup brand for fans to check out. With more than 873,000 followers on Instagram, it's safe to say she is one of the most inspirational beauty influencers with a platform to showcase her talent right now. The tutorials she posts have an incredible range since she doesn't always follow the same patterns in every single video.


In one Instagram video that she shared on June 5, 2023, she gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to give yourself natural-looking freckles on your cheekbones and nose. On July 5, she showed everyone how they can achieve the perfect grunge-style eye makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. And in a couple of pictures shared on July 6, she showed off several different summer-ready looks with different combinations of eyeshadow colors.

Mary Phillips

Getting the chance to work with famous celebrities is a big deal for any makeup artist. This happens to be the case for Mary Phillips, who's worked with the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey, Bieber, and Hailee Steinfeld. When it comes to the Kardashian family, she's done makeup for Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner in recent months. Her Instagram Reels prove that she knows exactly what she's doing in the industry.


Helping celebrities look their best for magazine cover photo shoots, red carpet events, and everything else happening in their busy schedules is a huge responsibility for a makeup artist to take on. It seems to be something Phillips is handling with ease now that she has 2.2 million followers keeping up with her content. Phillips' TikTok account is another great place to follow since she shares loads of videos breaking down the different makeup looks she applies to celebrities.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson considers herself to be the OG of YouTube. Whether you agree with such a bold statement or not, there's no denying that she is a true talent in the makeup industry. Her Instagram bio reads, "Your virtual bff, trying to bring some joy, realness & fun to ur day." She goes on to say that she offers tips for cooking, DIY, and beauty as well. Her beauty tips are definitely worth analyzing and exploring. With 20 years of experience as a makeup artist, Johnson can accomplish any look a client might request. 


In a video she shared on May 9, she compared before-and-after images of a young woman who wanted to look like a vintage '90s girl in perfect glam for her senior prom. Johnson used her caption to explain exactly what she did to create that vintage look: Matte foundation, dramatic black eyeshadow, spiky crisscross lashes, orangey pink blush, and a silvery glitter highlight are just a few of the products she incorporated. Johnson doesn't keep anything a secret and uses full transparency when showing off the looks she creates.

Tatiana Rose

Tatiana Rose is the perfect definition of a multitalented beauty. Along with being a makeup artist, she's also a photographer and a dancer. Straight out of Sydney, Australia, Rose has been making a name for herself in the beauty industry for quite some time. A quick scroll through her Instagram reveals just how intricate her makeup looks can get. On July 18, 2023, she posted a close-up shot of some eye makeup resembling butterfly wings. It was painted with swirls of baby blue, royal blue, baby pink, and hot pink.


Playing around with powerfully pigmented colors isn't the easiest thing to navigate, but it's something Rose has mastered. On July 11, 2023, she posted a picture showing off dramatic eye makeup using press-on decals. You have to have an incredibly steady hand and a high level of confidence as a makeup artist to be able to use decals in such a complicated manner.

Nick Lujan

Nick Lujan is a superstar MUA who others on the rise aspire to be. They offer consultations and freelance makeup appointments to folks interested in looking absolutely fabulous. Lujan has been in the game for more than 18 years and also owns a skincare company called The Sugar Xaddy. On that particular Instagram page, their focus shifts to sugaring, facials, waxing, and sunscreen usage advice.


On their main Instagram page, though, you'll see some gorgeous makeup that looks mystical and magical in all the right ways. Some of their most recent posts showcase artsy makeup that represents the beauty of a mermaid geisha. Scroll down further to see some of Lujan's makeup art done on their own face. They don't shy away from showing off their favorite makeup products, whether they're working with concealer, brightening corrector, blush, highlighter, or something else. This is one makeup artist who never fails to rise to the occasion.

Nikkie de Jager

Nearly everyone in the beauty industry has heard of Nikkie de Jager by this point in time. She goes by Nikkie Tutorials on Instagram, and she's the founder of a makeup brand called Nimya. Nimya is proudly LGBTQ-owned, with products including setting spray, eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, and primer. De Jager is highly popular, with makeup tutorials on YouTube, but she also shares snippets of her YouTube content on the 'gram.


