36 Taylor Swift-Inspired Tattoo Ideas To Commemorate The Eras Tour

If you're a die-hard Swiftie, getting a Taylor Swift-inspired tattoo has probably crossed your mind at some point. Whether you're a relatively new fan, and especially if you're an old fan that's been listening for over a decade, you know how iconic the Eras Tour is — which means there's no better time to get a Taylor Swift tattoo!

With a vast collection of meaningful lyrics and rich imagery to choose from, sometimes, the hard part isn't choosing to get the tattoo but choosing what to get. Just like the Eras Tour covers Swift's whole discography, you can do the same when looking for tattoo ideas. Meaningful tattoos are always en vogue (a tattoo is permanent, after all), so you can start with your favorite songs.

But that doesn't mean fun tattoos are out of the picture; there's plenty of Taylor Swift-related imagery that can create gorgeous or funny tattoos. Best of all, you can make your tattoo as obvious or subtle as you like with your designs and placement. These tattoo ideas will linger like a tattoo kiss and inspire your next ink session.

To live for the hope of it all

This line is arguably one of the most heart-wrenching lyrics in the song "August," describing living for the hope of meeting with a lover that isn't even yours to yearn for. But it takes on a more inspirational tone when it's on its own. This quote is the perfect tattoo for the lovers out there who live for the hope of it all, despite life's setbacks.

Moon and Saturn pair tattoo

While some believe matching friendship tattoos are bad luck, if you and your bestie just can't help it, A moon and Saturn-paired tattoo is a meaningful choice. Inspired by the song "Seven," where Swift describes loving an old childhood friend "to the moon and to Saturn," it has such a sweet sentiment that's perfect for you and a family member or a longtime bestie.

Archer bow and arrow

The "Lover" album is rife with romantic tattoo ideas and imagery. If "The Archer” is one of your favorite tracks, an archery bow and arrow tattoo is a pretty choice. It also draws connections to Cupid's bow, making it even more romantic. A bow and arrow tattoo isn't obviously linked to Taylor Swift, so it's a subtler idea if you want a toned-down tattoo.

Long story short, I survived

A tattooed quote can provide a much-needed reminder when you need it, especially if you place it strategically where you can always see it, like on your forearm. This lyric from the song "Long Story Short" is an inspirational one to remind you that no matter your story (and all the ups and downs that come with life), you will survive.

Abbreviated quote

Quote tattoos can be lengthy and can take up a fair amount of real estate on your body. If you don't want (or can't) commit that much space, you can abbreviate a quote instead. This one is also inspired by the lyric "Long story short, I survived," but instead of writing out the entire line, it just takes the first letter from each word. It has the same sentiment but makes for a much smaller tattoo.

Lover script

The "Lover" lettering is so iconic — it's gorgeous and just looks romantic. If this passionate album is one of your favorites, and if you identify as a hopeless romantic yourself, then it's a stunning and simple tattoo idea. You don't need to stick to black lettering, either. Instead, you can opt for a deep pink like on the album cover or red to symbolize love and passion.

Lavender Haze

Floral and greenery tattoos are popular for good reason. They're already pretty in their own right, but they can also symbolize a range of different ideas. There are plenty of ways to choose a flower for your tattoo, including tattooing your favorite blooms or your birth month flower. For a subtle Taylor Swift tattoo, consider a bunch of lavender inspired by the song "Lavender Haze."

Folklore and Evermore in color

Many Swifties have an album from her discography that they consider life-changing, and for many of us, "Folklore" and "Evermore" take this spot. If you're looking for a way to commemorate your favorite album, you can incorporate them into a larger tattoo, like a floral and hearts design. That way, it's meaningful to you, but the album title isn't the star of the show.


Of course, you can make an album title the main focus as well. Many of Taylor Swift's albums have fabulous names that work as their own standalone tattoo — and "Fearless" might be one of our favorites. It represents so much on its own, as a reminder for you to make decisions without fear, and also ties directly to Swift's music.

Mirrorball lyric

"Mirrorball" is another one of those heartbreaking tracks off of "Folklore." It's immediately relatable to anyone who feels like they don't quite fit in but can't resist trying. That's the sentiment behind the line, "I've never been a natural, all I do is try, try, try," which makes a perfect tattoo paired with a disco mirrorball.

Mirrorball imagery

Don't want lyrics on your body? Go for imagery instead. A disco ball tattoo will always feel charming and fun, and this one is another subtler Taylor Swift tattoo idea that is only immediately noticeable to Swifties. Of course, this tattoo references the song "Mirrorball." The song title is another word to describe a spinning disco ball shimmering on the dance floor.

