Tips For Crafting The Perfect Charm Collection (Because The Classic Bracelet Is Back)

Charms have reclaimed their place in the spotlight. These versatile accessories are all about self-expression, and can easily transition from subtle to bold depending on your preferences. Alice Kwartler, the owner of a Park Avenue boutique that bears her name, told Monica Rich Kosann, "There is so much character and personality to these small objects. I have been in the business for over 40 years and I still get a kick out of finding vintage charms that open, move, or surprise me in different ways."

Whether the charm represents a letter in the name of a person you love, a place you have visited, or a milestone you never want to forget, there are endless choices. You might also want to collect antique pieces or opt for modern trinkets. To start your collection, Kwartler advised, "Charms are like chocolate; you can't just have one—you immediately want more. But you will need to start somewhere. It could be an heirloom handed down that you love and want to add to or the first charm you found and fell for and want to build your story around."

There are a few other tips you should keep in mind to craft the perfect charm collection for you.

Focus on meaning over quantity

When starting your charm collection, there's no need to fill it with trinkets right away. While you may have envisioned a bracelet adorned with plenty of charms, it's perfectly fine to start with one or two. Take your time adding more as you collect pieces that hold special meaning for you. In fact, this type of accessory can take years to complete, which is part of the fun. You may never actually complete it, but instead, pass it on to a loved one to continue the tradition.

Lean into nostalgia

Adorable charms aren't just for kids, although children may love them just as much as adults. You can embrace your inner child or relive happy memories from your youth by collecting nostalgic charms. For instance, you could track down pieces that resemble toys that you used to play with, books you used to read before bed, or activities that were a delightful part of your past. Alternatively, you might want to collect Disney-themed treasures like Mickey Mouse ears, a Mickey hand, or a mini version of Cinderella's fairytale-worthy castle.

Indulge in luxe charms

You can treat yourself to a luxurious accessory by collecting high-end charms for your bracelet. Consider gold pieces adorned with tiny jewels, or silver and precious gems. While sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are great options, classic diamonds are always a timeless choice. These charms can be suspended from a matching fine-metal band, a diamond-filled tennis bracelet-like piece, or a string of stunning crystal beads. This option may stretch your budget more than others, but you'll end up with a true treasure and a potential family heirloom.

Stick with a matching design

There's no doubt that charm bracelets can be eclectic. However, you can also opt for an accessory with a matching design. You might want to select a single brand or artist that creates a range of charms that all match in terms of their colors, characteristics, or specific details. Alternatively, you could stick with a specific era or place of origin. Although each piece will still have its own significance and symbolism, they will all look cohesive and coordinated when worn together, not to mention wonderfully chic.

Let charms represent your passion

Do you have a particular activity or hobby that brings you immense joy? Whether it's attending live theater, reading mystery novels, baking, crafting, rock climbing, sailing, or something else entirely, you can create a charm bracelet collection that reflects your passion. For example, if you enjoy horseback riding, you can collect horseshoe charms that represent special animals or competitions.

Go bold with big eye-catching charms

There are plenty of charms that are on the smaller side, while still being thin, light, and somewhat subtle. However, if you're the kind of person who prefers bold statements, larger, eye-catching charms might suit you better. As long as the weight is comfortable and the charm doesn't hinder arm movement, you can fill a bracelet with bigger pieces that truly make a statement about the things that you love and represent you best.

Opt for astrologically-themed charms

Whether you believe in the power of the stars or not, astrological symbols can be a lovely addition to your bracelet. Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Gemini the Twins, and many others can be represented with charms. You can choose charms that symbolize your sun and moon signs or those of people close to you. Complete the bracelet with birthstones like a red garnet for January, a purple amethyst for February, or a brilliant blue Aquamarine for March, which will always remind you of that special someone born in that month.