Her bouncy personality and high energy make her content incredibly fun. To top it off, she keeps up with the trends whenever there's a talking point that needs to be covered. For example, with the opening of the "Barbie" movie in 2023, Jager dropped a Barbie makeup tutorial for her fans to fawn over. Since she's a transgender woman, she added a caption that read, "This Barbie was born a Ken." What a way to help other transgender individuals feel seen and validated.

Michelle Phan

One of the first makeup artists to make a splash on YouTube was Michelle Phan. Now, she's just as popular on Instagram. The talented beauty has 1.8 million followers as it stands today with plenty of makeup tutorials to spark some inspiration in you. Whether she's dressing up to look like Barbie, an anime doll, or a pop star, Phan's makeup looks are always top-tier. 


She has an uncanny way of making sure her makeup matches her accessories perfectly while showcasing the exact vibe she's going for. In one of her Instagram videos from July 10, 2023, she shows her followers exactly how to use a mini palette knife in their makeup routine. The knife isn't sharp the way a kitchen knife is, but it's shaped in a way to help you create a balanced and even look. Thanks to Phan, using makeup products like that knife are no longer so daunting.

Huda Kattan

Anyone who's heard of Huda Beauty already knows a thing or two about Huda Kattan. The MUA and blogger is beyond inspirational for creating such an amazing platform on social media. Makeup lovers look up to her because she's candid, honest, and genuine. What you see is what you get with Kattan, who carefully applies her makeup in tutorials for the world to see. One of her specialties is posting lipstick and lip stain tutorials to give her followers the right guidance on making sure their lip color comes out flawlessly.


In a video she shared on June 7, 2023, she started off by covering her lips in concealer that matched the rest of her face. Then she dusted her lips with a dry powder. After that, she applied lipliner starting at the heart-shaped dip on her top lip. She filled in her lips with a lighter shade of shiny lip stain that blended perfectly with the lipliner. Lipstick advice, among other things, is easy to find on her page.

Manuel Gutierrez Jr.

Manuel Gutierrez Jr. is affectionately known as Manny MUA by his 4 million social media followers. His YouTube channel is popping, and these days, so is his Instagram. His devoted fans absolutely adore his content, and it's been that way for years. Gutierrez is the brilliant mind behind Lunar Beauty, a brand dedicated to cosmetics and personal care. Anyone looking for lip oils, lipstick, lashes, and other beauty products will find what they're looking for at Lunar Beauty.


Gutierrez has been posting beauty content for quite some time, so it makes a lot of sense that he's amassed so many fans and followers. He usually shows off makeup art on his own face with several video examples to prove how talented he is. On June 12, 2023, he shared a photo thread of himself next to a model to show off both of their freshly beaten faces. The clean-cut eyeliner, subtle pink highlights on his cheekbones, and perfectly shaped eyebrows speak volumes about his skill set.

Jackie Aina

​​Jackie Aina is a Los Angeles-based digital creator who makes lifestyle content for beauty lovers in need of serious inspo. When she's getting ready to "glam herself up" for a special event, she makes sure to film the process for her followers to observe. On June 27, 2023, she shared a video of herself preparing to go on tour. One of the most interesting details from the video is that she used a color corrector in a shade of orange around her lips.


One of the reasons Aina is so popular on social media is that she knows how to explain herself in a way that makes sense to people who are well-versed in the makeup world, as well as those who are beginners in the realm of cosmetic terminology. The fact that she tells engaging and entertaining stories while doing her makeup is another reason fans are so drawn to her.

Jaclyn Hill

​​There's no reason true makeup lovers shouldn't already be following Jaclyn Hill on Instagram. She has 8.6 million people on her follow list since she offers some of the most solid cosmetic advice ever. For much of 2023, a lot of her Instagram content revolved around her nuptials. On her wedding day, her makeup looked just as stunning as it does in her regularly scheduled social media content.


Hill is the type of beauty influencer who will get you feeling more comfortable with beauty products you might be hesitant about. For example, some people don't want to bother with blush because they think it makes them look too fake or animated. Hill doesn't shy away from her use of blush, and she encourages her followers to experiment with it as well. Her gentle advice is helpful without coming off too strong. She always shares her messages with visual representation to prove she knows what she's talking about.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is the founder of an eponymous makeup brand, and naming it after herself was a brilliant business move. What makes her even more impressive is that she's a New York Times bestselling author and the Global Creative Director of Lancôme. Lancôme is one of the world's most noteworthy cosmetic companies for customers who prioritize luxury and opulence. A huge reason Eldridge has attracted so many supportive fans is that she maintains a wonderful sense of honesty and candor.