Burnt out match

Taylor Swift mentions matches a few times across her albums. She references striking a match in "Picture to Burn," taking matches before they can light a fire in "Dear John," and matches burning  in "Right Where You Left Me." If any (or all) of these songs have captured your heart, then a match tattoo is a stunning representation of your love for these tracks.

Barbed wire

The song "Invisible String" is full of lyrical gems — the track is about an invisible string that ties Taylor Swift to her lover, so there are plenty of romantic lines. One of our favorite lines reads, "Something wrapped all of my past mistakes in barbed wire." This lyric can be interpreted as her mistakes being wrapped in barbed wire and becoming less accessible as she meets her true love, the subject of the song. A barbed wire heart beautifully represents the sentiment of this song.

For book lovers

Want to combine your love of Taylor Swift and reading into one tattoo? This "Dear Reader" tattoo design incorporates both subjects perfectly, referencing the title of the song and acting as a call-out to fellow book lovers. Hand-written lettering is a lovely choice for this tattoo idea — it makes the message feel like it's been personally written out.


There's a song on almost every Taylor Swift album that references stars. Most notably, she even has a track called "Starlight" on the album "Red." If you love the look of star tattoos and you relate to any song lines that mention them (the line "You drew stars around my scars" in the song "Cardigan" is one that will always get us), a little star tattoo is a cute but subtle Swiftie tattoo idea.

Karma is a cat

With well over a decade in the spotlight, Taylor Swift has faced her fair share of drama, and the song "Karma" is one way of striking back. The line "Karma is a cat, purring in my lap 'cause it loves me" is straight-up iconic. You might not want to tattoo the whole lyric (it's a bit long, after all), but this karma tattoo with cat ears is an adorable way to represent the sentiment but in a simpler design. 

A gentle reminder

One reason why Taylor Swift's songs have captured the imagination of so many is their depth. Many of her lyrics speak directly to some of our most painful experiences of love, heartbreak, and loneliness. You can find plenty of gentle reminders peppered through her songs, but one of our favorites is the subject of this tattoo: The line "breathe in, breathe through" from the song in her new "Midnights" album "Labyrinth," which serves as a reminder that heartache is temporary.

Reputation quote

When Taylor Swift released "Reputation," lucky fans who ordered the album bundle from Target received a magazine full of poetry and artwork by the artist. This tattooed quote is part of a poem titled "Why She Disappeared," which explains why Swift disappeared from the spotlight for a bit. This inspirational quote reminds us of one of the often-overlooked benefits of rebuilding your reputation.

Cruel summer gate

Taylor Swift's songs can really paint a vivid picture. If you have a lyric that brings a certain image to mind, why not turn that idea into a personal tattoo? This colorful scene takes inspiration from the song "Cruel Summer," particularly the line "And I snuck in through the garden gate, every night that summer just to seal my fate." A scene like this is a stunning way to capture the idea of a lyric without needing to write it out.

Self-love reminder

We all sometimes need a reminder to love ourselves, especially when we're in a relationship. The song "Tolerate It" captures this sentiment with the line, "I know my love should be celebrated, but you tolerate it." If you've ever felt like you've been tolerated instead of celebrated, this tattooed quote is a reminder to put yourself first.

You drew stars around my scars

This poetic line from the song "Cardigan" can be interpreted as how a lover metaphorically views and decorates the speaker's scars (whether the scars are emotional or physical is up to your interpretation) with stars instead of shying away from them. It expresses the sentiment of someone seeing you for who you really are, scars and all. This Taylor Swift tattoo idea is a beautiful tribute tattoo for a loved one.

Lyric pair

Taylor Swift has plenty of lyrics that remind us that we're going to be alright, even after the hardest heartbreaks. Arguably one of the most poignant is from "Invisible String," where she describes "Time, mystical time, cutting me open, then healing me fine." This idea is a reminder we all need at some point, and since this line breaks nicely down the middle, one way to tattoo it is in two separate parts. Choose a symmetrical area for this tattoo idea, such as one line on each leg, arm, or side of your chest.


With its gothic-inspired elements, "Reputation" has plenty of fodder for tattoo ideas, the simplest of which is the album title itself. The "Reputation" font is perfect if you like traditional tattoos — it fits in nicely with the American traditional tattoo style and is a stylish choice for if you want a grungier rather than girly tattoo.

