All The Outfit Inspo You Need For A Cottagecore Fall 2023

Cottagecore outfits are cute any time of year, but there's something about a cottagecore 'fit in the fall that's particularly special. It's a great time to cozy up with a soft shawl or slouchy cable knit cardigan and drink a warm cup of tea or read a book. Whether you live a cottagecore lifestyle or daydream about living one, a cottagecore outfit can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Not only will it look adorable, but it might even inspire you to try new things in life, like planting a garden or simply taking more time to appreciate the beauty of nature around you.

When it comes down to it, cottagecore isn't just about the style of clothes that you're wearing — it can represent a whole lifestyle and way of looking at things. Many cottagecore lovers are also supporters of sustainability and slow fashion, which means buying second-hand, repurposing old pieces, and even making some of your own garments are go-to options over fast fashion. So, whether you're just looking for a few new, cute outfit ideas or you want to start looking at your relationship with clothing in a whole new way by learning to ditch fast fashion for slow fashion, here are some styles that might be just what you need.

A long dress with puff sleeves

One of the simplest ways to put together a cottagecore outfit that will transition well from summer to fall is to toss on a long, puff-sleeved dress. Whether you opt for a dainty flower print or a solid color, a long flowy dress oozes charm and makes outfit planning easy. This dress length is also great for changing weather and can be cozied up easily by tossing a vest or cardigan over it.

Slouchy sweaters and lacy skirts

A slouchy sweater and a flowy skirt are a winning combo when it comes to cottagecore outfits. This is a pairing that can be customized and mixed up quite a bit. If you want, you can wear a slinky cropped sweater that ties around the waist with an above-the-knee flower print skirt. But, as the weather gets cooler, you can also opt for a midi or maxi skirt or try a thicker cardigan or pullover instead of a cropped sweater.

Knitted vests and collared shirts

Vests generally have a lot of vintage charm, and knitted vests, in particular, can be an awesome cottagecore style staple for the colder months. If you like to thrift, this can be a great piece to look for. Or, if you want to upcycle an old sweater, turning it into a vest is an easy solution. There are many pieces you can pair with your vest, but a collared button-down shirt can be a feminine and simple choice.

A simple sash

While some may like to get really detailed and create complex, layered cottagecore looks, finding ways to add cottagecore details to your outfit doesn't have to require a lot of thought. A sash is adorable and can easily be added to many types of outfits. Not only are they delicate and pretty, but they can take a standard outfit into cottagecore territory all by themselves.

Flower print headscarves

Headscarves are a big cottagecore hair accessory. Not only do they have the practical function of helping keep your hair out of your face, but they have plenty of old-world charm, too. Your headscarf is an accessory you can really play around with, from colors to prints and the types of fabric you choose. If you want your outfit to look on point, matching your headscarf with your dress is an awesome idea. That said, mixing and matching different color combos and solid colors with prints can be a lot of fun, too.

A pastel knitted dress

A simple knit dress is one of the types of dresses that everyone should own, especially if you're into cottagecore. It's truly versatile and can be accessorized up or down. On its own, it may not put out obvious cottagecore vibes. However, if paired with lacy socks, a headscarf, or a corset underneath, it can instantly turn into a striking cottagecore look. This is another excellent piece for changing weather, as it can be worn on its own during warmer days or layered with leggings, stockings, or tights when it gets cooler.

Lace-up ankle boots

A pair of lace-up ankle boots are the height of cottagecore charm. Not only are they a practical option for fall, but they have tons of vintage appeal, too. They may have a Victorian feel, but they can look good with anything from a mini skirt to a full-length circle skirt. You can also play around pairing them with different types of jeans, shorts, or overall shorts too.

A gingham gown

Gingham is a pretty pattern to wear in the summer, but it can easily be transitioned to a fall outfit, as well. This is particularly true if you opt for a longer dress or a dress with darker colors like deep burgundy or hunter green. Of course, if you don't feel like wearing a long gingham dress, there are other ways to incorporate this pattern in your outfits for a cottagecore look. A headscarf or a gingham top can be great additions to any outfit.

Lacy socks

If you want to go for a more cottagecore vibe but aren't quite ready to go all the way with it, a pair of lacy socks might be just what you need. They can be paired with anything, from ankle boots and clogs to slides and sneakers. This adds a feminine cottagecore touch without you having to commit to a full outfit, which can help you more comfortably step outside your comfort zone.

A straw hat

A straw hat is a quintessential cottagecore accessory. A simple, small hat can look especially cute with a flower print dress, but you don't have to worry about limiting yourself to that — it can also look great with a skirt and top combo or even a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. A plain straw hat is a truly versatile accessory, but you can always level up your hat by tying a sash around it or pinning it on a lace bow.

A cotton corset

Corsets are super in, whether you wear a full-on satin corset or a stretchy tank with corset details. A cotton corset or shirt with corset details is a great way to achieve a cottagecore look and to also try a popular Y2K trend. Another benefit is that you have lots of options regarding how to style a corset top, no matter the occasion. A white cotton corset can look great on its own but can also be layered with other tops, like a slouchy sweater, to create a more complex look.

A cozy shawl

What's more cottagecore than a shawl? Not only does a shawl keep you warm, but it's also easy to toss on whether you're hanging out around the house, going for a walk, or running errands in town. A solid-colored shawl can go with just about anything, or if you want to get into more of a fall mood, trying a plaid or tartan one can bring a lot of interest to your outfit.

Leather details

Some simple leather details can go a long way toward pulling your cottagecore look together. Whether you carry a tan leather satchel, some leather boots, or put on a lace-up leather belt, there are many ways to incorporate it into your look. Pairing a leather belt and a flowy dress together can be a particularly cute combo and can bring some interesting contrast to your overall look.

Cute and handy overalls

Cottagecore isn't just about flowy dresses or delicate fabrics. A nice sturdy pair of overalls is another facet of the cottagecore look. Not only that, but overalls are one of the hottest fall trends to incorporate into your autumn cottagecore wardrobe. On warmer days, a tank or a tee underneath can make a comfortable combo, while a thick sweater will work better on chilly days.