She doesn't keep people in the dark about her intentions, her motivations, or her driving factors in the beauty industry. She's opened up about her relationship with beauty and identity, the reason she got involved with makeup in the first place, and what it was like to launch her brand. It's exciting to know that she's worked with famous celebrities like Dua Lipa, Olivia Wilde, and Camila Cabello.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang deserves to become a household name in the world of makeup due to how truly talented she is. She's based out of Texas and Los Angeles, and describes herself as being "beauty obsessed." Working with a makeup artist who splits herself between more than one location is a huge win. 


Tang consistently drops concise lists of all the products she uses in her makeup tutorials, which is a very thoughtful thing to do, and it means that her viewers never have to guess what she is using if they want to copy one of her looks. Some MUAs keep their product lists a secret, but Tang is the opposite of a gatekeeping beauty influencer. In an Instagram video she posted on June 26, 2023, she revealed that she was using products from Charlotte Tilbury, L'Oréal Paris, Fenty Beauty, and more as a way of keeping things totally transparent.

Christen Dominique

Beauty is a way of life for Christen Dominique. Her Instagram bio says, "Be kind. Stay humble. Work hard." And there's no denying that she's certainly worked hard to create such a platform for herself with 1.8 million followers in the mix. Newcomers to the makeup world will find solace in following Dominique's page since she provides insight and advice to people who don't always know exactly what they're doing. You don't have to be a makeup expert to keep up with her instructions.


She walks through the steps in a very gentle and basic way. In a post she shared on July 25, 2023, she broke down exactly how you're supposed to apply bronzer. Although applying bronzer might sound like something most makeup lovers would already know how to do on a basic level, it can bring more confusion than you'd guess. Dominique patiently and lovingly explains exactly how you can apply bronzer (and other makeup products) on your own.

Tati Westbrook

There's so much to say about Tati Westbrook and her career as a makeup influencer. She's incredibly popular on YouTube, with 9 million subscribers, but following her on Instagram is just as exciting. With 2.3 million followers on the 'gram, she knows how to keep people engaged and coming back for more. Westbrook is the CEO of a cosmetic brand called Halo Beauty, which makes a lot of sense since she's such an expert in the industry.


In a video she posted on June 7, 2023, she showed what it takes to create a quick and natural look that can be worn on a daily basis. One of the lovely things she does is list all the products she uses in each video for her followers to purchase for themselves. If a specific product doesn't make the cut, though, she won't add it to the list. She refuses to lead anyone astray with products that aren't top-tier.

Patrick Starr

When you hear the name Patrick Star, the pink starfish from "SpongeBob SquarePants" might come to mind. Right now, though, we're thinking of Patrick Starr (two r's), the talented makeup artist who is completely viral on social media. He has 4.3 million followers on Instagram, and his vibrant content is incredibly fun to see. Scrolling through Starr's Instagram page makes you feel like you're attending some sort of outlandishly colorful party.


He's always in the mood for celebration and giving off the highest vibrations. Starr is the type of beauty influencer that makes you feel like you're actually one of his friends in real life. He's about skincare just as much as he is about makeup. One of the famous celebs he gave a facial to at the beginning of 2023 happened to be John Legend! He's teamed up with other super-talented and noteworthy people to build more brand awareness, and some of those famous faces include Cher and Drew Barrymore.

Shayla Mitchell

Shayla Mitchell is a makeup artist worth checking out. By the way, she's not to be confused with "Pretty Little Liars" actor Shay Mitchell. This Mitchell is all about that glam life, based on her Instagram page, which currently boasts 3.2 million followers. Along with showcasing her makeup skills, she also cares about fashion. Her dual interests prove that she's a well-rounded woman who knows what it takes to look fabulous no matter the event.


Her skill set in the makeup world garners an abundance of attention since she shows her followers the exact steps required to achieve her gorgeous final results. Whether she's doing a look that won't take too long to apply, or she's ready to invest an hour or two into her face, her makeup tutorials are always wonderful to watch. They're incredibly calming, soothing, and relaxing, since she doesn't usually distract with conversation while doing her thing.