Reputation snake

The snake is the insignia of "Reputation" and is an alternative tattoo idea for if you want to commemorate the album, but don't want a text tattoo. Snake tattoos are fairly popular in general, so having one won't immediately signal you're a Swiftie. Plus, this tattoo looks gorgeous in a range of placements, from a small one on your finger, to a large and detailed full-back tattoo.

Taylor's Version

If you want a Taylor Swift tattoo that references the star directly, a "Taylor's Version" tattoo is undeniably tied to the singer. This tattoo is inspired by Swift's re-recorded albums, which she set out to remake under her own ownership since her old albums didn't legally belong to her. This tattoo idea can represent the powerful idea of reclamation in any sphere of your life.

Combine two different Taylor Swift symbols

The number 13 is Taylor Swift's favorite number, and it's one that you'll frequently see written on people's bodies and signs at her concerts. This tattoo represents it through Roman numerals, which gives it a more elegant look. A rain cloud may not seem like a Taylor Swift tattoo at first until you learn the meaning behind it. A gloomy rain tattoo is a sweet visual inspired by the lyric, "But the rain is always gonna come if you're standing with me," from her ballad "Peace."

All Too Well

One marker of being a true Swiftie is knowing all the lyrics to "All Too Well (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)" — also known as the 10-minute version of "All Too Well." If you've screamed this song on a car ride home, then you probably understand the need to get it permanently inked on your body. There's nothing more appropriate to pair this tattoo with than falling autumn leaves.


We all feel like Taylor Swift's version of the "Anti-Hero" sometimes (who hasn't related to the line "It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me" at some point in their lives?). If one of the biggest and most successful stars in the world feels this way, then that's just confirmation that it's part of being human. Remind yourself that you're not alone with an "Anti-Hero" tattoo.

Go with grace

It's hard to act with grace in emotional situations, and even Taylor Swift doesn't always "have it in [herself] to go with grace." But if you want the reminder to always try, a "go with grace" tattoo will serve you well. Taking inspiration from the song "My Tears Ricochet," it's an important sentiment to keep in mind.

Hold on to the memories

There's a sweet sentiment behind this tattoo, reminding you to appreciate the moment and hold on to precious memories. This tattoo takes a lyric from the song "New Year's Day" and is a short and simple quote to make sure you cherish the fleeting but special moments with loved ones.

Karma cowboy

If you can't choose between two Taylor Swift tattoo ideas, why not find a way to combine them? This tattoo is inspired by the songs "Karma" and "Cowboy Like Me," drawing reference to the line "Karma is a cat, purring in my lap 'cause it loves me" and combining it with a cowboy, because why not? The end result is an adorable tattoo that is creative and personal. Fall 2023's hottest tattoo trends are all about individuality, after all, and this is one you'll likely not see everywhere. 


When August rolls around, it's time to listen to "August" to get really in your feelings about unrequited love. If the month of August has any significance to you, such as a loved one's birthday or the anniversary of a big event, get an August tattoo to commemorate your personal event and the Taylor Swift song.

You're on Your Own, Kid

Taylor Swift has a few tracks that remind us to be brave, a few of which are as moving as "You're on Your Own, Kid," which probably takes us all back to a time when we were discovering our own independence. Ultimately, the song strikes a hopeful note, especially with the lyric "You've got no reason to be afraid," which serves as an inspirational reminder to be brave.

Enchanting scene

There's a sentiment that rings true throughout every Taylor Swift album — she's a romantic, through and through. A romantic scene and quote tattoo are just so Taylor Swift. If you want to go beyond a simple text tattoo, work with a tattoo artist to create an image that reminds you of one of your favorite lyrics and pair them together to make a unique tattoo concept. This tattoo takes a line from the love song "Enchanted" and pairs it with a pretty starry night scene. 

Cowboy Like Me

Cowboy and cowgirl tattoos have their own distinctive charm, and it's easy to find links between these tattoos and Taylor Swift. Firstly, she started in country music, and if you're a fan of the genre, a country-inspired tattoo might be the way to go. Her song "Cowboy Like Me" might inspire some ink as well. Whether it's a tattoo of a cowboy, cowgirl, cowboy hat, or cowboy boots, you can easily correlate your Western-inspired ink to being a Swiftie at heart.

To the moon and to Saturn

Maybe you've told someone that you love them to the moon and back, but have you ever told them you love them "To the moon and to Saturn"? As we've mentioned, Taylor Swift croons this line in her song "Seven" to describe her love for a childhood friend. But no need to grab your loved one or bestie for matching tattoos! Get them all on your body instead. It's a sweet song and an easy phrase to tattoo — either as a text tattoo or as a little cartoon galaxy with the moon, Saturn, and some stars.